Forget What You Thought Was Reality...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Emotional Roller Coasters & News...

Happy Sunday All,

Normally I don't update on the weekends, but lately I've been super busy during the week and I'm about to be even more busy.

There's been a lot of emotions going on lately as I went through the holidays missing my deceased friend, Sarah. It's not over yet, because on February 20th, it'll mark 1 year since her death.

Today I went over to her and her husband's apartment to help him and Sarah's mom go through Sarah's things. There were some moments of laughter, some tears, and in some cases, emotionally distancing myself from the whole thing just so I wouldn't breakdown and cry too much. I was allowed to keep several items that had belonged to Sarah, which was a comfort. Currently, as I write this, I have a small, very soft teddy bear that I was given sitting on my lap. There's things going to other friends, that will be sorted more as time goes on.

However, after the emotionally exhausting day, a wonderful thing

I signed and finalized a 3-book contract with my publisher, Soul Mate Publishing for my New Adult (NA) Paranormal trilogy!

The titles have also been approved and they are (in order):

Immortal Dreams Book 1: Divine Love
Immortal Dreams Book 2: Astral Love
Immortal Dreams Book 3: Immortal Love

Each novel will be released separately. I don't have released dates, yet, but keep an eye out for updates.

I hope all has been well with you. Happy reading. :-)

Have A Surprisingly Special Sunday!