Monday, July 30, 2012

Busy, But Hopefully Back

Happy Monday All,

Whew! This summer has proven to be more eventful than I planned.

Offspring was supposed to be in swim lessons for 2 weeks (4 days each week). Unfortunately, even the best laid plans go awry at times. The first week, offspring got sick after the second day of lessons (I had my own health problems that week, too). He had to miss 2 days (well, they canceled the second day due to weather issues, but he would've missed anyway due to his health). The second week I started off with a sinus infection (no problem, I got antibiotics), except Tuesday afternoon I felt foul, then in the evening/night ended up sick! I had to go off the antibiotics, and lay in bed for 2 days. Friday I finally started getting my energy back. Then Saturday I started a new antibiotic, which I finally get to finish today.

This past week was pretty good, though. We made it to a nephew's birthday party, and I got some writing done on my WIP, and an idea for another story (I've got several stories waiting in the wings to be written). I'm hoping husband, offspring, and I stay well for a long while now.

Other than family and my health, there's a bunch of books to be released soon...here's a few I'm looking forward to:

Debut author, Katie McGarry has a YA novel coming out called Pushing The Limits that looks good! Should be out very soon. I'm looking forward to reading it.

The awesome Christie Craig is bringing out her next book in her Hotter In Texas series, Blame It On Texas coming out in August. Considering it's a Christie Craig book, it should be lots of fun to read. 

YA Fantasy author, Lesley Livingston, got my attention with her Wondrous Strange triology. I'm excited to see the Fennrys Wolf from that series will be back in her newest story, Starling.

The wait is nearly over...Shanna Swendson will be putting out book 5 in her Enchanted, Inc. The much anticipated Much Ado About Magic will be available in August. I've been waiting a long time for this one.

So, how is your summer going? Any fun/exciting adventures happening?

Have A Magical Monday!


Tonette said...

Glad you and the Kiddo are feeling better ,Bethany...that is no way to spend any time, let alone summer vacation!
Things have been very up-in-the-air here.The game-plan seems to change all the time and I don't remember being issued a book(!)
I submitted a play to a couple of theaters online, will mail it out to a couple of others that will take unagented full scripts. I have a commitment from the editor of a national magazine to print an article of mine in an upcomming issue.I should get more 'out there', but I have put the family first;personal choice. I hope all stay well and if your Offspring has school coming up,I hope he has a little more time.The kids here start school on Wednesday.

Bethany said...


Wow, y'all start EARLY. Some folks around here don't start until mid-to-late August.

It's amazing how fast it all seems to go at times, isn't it?

Best wishes in all your publishing ventures! That is so cool about the magazine and play. Hope it all goes through.

Thank you for dropping by and commenting :-)