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2022, A New Year...

  Happy January and Happy New Year 2022 one and all! There have been many times that I've said this, and I expect many times to say it again: my observation is that every year brings both good and bad. Some years there's more good, some more bad, some in the middle. I don't know what 2022 will be, but I continue to look for blessings. One of the blessings of 2021, was in spite of Snowmeggeddon (or, rather, because of it) back in February, I got a new kitchen. Now, a storm with broken pipes is not the way I'd PREFER to have gotten this kitchen, but I love it. So, even though the storm sucked and being out of my house for 4 1/2 months wasn't always easy, I got this brand new kitchen that is so much more me and my family than what we moved into when we first got the house. In August, I got a non-displaced fracture in my shoulder. Yeah, I hadn't known silly detergent had spilled and I wasn't looking to perfect my detergent-skating abilities (or, in this case, in
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It's December!

  Happy Wednesday & Happy December! I hope December 2021 finds all of you well. I can't believe we're already nearing the end of 2021. It feels like the year just started yesterday or something. Who participated in NaNoWriMo2021? I didn't. I don't really do NaNo, but I fully support those who do. If you did participate, I wish you a great word count! If NaNoWriMo something that works for you as an author and/or you enjoy it, then I say go for it! I know people who do Camp NaNoWriMo or other NaNo-like events and they say they actually help them with their writing. Every author is different, so you have to find a process/technique that works for you. I'm working on getting into the Christmas spirit. We're in the process of putting up the tree (have to fix something on the lights so the ornaments aren't on there, yet). I've been playing Christmas Carols and I've almost completed my Christmas shopping. My biggest concern with the cooler weather isn

Welcome To November...

  Happy Friday & Happy November! We're clocking in the first week of November if you can believe it! 2021 kinda started slow for me when we had "Snowmeggeddon" in February. Now, it feels like it's going by fast! My editor has sent some of the chapters for my manuscript, and I'm just waiting on the rest. My query letter is written, I figured out a tag line (which I will probably look over again) and I'm working on any polishing that's needed on my synopsis. I've got some other manuscripts in various stages of having started but not finished with the first full draft. I've also got other ideas that play in my head from time to time, so we'll see what happens with all of those. The Author Encounter's Indie Author Day is happening next week (Friday and Saturday, Nov. 12 & 13). Click here for more information on the lineup and tickets . (They're free!) I've started Christmas shopping (I always like to start early so I'm not c

Arm Update, Writing Updates, & More...

  Happy Happy Friday! It's been a little while since I updated, and there is plenty to say. :-) 1. I'm free of the sling! Yes, you read that right. No more wearing the sling for my non-displaced shoulder fracture. On Wednesday, Oct. 20th, I had an ortho appointment and the doc said that I didn't have to wear it anymore. I'm working on some physical therapy, which is going okay. My poor arm is stiff! More good news is that I can use my left hand to type, so I'm back to typing with both hands, which is awesome! 2. My mss (manuscript, i.e. story/novel) is with my freelance editor. The editor has my mss. She'd sent some edits back some time ago, which I finally worked on. So, now just waiting for the rest of her notes. 3. My query letter is all ready! It's been critiqued and revised and is now ready to be sent off when everything else is ready to go. 4. My synopsis is almost ready. I've got it out with a proofreader and have already had critique done on it.

Where I've Been...

  Hi Everyone! I've been out of commission/not blogging because I was busy with family and then I had a bit of an accident. In August, I had a slip and fall in one of the rooms in my house. I ended up with a non-displaced fracture in my left shoulder. The important thing is I'm fine. I'm getting better, but I've been in a sling and I've been seeing orthopedic people who are helping me. Right now I only have use of one hand. In fact, I wrote this whole blog post by dictating an email to myself and copying and pasting it onto my blog. So most of my writing and editing has been put on hold for the moment except for some edits that I can do on my own or with help from my husband. I have been able to participate in different things that The Author Encounter is doing, including in September we had Traditional Publishing Day , which was lots of fun. There was a workshop on query letters, we had a couple of indie bookstores do a panel talking about what they sell and how t

Discoveries, and...

  Happy Thursday! I didn't know I'd do another blog post for July. I wasn't sure I had anything to say, but you know, things happen and suddenly I've got some fun stuff for a blog post! Okay, since I list it first, let me talk discoveries:  I have discovered the existence of UK Actress, singer, author, vlogger, Carrie Hope Fletcher. So, this was completely by accident. She's got a new book release dropping in August (I don't know when it's supposed to be available in the States) that looks interesting. Rather prolific given in a short period of time she has published around 5 books (maybe 6?) and has a new one coming out. Anyway, she has an amazing voice, which gives me chills--hence the reason I wanted to tell you, darling readers, about her voice. I haven't read her work, since I only just learned of her existence, but her upcoming release sounds interesting. In terms of writing, I continue to edit my current WIP (Work In Progress). In any case, I'

Special Edition of Write By Bethany Blog: Are You A Re-Reader?

Hey All! Hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering something... Do you re-read book series and which ones? Lately, I've been re-reading Shanna Swendson's Enchanted Inc. series, which I absolutely love. There's something so fun about the way she wrote them (in a genre that used to be called Chick-Lit but is now more like contemporary). So many great characters and fun scenes. It's been a while since I read it, so it's nice to pick it back up. I own all the books. I've read C.S. Lewis' Narnia books multiple times. I've also read some of Lynn Kurland's MacLeod/de Piaget family books a few times. What is it about a series that makes you want to go back and read it again and again? For me, it's like seeing old friends. If enough time has passed, I'm getting reacquainted with them, or just enjoying them. I'm remembering how much I enjoyed certain scenes. I've read other books that weren't series more than once, too. Jane Austen'