Tuesday, July 31, 2018

What If You Could Live Forever?

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Happy Tuesday Everyone,

I've been back from RWA Nationals 2018 in Denver, Colorado for about a week now. It was all right, but I liked last year's better. But that's okay. (Part of it was that I had bad heartburn 2 days in a row. I've spoken to my doc about it, and I'm fine, now).

Moving on, I'm way behind in my "promise to read and review on my blog" books, so let me get right down to today's:

A while back, I won in a fun little giveaway a signed copy of It Wasn't Always Like This by Joy Preble. Joy is an imaginative and talented author behind the amazing Anastasia trilogy (that I loved). She didn't ask me for a review, but I promised her one.

Joy took the idea of "the fountain of youth" and added murder, mystery, suspense, romance, and a quick-witted, smart heroine.

After drinking a tea mixed with a herb found in a disappearing-reappearing-in-different-places spring, Emma O'Neill and Charlie Ryan find themselves remaining seventeen no matter how many years pass, and not able to get sick or age. Unfortunately, a group of religious fanatics hunt them down the way they did their families, but somehow, over the course of over a century, the two manage to elude the group. However, they do that separated. Charlie thought he was giving Emma her best chance at survival, and Emma didn't understand his motives.

While outrunning the Church of Light (later called The Light Givers) Emma becomes a P.I. to investigate a string of murders of girls who look like her. Who's inherited the role of leader of the Church of Light, and is Charlie still alive? Does he still love her?

As Emma does her best to survive and try to save others from falling under the same grave fate as the ones who have died, she keeps hunting for Charlie in hopes of being reunited with him. That is, if he's still alive, too.

But can she do it before she's the one laying cold and dead on the ground?

The only way to find out is to pick up your own copy of Joy Preble's It Wasn't Always Like This.

Have A Tantalizingly Terrific Tuesday and Happy Reading!

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