Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving & More...

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Happy Thursday One and All!

Also, Happy Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving is postponed until Sunday. My parents are out of town visiting one of my other siblings and well, we really don't have anywhere else to go. But, please, don't worry about us. We're actually happy to be at home. My Real Life Hero has to work half a day and Eldest has around an hour long online class to do, so we've got plans. I plan on cooking a little something--not a turkey (me and the Offspring can't have turkey without bad results). Sunday, we'll have Thanksgiving with my parents and one of my other siblings, so there you have it, I'm not missing it all together.

I've been working on the Jeannie Averie novel (this is polishing, extra edits--the novel is written). Planning to do more of it in the next few days since Real Life Hero will be off and so I'll have a little more space to work.

Recently, I finished reading a fun novel called Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram. It was cute and fun and emotional. Also, romantic.

Most of my Christmas shopping is done, and I've already started wrapping presents. Someone asked me if I was ready for Christmas and I said, "Always!" I love Christmas.

So, what's your favorite holiday?

Have a great Thanksgiving if that's what you're celebrating this week, and have a great weekend in general!


Have a Thoroughly Terrific Thursday!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

It's A Process...

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Happy Tuesday One & All,

Last week I managed (over the course of a whole day) to edit a whole chapter in my Jeannie Averie novel. Considering that I had been laid up in bed at least a good portion of the day with a cold that has gone through my household, I was rather proud of myself. Proud and pleasantly surprised. Besides illness, there has been several things that slowed my writing and editing to pretty much a standstill. Some of it was beyond my control. As to the rest, well, there was a lot going on.

The point is, I really care about my writing, so I try to give 100% when I'm working on it. And while I owe it to my own creativity, I also owe it to you, my readers.

So, if I'm slow getting things out, it's not because I want to make you suffer, it's because these things take time. I know, it's hard to be patient when you're waiting on something (like the last 2 books in the IMMORTAL DREAMS series...I know, I know, I need to get moving on those) but be patient. Sometimes things take longer than originally anticipated (believe, I understand, I wouldn't say patience is my strongest attribute, so I totally get what I'm asking of my readers here!)

In the meantime, I'm reading, editing, and trying to find the breakthroughs on the last 2 Immortal Dreams books so that I can get them to you, my readers.

Currently reading in Fiction:  Enchanted Ever After by Shanna Swendson (Fiction with some Romance)

Recently Finished & Enjoyed:  Awk-Weird by Avery Flynn (Contemporary Romance)

Still working on Non-Fiction:  Purest of All Lilies by Donald H. Calloway, MIC. (Religious Non-Fiction)

Also Working On Reading:  My Japanese Husband Thinks I'm Crazy by Grace Buchele Mineta (semi-autobiographical comic-type book).

What are you reading these days?

Have A Tremendously Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Whoo-Hoo, It's November...

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Happy Monday All,

It's November! Texas weather isn't sure if it's supposed to be warm or cold (I say cold, but snow only on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day). We made it through Halloween (not exactly my favorite holiday, although my eldest likes parts of it). As a Catholic, I went to All Saints' Day Holy Mass on Friday (All Saints' Day is November 1st). People have been breaking out all their favorite Fall decorations, food, etc. Folks in the USA are looking towards Thanksgiving to get together with friends and/or family. A sense of anticipation hangs in the air as we get closer to December and the Christmas/Hanukkah season. And, it's my favorite time of the year--Fall/Winter.

For writers, November is the time for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. I'm not participating, although on my author Facebook page, I am proposing another challenge for writers who aren't doing NaNoWriMo, if you're wanting to check that out.

This year, for Thanksgiving, the Fam. and I are likely headed for my parents' house. I don't know who else will be there (or we'll be at my sister's house, depending on what my mom says). Christmas will be at my parents' house. And after Christmas I think some other family will be in town. I look forward to my Dad's baking. He's an amazing baker and cook. My mother is, too, but my Dad is more into it. I like to bake, so hopefully I'll get around to doing some of that this year.

I need to finish reading Avery Flynn's Awk-Weird. I love her work. So much fun and light-hearted. I've got a stack of new books (and some older ones) to get to, as well. I finally got my hands on Shanna Swendson's newest Enchanted Inc. book, Enchanted Ever After, and I'm really looking forward to reading it. Non-romance books, I've been reading one by Fr. Donald Calloway, which I have enjoyed another one of his books and his videos. He's an inspiration to me. What's on your TBR (To Be Read) list this Fall/Winter?

It looks like I'll likely make an appearance at BrazCon 2020 (I believe that's on February 15th). I'm hoping to make RWA Nationals 2020 (in San Francisco) but my plans aren't firm on that. My narrator plans to be there, so I'm really trying to get out there so I can introduce him around!

Books 5 and 6 in the series still need to be finished. I know, I'm being incredibly slow. This year has been--well, interesting. I can't go into detail, just know it's in my heart that I want to get back to writing and I'm hoping all the stuff that's gotten in the way goes away. I still have to finish polishing (I've got a good amount of the edits done, just got to do these last details) on my Jeannie Averie novel.

Other than that, we're fighting allergies, sore muscles, and whatever else gets in the way of a perfect day. Life happens and often good and bad exist together on the same day/week/month/year, so just gotta power through the bad and hang onto the good!

Hope all is well on your end, dear reader, and I wish the best of Fall and Winter!

Have A Meritoriously Marvelous Monday!


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