Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who Took My Sleep?

Good morning!

If anybody's seen my sleep, please let me know. I'd like to have it back. I miss it. I promise to treat it well and respect it. I promise to never take it for granted ever again. Somehow or another my body thought it was a great idea to wake up several times last night. (I think it's plotting against me).

In other news I've managed to find the fun in Pierre and Delaney's relationship and so that's going smoother. I was actually happy to start Chapter 8 last night. I pushed through the part I wasn't sure of to get to a part I am sure about. I figure I can go back and rewrite the parts that I don't think are as good to make them better. I'm not afraid of rewriting things that need it--I've been known to delete over 30 pages. I figure rewriting is probably slightly easier because by then I would be more acquainted with the story and know more of where it was going. In any case it was fun having Pierre tease Delaney. He's quite good at it.

I have another parody that I wrote for my friend Les and his friend Bob called The Adventures of Super Les and His Sidekick Bob (What is it about my British friends that makes putting them in a parody so much fun?) I don't know Bob, but he's a friend of Les's and wanted me to write him a parody. I wrestled with the idea before finally deciding to stick Les in there so they could interact...then I thought it would be fun to make them super heroes! In any case, that one made Les laugh harder than Because Of The Pie. So I'm going to have to ask the if they don't mind if I post it up here. I think you all would find it funny, too. I found myself chuckling when I wrote it. More ridiculousness, except worse since the bad guy has an argument with the damsel in distress over the real identity of Super Les and Bob's super-hero gun is broken. Talk about chaos!

I do write serious stuff--as my story figuring Pierre and Delaney and their relationship proves, but sometimes I like to write something funny just to relax and give myself a good laugh. It helps keep the creative juices flowing.


Have a "Wascally" Wednesday! (Elmer Fud anyone? LOL)


Stephanie Faris said...

They both sound good. I believe it stretches us creatively to go in different directions sometimes.

Les Whitfield said...

I'm waiting for Bob to get back to me, but I can't see him having a problem. I don't. Bring on the laughs.

Regina Milton said...

I agree with Stephanie by all means. Writing different things like that HAS to be good for us. I love reading a number of things, I just have one genre that I prefer above all; same way with writing.

Thanks for posting unique stuff, it is fun to read.

bethanyintexas said...

Sorry it took me awhile to answer...

Earlier I was out and about and then I was having trouble with the site.

Stephanie--I agree and thanks!

Les--Just let me know what Bob says.

Regina--Glad you're enjoying them!

Have a great day!