Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Congratulations, Katie McGarry!

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Happy Tuesday All,

Today I want to draw your attention to debut author, Katie McGarry.

I met Katie a couple of years ago through the NWHRWA's Lone Star Contest when I was the YA Category Chair. Katie's story intrigued me, and I went on to hope it would do well in the contest. She ended up being a first place finalist for the YA category.

Talking to her on the phone to alert her she was a winner was a joy. She was sweet, humble, and her excitement was contagious. She went on to tell me she had just gotten an agent and I couldn't have been happier for her.

Now, around 2 years later, I celebrate with Katie the release of her YA novel, Pushing The Limits.

I can't wait to read this story. I've been curious about it, let me tell you.

If you all have a chance, stop by her page, or look her up on Twitter. I also hope you all will be as curious as I am to read this book!

So, congratulations, Katie McGarry! Hope your writing career is a wonderful, exciting adventure. Best wishes!

Have A Treat-Filled Tuesday!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Busy, But Hopefully Back

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Happy Monday All,

Whew! This summer has proven to be more eventful than I planned.

Offspring was supposed to be in swim lessons for 2 weeks (4 days each week). Unfortunately, even the best laid plans go awry at times. The first week, offspring got sick after the second day of lessons (I had my own health problems that week, too). He had to miss 2 days (well, they canceled the second day due to weather issues, but he would've missed anyway due to his health). The second week I started off with a sinus infection (no problem, I got antibiotics), except Tuesday afternoon I felt foul, then in the evening/night ended up sick! I had to go off the antibiotics, and lay in bed for 2 days. Friday I finally started getting my energy back. Then Saturday I started a new antibiotic, which I finally get to finish today.

This past week was pretty good, though. We made it to a nephew's birthday party, and I got some writing done on my WIP, and an idea for another story (I've got several stories waiting in the wings to be written). I'm hoping husband, offspring, and I stay well for a long while now.

Other than family and my health, there's a bunch of books to be released soon...here's a few I'm looking forward to:

Debut author, Katie McGarry has a YA novel coming out called Pushing The Limits that looks good! Should be out very soon. I'm looking forward to reading it.

The awesome Christie Craig is bringing out her next book in her Hotter In Texas series, Blame It On Texas coming out in August. Considering it's a Christie Craig book, it should be lots of fun to read. 

YA Fantasy author, Lesley Livingston, got my attention with her Wondrous Strange triology. I'm excited to see the Fennrys Wolf from that series will be back in her newest story, Starling.

The wait is nearly over...Shanna Swendson will be putting out book 5 in her Enchanted, Inc. The much anticipated Much Ado About Magic will be available in August. I've been waiting a long time for this one.

So, how is your summer going? Any fun/exciting adventures happening?

Have A Magical Monday!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here I Am!

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Happy Tuesday All,

Life doesn't seem to slow down, does it? I was so busy in June that I forgot to send a birthday card out to one of my nieces! So, that's going out within the next day or two (definitely this week we're going to get it mailed; probably put it in the box on Thursday, since I believe, on the 4th mail isn't picked up or delivered).

This month has its own set of things going on, but hopefully won't be as hectic as last month.

Girls' Night Out was awesome. We had a blast...although, I'm sure the other people in the hotel probably wished we weren't giggling so loud. But, I'm telling you, there was some hailirious moments. One of my friends was making the rest of us laugh so hard that another one of the ladies had to sit down! I read a short story I had written especially for the occasion, and we all took a trip down memory lane. It was a lot of fun, and great to catch up with all of them. We're thinking that some time when we go out we'll bring the men in our lives for a group date. I think that will be great fun, too.

Author Teri Thackston is hosting a giveaway. While you're checking out her giveaway, take a peek at all the adventures Teri's books contain.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. It seems summer is a very busy time for most people (including myself).

I'm keeping a watch out for when Shanna Swendson puts out Much Ado About Magic (book 5 in her Enchanted, Inc. series) and I'll let you know about that.

I don't know if I'll be posting every day this week--I'm still working on Conjure A Man, but I will try to post on this blog more often.

Meanwhile, enjoy Teri Thackston's stories. :-)

Have A Terrific Tuesday!

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