Friday, May 26, 2017

5 Things I Didn't Know About...

Happy Friday All,

Lately I've been doing 5 Things About... type posts, and I like this format. Eventually I'll do other kinds of posts again, but for now, this seems to work. And yes, I don't have a consistent day, yet. Still trying to figure that out, but I am trying to post at least once a week.

So what's the 5 things topic today? 

5 Things I Didn't Know About Publishing

Years ago, before I really got serious about writing, I didn't know much about the publishing world. In fact, I'd say I knew next to nothing. I don't think I know everything now, or even half of what someone can know, but I know more than I did then, and so I thought I'd share some of that.

1.  I didn't know an author didn't HAVE to pay to publish his or her work.

This is a big one because it's a common misconception. Unless you are self-publishing, you do not pay up front to have your work published. Typically agents and publishers will take a percentage of what you make and you keep what's left. If you self-publish, depending on how you do it, you might keep more, but you could still end up giving a portion out to whatever you use to publish (like Amazon, etc.) in some cases, in self-publishing you might have up-front costs (like cover art). I don't pay for any of it up front because my publisher covers it, and takes a percentage of my royalties (what an author earns from sales of the book).

2.  Publishing is a waiting game.

You wait for email responses to queries/pitches/submissions. Agents and editors are INUNDATED with requests/pitches/queries, etc. It takes time for them to go through their inboxes and it takes time for them to go through manuscripts, and get things done. Very
few things in the publishing world happen quickly. Expect to wait. No one is super-fast at any of it (after all, it took you more than a day to write, polish, and format your work, right? You didn't finish in one day, and if you think you did, you probably have some editing and polishing left to do, or you wrote something very, very short--like a blog entry, novella, or an article).

3.  Typically you will do the majority of your promotional work.

Those glossy posters or displays you see at bookstores? That's not the norm. Especially if you're not well-known.

For my upcoming release,
I put together this graphic.
Not too many publishers do much promotional work in general. Some will do a little, but the majority of it is up to the author. This means you figure out Tweeting and Facebook posts. Unless you have an agent, you're the one scheduling appearances (unless you have a publisher that sends you on a book tour, but that's very rare, or someone approaches you for an appearance/event). So you have to get used to "blowing your own horn" so to speak. Get used to telling people you're a writer and what you write and what's published. All of that. Expect to pay for promotional items like bookmarks, or pens or whatever. There are ways to use cost-effective places for these things, but on bookmarks and business cards you can spend $25-$500 depending on what you do, where you have them printed, and how many you order. Business cards you can spend $25 or more for 250-500 business cards depending on where you go (I like Vistaprint and many authors really like Zazzle--I almost went with them--for business cards).  Some authors have gone to Next Day Flyers for items. I used Got Print at one point for one of my bookmarks. Also, I was told that Pens.Com is a good place to order some promotional items, but I haven't ordered from there, yet.

4. Every author has a stack of rejection letters. Yes, even the big names. And, very rarely will an agent or editor give you details on why your work was rejected.

An NY Times bestseller that I know personally has done many talks where she pulls out folders, and boxes, and suitcases full of
rejection slips of all shapes, sizes. Rejection happens. It can suck, but it doesn't mean you'll never sell your work.

Also, most rejection letters are form letters. In the rejection slip/letter you might get something along the lines of "Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, this isn't what we're looking for at this time."

To deal with the sting of rejection, most authors (including myself) will recommend chocolate, wine, or some other comfort methods (perhaps a massage?)

What else can you do about it? You can dust yourself off, get up, and keep trying. Keep writing. 

5.  Writer's groups. I knew there were magazines and books for writers, but I had no idea about groups. I'm glad I found Romance Writers of America (RWA) and my local chapter. It's made a difference in my life and career.

Happy writing!

Have A Fabulously Fantastic Friday!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

5 Things Throwback Thursday Style...

Happy Thursday All,

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here's 5 things you might not know about yours truly...

1. I was never a fan of most boy bands...not even New Kids On The Block, N'Sync, or the Backstreet Boys, but I knew people who were. However, I've always liked the Ramones. And I am a fan of Straight No Chaser.

Me and Sarah on the occasion of her wedding
2.  I got a B in Shakespeare Class (the English course I took in high school). My friend, Sarah, (who died in 2013) tutored me. My learning disabilities made some of the lectures the teacher gave hard for me to understand, but I was too shy to tell the teacher that, so I asked Sarah for help. She got an A. LOL (Nowadays I'd probably ask, but back then I was too nervous--I'm sure my teacher would laugh to know this--she was a wonderful teacher, and I enjoyed having her for a teacher, I just was shy to ask for help from her).

3.  I took horseback riding lessons starting from around the time I was about 12 and continuing until I was about 16. I learned how to ride both English and Western styles. (I even did some low jumps in the English style riding).

4.  The only time I ever attended a school dance was my school's prom, and my date's school's prom senior year of high school. I never went to any other dances.

5.  I learned how to two-step at my wedding reception.

Have A Thrillingly Terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5 Things To Know About...

Happy Wednesday All,

As the time draws closer, I'm working on the edits from my publisher and getting ready for the big day...

RELEASE DAY for Perfect Love.

In preparation for the June 2017 release, here are 5 things you should know about Perfect Love:

1. It takes place years after the events at the end of Immortal Love.

2.  Hailey and Arion are the main point-of-view characters.

3.  Laney and Jason make cameos.

4.  There is a special surprise at the end of the story. (No, I'm not dropping any hints).

5.  I don't know whether or not it's the last book in the Immortal Dreams series. I haven't decided, yet. So, I've left myself an opening in case I continue the series. I'll let you, the reader, see if you can figure out the opening...you probably will...a lot of readers figured out Hailey's story was next. I'm sure you readers figure out the room I left myself in this one. (And no, this isn't the surprise, the surprise is something else).

So, the question you have to ask yourself now is...

Are you ready for Perfect?

June will be here soon!

Have A Wonderfully Whimsical Wednesday!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Featuring Author Angela Archer...

Happy Friday Everyone,

Sometimes I like to feature different authors on my blog, and today is one such day. Meet author Angela Christina Archer and her release, A Road Paved In Copper.

First a little about her novel:

Armed with her six-shooter, Ava De La Vega dips the pen into the inkwell and etches her name on the Esmeralda County tax record book. A formidable force, that's what her peers have called her. The woman in a man's world, what did she know of mining ore, silver, and copper? Plenty. And it's this knowledge that makes her of the richest miners in Nevada in 1903.

Of course, it also makes her a target.

Traveling back and forth from Tonopah, Nevada and San Francisco, Ava spends her life digging up precious metals from the depths of mineshafts then blowing her money on the finer things in life. A woman who blazes the trail from the dirt and grime to the fanciest hotel rooms, the finest wines, the most decadent meals, and the company of attractive young men.

Unfortunately, for Ava, she doesn’t see Craig Harrison coming.

A miner from the snowy Klondike, Craig has traveled from the harsh Canadian mountains down to city streets of San Francisco. Not looking for work, he's happy with the comfortable life away from the deep mines, the dirt, and the ever sought-after gold.

Unfortunately, for Craig, he doesn’t see Ava coming.

More about Angela:

Angela lives on a ranch with her husband, two daughters, and many farm animals. She was born and raised in Nevada, and grew up riding and showing horses from hunter jumper, English equitation, western pleasure, trail, and halter. While she doesn't show anymore, she still loves to trail ride her paint horse, Honky. In December of 2007, she and her husband moved to Oklahoma.

In December 2014, Angela launched Long ValleyPress.

I think her novel has a pretty cover, don't you? You can find out more about purchasing Angela's novel on its Goodreads page.

Have A Fabulously Fun Friday!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

June 2017 Release Cover Reveal...

Happy Thursday Darling Readers, Immortals, Humans, & all,

In June of this year, my 5th published book, Perfect Love (#4 in the Immortal Dreams series) will release. This is Hailey (Laney's best friend) and Arion's (Cupid & Psyche's son) story.

Originally, I figured more time would pass before I could write Hailey's book. I always wanted to, which is why Immortal Love ends the way it does. I was surprised when readers started asking me about it. I kept getting requests such as "You're going to write Hailey's story, right?" "Is Hailey an Immortal?"

I'd been toying with ideas, and I realized I wasn't ready to say goodbye to everybody. So, I sat down and thought about it. What resulted is a story about emotions, and relationships, rather than straight adventure or straight romance. It's about how one deals with expectations, loss, and new experiences. How Hailey deals with Laney's lies, different relationships, and meeting someone like Arion.

To answer the question, Hailey is FULLY human. No, that does NOT ruin the story, in fact, that's not a secret, nor a surprise. It's established early on in the novel that she is fully human. This plays into her and Arion's story.

You're probably asking yourself, is this a cover reveal a rundown about the novel?

So, without FURTHER ado...

I present to you the cover for Perfect Love...

I think it's gorgeous, don't you? The amazingly talented Fiona Jayde (who has made all my covers so far) is the cover artist.

Have A Thrillingly Terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Long Overdue...

Happy Wednesday Everybody,

Wow...I have been really neglecting the blog! Last post was in February about Nationals. I'm all signed up and everything to go there. I'm looking forward to it. I've never gone to the National conference, even though I've been a member since about 2009.

I got my first round publisher edits for Perfect Love, the next book in my Immortal Dreams series. For the readers who have been asking, yes, this is Hailey's story. Hailey and Arion's story, I should say. You meet Arion very briefly in Astral Love, but he'll be more prominent in this one. Will there be more books after Perfect Love? I don't know, you'll have to wait and see. However...there is a little surprise for my readers after the end of Perfect Love. I won't tell you what (because it's a surprise). The first round publisher edits got turned in on Sunday (April 9th) which was later than I intended, but at least they're turned in. I'm still waiting on the cover art (believe me, I'm just as excited as you are for that).

My narrator for the audio book of Divine Love texted me yesterday and he's making progress. I expect I'll get those to listen to and either approve or ask for edits on before too long. I'm guessing either end of April or sometime in May we'll release it. It really
depends on how fast I get the listening and we get the editing done. I'm sorry it's taken so long, but both narrator and I have a bit of perfectionism in us, so we're trying to give you an awesome product that you can enjoy, so that takes some time. There will be a cover for that that will give the narrator cover credit, I just have to hear back from the cover artist.

As to everything else--I need to finish reading an ARC of a story that's already released for an official blog book review. I don't know when that will be, but I will do it.

Other than that, I'm trying to keep the Averie household together and do my every-day things that have to be done as well as I possibly can. I hope you all are having a good week!

Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends and readers, and Happy Holy Week and Easter to all my Christian friends and readers!

Hope everyone has an awesome week and weekend!

Have A Wondrously Wishful Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

When Nationals Call...

Happy Tuesday All,

I skipped posting last week for two reasons. One, I wanted to give proper attention to the interview with Meg LeFauve after the hold up with the formatting, and two, I had several things going on.

Me (Maid of Honor), and
my deceased friend, Sarah,
on her wedding day in 2003
Monday marked 4 years since my friend, Sarah, died, and by the time I thought of doing a blog post it was late in the afternoon, so I decided to switch this week's post to today.

Recently the national organization I belong to, Romance Writers of America (RWA) opened up registration for its annual conference--dubbed "Nationals--which is being held in July, at a resort in Orlando, Florida this year. Talking with my family, it was decided for the first time since I joined in 2009, I would go. I'm all registered with a hotel room and have had a lot of outpouring of
Me at my chapter's conference in 2014
support from other RWA members both ones going and those who have been in the past. I'm excited to see what I'll learn and what connections I might make, but I'm also nervous. It's a lot of people and I feel sort of "lost in the crowd". Fortunately, I have people I know going and many others who have said they would like to see me there. It's wonderful how Romance novelists often stick together like this and encourage each other. It's really helpful!

I've been to my chapter's conferences and to other non-writer-related conferences, but I don't know if I've ever been to anything
Me at an author event, February 2015
as large as this one. I heard one year they had around 2,000 attendees! That's a lot of people. So, prayers and good thoughts for a wonderful experience would be great.

Have you ever been to a big conference? Let me know in the comments!

Have A Terrifically Thrilling Tuesday!