Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blog Tour Details, A Thank You, & Movies...

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Happy Monday All (the time stamp might read Sunday, but this is actually for Monday),

First of all, I got to say, thank you to everyone who commented on the Four Foxes One Hound Blog post and the Soul Mate Publishing Blog Post.  I read some of the kindest, sweetest, comments from you all and I'm truly touched, humbled, flattered, and feeling honored and privileged to have such things said about me. I really am grateful and appreciate it. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Good news! The Blog Tour is NOT over. On July 10th (also release day!) I will visit Eat Read Rate, as guest blogger for Melissa Ohnoutka. Join me as I go into depth about my writing journey. What books did I read growing up? Why didn't I pursue a writing career when I was younger (beyond not feeling qualified)? What happened when I pitched All's Fair In Love & Lion to my editor from Soul Mate Publishing? What's the deeper story behind how AFIL&L came to be? (more in-depth than the interview).  All that and more will be covered in that blog post on July 10th.

On July 11th I will be Dana Wright's guest on her Bookgirl Knitting Blog.  What's my writing process? What exactly do I mean when I call myself a "half-in-half" writer? What suggestion did Tess St. John give me for editing? That will be covered in that post.

July 12th I will be the guest of my awesome critique partner, Tess
St. John on her blog. Meet Monroe--the hero of All's Fair In Love & Lion. What does he have to say about his story being told? Is he all prickles, or a softy? Come to Tess's blog on that day and you'll find out.

Then there will be a break and on July 28th, I will be the guest of Teri Thackston on Gimme A Little Kiss Blog. There will be an excerpt of a short kissing scene on there from All's Fair In Love & Lion. Will it be romantic? Humorous? Emotional? Sad? You'll find out on July 28th.

And that will be the end. I have been asked by another friend of mine to appear when she launches her website, but a date is not nailed down, nor have we discussed topics. So I'll let you know when that happens.

Meanwhile, you can still go and comment (and/or view other comments) on Four Foxes One Hound and also on the Soul Mate Publishing Blog.  The SMP Blog also features 2 other authors, so more fun books to look forward to.

There's a bunch of movies coming out this Summer. Which one(s) are you wanting to see or have seen?

Have A Magically Melodious Monday!

Stop Number 2 On The Blog Tour!

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Happy Weekend Everybody,

Normally I don't post on the weekend, but today is stop #2 of the Bethany Averie All's Fair In Love & Lion Blog Tour...

Today's stop is as the guest of Stella, over on the Soul Mate Publishing Blog. Stella is a chapter mate of mine. She's encouraging, generous, and fun to be around. We've had a blast bouncing ideas off each other and at one time critiqued one another's work. She's very creative, and I enjoy knowing her.

There's also two other Soul Mate Publishing authors being featured along with me! So come on out and check it all out.

Do I have a muse...?  Well the only way to find out, is to join me on the Soul Mate Publishing Blog!

Have A Great Weekend!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Blog Tour Kick Off!

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Happy Friday All,

Everybody have a good week? I hope so! My week has been busy (if you haven't already guessed) but it's been good. Turned in a list of final edits to editor on Thursday afternoon (yay) and we'll see what's next with all that.

Meanwhile, I'm kicking off my Bethany Averie All's Fair In Love & Lion Blog Tour.  

My first stop is to be a guest of Tonette's over at Four Foxes One Hound.  A little background:

Years ago, when I first started this blog, I gathered followers here and I continued with different posts, interviews, and giveaways more people found out about it. Through it all, Tonette has been one of my most loyal followers. But, she'll explain it all to you much more.

So enjoy!  Next stop will be on Sunday June 30, 2013. 

Have A Fabulously Fun Friday!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Trailer Is Uploaded!

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Happy Thursday (I know the time stamp says Wednesday, but this is for Thursday),

Hope everyone is having a good week! I am super busy. I got the final review from my editor, so I'm working on that. My blog tour starts THIS Friday, so I'm anticipating that. I also launched my website

Anyway, here's a special sneak peek at All's Fair In Love & Lion. The incredibly talented RM Brand made this book trailer for me.  Thank you, RM! You rock. 

RM Brand is an author and a graphic designer. She's done work for the very talented Christie Craig (also for Christie's C.C. Hunter YA novels). She's also doing some independent work, as well as for others. She also made the banner on this blog, the Facebook Banners for my author page, and the ad you see in the margin. (She didn't make my book cover, an extremely talented artist working for my publisher, Soul Mate Publishing, made the book cover).

RM Brand will be launching her website, soon.

Have A Thrillingly Terrific Thursday!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Announcements, Blog Tour, & More...

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Happy Tuesday All,

So much is going on! It's all very exciting as July 10th draws closer and closer...I can feel it, can you?

Now before you click on anything, make sure you read the entire blog post--I wouldn't want you to miss anything.

First of all, my Bethany Averie Author website has been launched! Some of you have already been to it. For those who have not, click here. There's a blurb for All's Fair In Love & Lion (below it a special notice about a surprise coming soon), and information on other things I'm working on, plus other fun things.  Enjoy.

Second of all, the Bethany Averie All's Fair In Love & Lion Blog Tour kicks off this Friday (June 28, 2013) as I make a guest appearance on Four Foxes One Hound, as Tonette's guest. This blog post is an interview--so you'll get to know me and my writing technique better.


Inspired by author Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Lindsey brings to life a brand new Young Adult (YA) Gothic novel. His fellow islanders have always shunned Liam. He's crippled and rumored to be a demon. However, when Annabel falls in love with the gentle young soul, supernatural powers plot to test the couple. Is their love enough? Find out in Ashes On The Waves (from Penguin Group), when it is released on June 27, 2013. Read an excerpt from Chapter 1 by clicking here. (I was fortunate enough to read an ARC of this novel...beautiful and suspenseful).

JULY 2013:  My chapter mate, Linda Bennett Pennell has her debut release (from Soul Mate Publishing), Al Capone At The Blanche Hotel. I saw the cover art for this novel and it's an awesome one and the blurb is intriguing, too.

Have A Tantalizingly Treat-Filled Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Updates, A Debut Release, & Coming Soon...

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Happy Wednesday Everybody,

Yesterday I received my 2nd round of edits, so I'm currently in the edit cave working on that. However, there's a few things I needed to reveal...

Be sure to continue checking the margin of this blog. Details of another blog appearance have been nailed down, so I added them to the schedule. I'll be the guest of chapter mate (and talented author), Teri Thackston on her blog, Gimme A Little Kiss on July 28, 2013. 

Congratulations to one of my other chapter mates, Jenn Langston, on her debut release of her Historical Romance, His Perfect Bride! It's available now through Amazon Kindle. 

Talented author pal of mine, Mary Lindsey, has a new Young Adult (YA) Paranormal coming out, Ashes On The Waves.  This Poe-inspired novel is available June 27, 2013. It'll be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

So what books are you looking forward to releasing?

Have A Wonderfully Whimsical Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reminder, Updates, Fathers' Day...

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Happy Tuesday Everybody,

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Belated Fathers' Day to all the fathers out there. In honor of Father's Day, I'd like to say I'm pretty darned lucky to have the Dad I do. Also, very blessed that my husband is such a good father, as well.

My editor said I should receive my 2nd round edits soon, so once those come in, I'll be secluded in the edits cave until they are done--so I might not have too many blog posts.


The first date of the Bethany Averie Blog Tour is NEXT Friday--June 28th. I'll be on Four Foxes One Hound as Tonette's guest. Check the blog margin for other dates and info (or previous blog posts). 

Also, I'm working on a homepage. I will be keeping this blog. I just
From the Botanical Gardens
when I went on my
Arkansas Adventure
want to have a "central" location for certain things I'd like to feature without cluttering up my blog margin. I'll let you know when that's "live".

Be sure to keep checking back here for any further news and updates.

So, what's happening with you?

Have A Toe-Tapping Tuesday!

Friday, June 14, 2013


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Happy Friday All,

Everybody having a good week? Yes, no, maybe so?

My week's been all right. There's been a lot going on. I've been prepping for the 4 blog posts I mentioned in the last post, and also received requests for 2 others.

One of them is a blog that authors who are publishing/published  with Soul Mate Publishing post on. I was invited by Stella, and that's being set up for the last Sunday in June (June 30th). 

The other one is in-process--there's somethings I have to check up on before that's set up. 

Like I said in my previous post, if you have a writing and/or reading blog you'd like me to appear on, all you have to do is email me and ask.  If you could please have a date and topic in mind when you email me, it would be much appreciated. I'm revving up for the release, plus several other things are going on, so it's easier for me to come up with a blog post if I know the date and topic from the get-go. (Thank you in advance!) (FYI--My June schedule is booked, so no more June dates available).

There's still room in my schedule to set up something. (August through December is wide open for anyone who wants me to appear in August, by the way.  However, as I said, June is booked, and July is almost all booked--and that's not necessarily referring only to blog posts, I have other things going on, too, which factor into my availability). 

I have a special surprise coming up, so keep checking back here to see when THAT happens. (No, I'm not giving any'll just have to keep checking in or follow me on Facebook and Twitter *insert big grin*) Trust me, this is awesome! (And hopefully goes through okay, I'm a little nervous about the set-up, but I'll explain later--keep prayers and good thoughts going that I don't have trouble with this particular nifty thing).

I'm planning some special posts on my Facebook Author page in conjunction with the release of All's Fair In Love & Lion. If you're on Facebook and you haven't "liked" my author page, please do so in order to get all those updates (there's things I post on that page and on Twitter--@WriteByBethany--that I don't necessarily post on here). 

Anyway, hope everyone's having a great day. 

On a different note, what are you reading nowadays?  I'm re-reading Kerrelyn Sparks' Sexiest Vampire Alive (Gregori is one of my favorite Kerrelyn Sparks characters...he's so funny).

Have A Fabulously Fun Friday!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Bethany Averie ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE & LION Blog Tour

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Happy Thursday Everybody,

Hope you're having a great week! Mine has been all right. Been working on blog posts for my guest blog appearances. 

I've been asked to appear on 4 different blogs! I'm very flattered and excited. I've never been on a blog tour before (then again, I've never been a published novelist, either...well, that part is coming in July, but still). 

My current scheduled appearances are as followed (and can be found in the margin of this blog, as well):

June 28th --- I'll be the guest of Tonette Inspired on Four Foxes One Hound. This one is a personal interview--a chance to learn more about me, and more about All's Fair In Love & Lion.

July 10th-- Melissa Ohnoutka has graciously invited me to appear on Eat Read Rate, talking about my journey of becoming a writer (we're going way back on this one!)

July 12th--My illustrious and fabulous Critique Partner, Tess St. John, will have me on her Tess St. John blog--and guess what? A brand new interview with the hero of All's Fair In Love & Lion, Monroe Dubay will be posted for your reading pleasure.

(This one isn't in the margin because I don't have a date set up, yet) Date to be determined - A person I've really enjoyed getting to know, Dana, has invited me on her blog, Book Girl Knitting:  The Eclectic Book Blog, to talk about my writing process and character development. 

If you run a reading and/or writing blog you'd like me to make a guest appearance on, please send me an email with a date and subject in mind, and I'll let you know what I can do.

Have A Tip-Top Thursday!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Famous Avenue, & Gorgeous Roses (Final Arkansas Adventure Post)...

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Happy Wednesday All,

Thursday of my Arkansas Adventure we hung out at in-law's house and Friday we headed back home.

There are some awesome things about the trip that I need to note.

For one thing, at the end of the block was this street sign...and yes, I did "Walk down to..."  

My in-laws have some beautiful roses growing in their garden, so I made sure to get some pictures of that. Particularly of a gorgeous pink rose...

I hope you enjoyed this taste of my Arkansas Adventure! We had a good time.

Please note:  I will be making some appearances on other blogs. Two dates are set, but the others are not. Watch the margin of my blog for further info. 

Have A Whimsically Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Take A Walk In The Gardens (Arkansas Adventure Style)...

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Happy Tuesday All,

My adventures in Arkansas continued on Wednesday with a trip to the mall so that offspring could play on the playground, and then to the Botanical Gardens.

There were so many different types of gardens. They had these pretty little stone signs:

In the Children's Garden, there was this awesome train called Reading Railroad. Made my husband and I think of the game, Monopoly. But, the train was eye-catching both as a writer and a reader...can you guess why?  

In one garden (I think the Japanese Garden), there was this fountain in the shape of a Lotus Blossom, but I thought it also looked like a banana. (Yes, that's me in the photo):  
 Those tall, purple flowers you see to the right were everywhere in the garden. I think they're Foxglove? Anyway, they were pretty.

There were areas where it looked really pretty with all the trees around. I don't know what expression I'm making--I guess I wasn't completely ready for when Husband snapped the photo. LOL:

 Phooey. Not my best smile...and I really had high hopes for this picture. C'est la vie, right?

In the Japanese Garden we did see Waterlilies or maybe they were Lotus Blossoms. I didn't see a sign, but they were pretty anyway:  

 Aren't they lovely? I'm so glad this picture turned out okay. They were just gorgeous.

Even "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" found his home in the gardens:


There were these charming statues sprinkled everywhere throughout the gardens...I don't know why they caught my attention...but I thought some of them were adorable:

There was also all kinds of structures that I found interesting/fascinating, and ended up taking pictures of those, too:

 I thought this last photo was rather whimsical.

I thought this pavement was so much fun:  

 Perfect for a Romance writer, right?

The flowers were extremely lovely (from some kind of Dogwood tree, to lily-pads, and everything in between):

 This rose is called "Rosa 'Julia Child' Julia Child Floribunda Rose" I think it would be so cool to have a pretty rose named after oneself, don't you?

 Unfortunately you can't really see the sign. It was hard to get pictures of the names...sometimes it worked, sometimes it came out blurry/unreadable.

 I loved the way these trees were growing right next to each other. Makes me think of an Enchanted Wood, or something like that.

 We took a ton of photos in the gardens, but this post would get far longer than it already is!

So that's a taste of what we experienced at the gardens. It was very bright, sunshiney day. We even wore sunscreen and sunglasses (well at least, I wore sunglasses. I think husband and offspring left theirs in the car or at in-laws' house).

What's your favorite type of flower? Or do you have a favorite tree?

Have A Tantalizingly Thrilling Tuesday!

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