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The Author Encounter Scavenger Hunt INFO!

 The Author Encounter is doing a Blog Hop / Scavenger Hunt! The information is all available right here:  Military appreciation month officially recognized by Congress in May 1999, incorporates many holidays celebrating our women and men in the Armed Forces. Join us for a literary approach to celebrating the soldiers and families that proudly serve and protect our country. Crafting military fiction whether it’s romance, fantasy, mystery, or any other genre mix isn’t easy. Each story has unique challenges. However, creating believable, relatable characters, scenes and plot lines is a goal all authors aspire to no matter how they write. That is why so many authors use tropes to get their creative juices flowing in familiar ways to encourage their readers to fall in love with their stories. What is a trope? Or more specifically what is a military trope? A military trope is a commonplace, recognizable plot element, theme, or visual cue that conveys something about the military. Trope
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Remembering Grandpa...

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Near the end of this month is Memorial Day, and in honor of it The Author Encounter is having a May We Remember Blog/Website scavenger hunt. In talking with my business partner (we're Co-Founders/Co-Owners of The Author Encounter) I got to talking about my grandfather who served in World War II. He was my dad's father, and he was a tall man who went by the nickname "Mickey" (no, I didn't call him that, I just called him Grandpa). My dad doesn't even know why his nickname was Mickey, nothing in his name suggested it (does the name Owen sound like Mickey?) But that's what he was called (apparently, my Grandmother even called him that--but I didn't know her, she died a year before I was born). Anyway, he was an MP (among many other jobs while in the army) and he went all over the place, including Italy. I've often wanted to go to Italy (not during a war, obviously, but on a visit--who knows when or if that will ever happen, bu

It's May Already...

  Happy Wednesday All, I can't believe it's already May! April got away from me and I didn't get to post any other blog posts besides the initial April one. Yikes, I'm sorry! Life continues to be crazy on my end. Our house is much closer to being ready (we have a great contractor!) and we have hopes of being back in our home not next week, but the week after. We'll see. Our contractor is industrious and efficient. He keeps us in the loop and gets things moving. We've been grateful to have someone reliable after the water remission people weren't the most communicative (which is a big reason why it's taking us so long to get back into our house). This weekend is my and my husband's anniversary (I don't give out details on how long we've been married--my husband likes a lot of privacy, so other than a few pictures on here and Facebook, you won't hear a whole lot about him). We've been together for over 10 years, though, and I feel a sen

It's April!

  Happy Wednesday! It's April 2021, if you can believe it! I went on a sort of hiatus from blogging because of Texas's "Snowmeggeden" in February. Our house suffered 2 broken pipes and is currently unlivable while we undergo demolition (of moldy/totaled out/drenched) wall, appliances, etc. in our kitchen (one pipe burst in our garage and the other in our kitchen). We also need to replace the carpeting in 2 rooms because of water damage. So we're living at my parents' house while all this is going on and hoping that it finishes, soon. Meanwhile, I continue to conduct The Author Encounter business with my business partner, Nan, and there are many things happening with that. Nan has done a ton of work on the website and continues to work on ways of making the website better and more user-friendly. We filed our LLC after having a "soft-opening" for a year in 2020. You check out everything on the website . My publisher added an addendum (per my request) t

Postponing & Other News...

 Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Hope you're having a great holiday (if you're off, enjoy your break, if not, hope work is going well). I'm doing okay, busy as always! Being Co-Owner of The Author Encounter means I don't take a lot of time off at the moment, but I have taken some time off for Christmas, so that was nice. New Years' was pretty uneventful (other than lots of fireworks going off in my neighborhood) which is fine with me. So, what's being postponed? Two things, actually: 1. The Author Encounter decided to postpone the January 15th event to March 20th for our new theme (more of that will be announced at another time). 2. The release of 2nd edition of Divine Love is currently postponed. Nothing bad, just realized I needed to postpone it. When I have a release date, I'll announce it here and on my social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the primary places you can find me. Facebook under Bethany Averie, Instagram is @bethany.averie an

Happy New Year 2021 And More...

  Happy New Year Everybody! I hope you're having a wonderful 2021 thus far and that it's full of blessings, health, and happy moments to make it a special year. On New Year's Eve at 2:26 a.m. Central Time, I finished the WIP (Work In Progress) I'd been working on most of the year. I had wanted to finish it a month or so BEFORE December 31st, but life happens. So now it's written! The next step is to edit and then I'll query it out to agents. The Author Encounter has many events planned for 2021 and starting off great with D.C. Gomez's "New Year, New Mindset". While this workshop is mostly professional development for authors, you do not have to be an author to attend it. We're going to get into the harder parts of being an author: Imposter Syndrome, Rejection, Professional Jealousy, and More. It'll be about working through these feelings to a positive end. I've been impressed with what I've learned about D.C. in the time I've go

So much Excitement! Cover Reveal...

  Happy Monday Everybody! We're down to eleven (11) days until Christmas, if you can believe it! I can hardly believe how fast this Advent has gone--at least, it's been fast for me. I'm not finished Christmas shopping, which is strange because I'm normally done near this time, but, we're all blaming 2020 on things being not the norm (whatever the norm is for each person) so, that's what I think I'll do. I did plan, however, to do the cover reveal for Divine Love , 2nd Edition, so that's what I'm doing today on here! My contract expired with the publisher (and it was decided that it wouldn't be renewed), and so I've chosen to do a quick run-through of some editing and reissue it myself. (It's hard to get an agent or publisher interested in something that's already been previously published). It's the same story, just did some little editing here and there, and decided t