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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weather, Reading, & Editing

Happy Monday All,

So school is back in session, the weather hasn't exactly changed--well depending on where you live. On the East Coast they're cleaning up after Hurricane Irene and down here we're still  wallowing in dry, very hot conditions. Over the weekend it hit 109 degrees. If you ever wondered what that feels like...come down to Texas. (Although, God willing, it'll cool down this Fall and Winter--that's the prayers and hopes of pretty much everyone I've talked to).

In spite of the heat, I'm managing to plug along. I finished reading Karsten Knight's Wildefire and interesting YA novel.

I'm prepping for another official book review (probably posting in October) while working on some edits. 

Things are still pretty busy on my end, so I'll probably be in and out, but like I said before...I'm not gone.

Something to do while you're waiting on me to be less busy:  pick up a copy of Christie Craig's Don't Mess With Texas available at Amazon ... Barnes & Noble ... Katy Budget Books

Have A Merry Monday!

Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Not Gone...

Happy Friday All,

*EDIT as of 10:50 a.m. (Central Time):  I forgot to mention tomorrow (Saturday, August 27, 2011) is Christie Craig's booksigning for her new release. I wrote a post about this awhile back. Please, if you can make it, go and support her.

Whew, what a week! This has been a week of appointments and all kinds of things going on. My body decided I needed to relax so I had to make sure I did that. But the good news is, it looks like I'm finally getting more to where I want to be.

Edits are coming along. I finished my round of edits and now have gotten started on the ones from my critique partner.

I got my registration mailed out for the Lone Star Conference and reserved my hotel room...yay! So, God willing, I definitely will be there. (For those of you going to the conference and wanting to reserve a hotel room, just click here: http://www.nwhrwa.com/conference.htm ).

Anyway, I know I've been away for several days...I have a lot going on but I should be around more soon.

So, what's going on with you?

Have A Fabulous Friday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Release, Rain, Conference & Ice Cream

Happy Tuesday Everyone,
Congratulations to Jessica, winner of Monday's Christie Craig book review drawing!

Today is release day for Christie Craig's Don't Mess With Texas so everyone make sure you get your copy! This is one that will definitely make you laugh at out loud. She's an awesome person and incredibly witty--both in her books and in person. There's chances to meet her in person--check this blog post to see when and where.

Since we're nearing the end of August the time to submit your registration for the Lone Star Conference is getting shorter--that is because the conference is on October 15, 2011. I'm mailing in my registration this week. Writers get out there...it's worth your weight in gold to network, get support, and party with me (conference day just happens to be my birthday!)

Okay those of you with rain...care to share with Texas? We're in a drought and while I don't want a hurricane, we could sure use some rain to help us out of it. I think the lizards and bugs are beginning to look at the houses around here and think: "Let's move in! There's water in there!" I wouldn't be shocked if cats learn how to start to enjoy swimming just for the wet relief. It's hot, and it's dry and oh boy I'm looking forward to fall and winter with cooler weather (like in October when the Lone Star Conference happens--it's usually cooler by then). Like I said, I don't want a hurricane, but I wouldn't mind us getting a good, environment/people healing rain to make things better.

On the other hand, the heat is always a good excuse to eat ice cream and lucky me I got some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the freezer.

Anyway, not to sound trite...but how's the weather on your side of the world?

Have A Terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Git Yer Cowboy Hat & Laugh Out Loud With The New Christie Craig Novel

Happy Monday Everybody,


Friday afternoon I finished reading Christie Craig’s new book, Don’t Mess With Texas, which is available on August 23, 2011.

This is laugh out loud humorous fun! A heroine who pukes on the hero, a no-nonsense Nana (loved her! Nana needs her own story, she's just that funny), a strong defend-and-protect type hero--mix it all together and you've got a novel jammed pack with Christie’s humor, romance, mystery, suspense and everything else she could think of including an English Bulldog sleeping in a coffin.

Ex-cop turned P.I. Dallas O’Connor and his buddies got a bum deal when they were framed for a crime they didn’t do. Now out of jail and setting up their P.I. firm they’re ready to kick some serious butt and make sure those who are falsely accused get a fair shake in this system.

They’re gonna make sure a 19 year old boy doesn’t get locked up for a murder he didn’t do and while they’re at it make sure the people who framed them pay.

Well, he was, that is, until Artist Nikki Hunt pukes on him when he comes to investigate a crime scene with his brother, Tony (who is still a cop).

Right from the start Dallas is taken by Nikki--and it’s not just because of her vomiting skills (which are impressive) but there’s something special about Nikki. She's bright, funny, independent and he's fascinated by her.

But he can’t--won’t--get involved. She’s the prime suspect in Jack Leon’s murder. Jack is Nikki’s ex-husband--emphasis on the ex. Jack had Nikki come meet him for dinner…and stuck her with the bill.

Two people heard Nikki say she was going to kill him, but what they don’t get is that Nikki didn’t mean literally--she was talking to herself…a habit she’s never been able to break.

Can Dallas deny the fireworks between him and Nikki? Can Nikki overcome her fears of being left in the dust with a broken heart (long enough to see Dallas isn't like Jack)?

One thing’s for sure, the attraction’s undeniable, and the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s hot in Texas!

And yes, I really enjoyed this book. It was funny, fun, and classic Christie Craig Laugh-Out-Loud-And-Enjoy novel.

Don’t Mess With Texas will be available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Katy Budget Books

But wait!

That’s NOT all!

Christie Craig is doing a giveaway on this blog, as well!

She’s got for one lucky reader of this blog a necklace and earring set made by Kathy at Beadmore Designs:

There’s 2 ways t enter for a chance to win this gorgeous (and very Texan looking) jewelry set:

1. You can comment here and include your email address in your comment.


2. You can email me

ONE entry per person. The contest will close at 10:30 p.m. Central Time on Monday, August 22, 2011.

Have A Mirth-filled Monday!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Happy Friday All,

Wow...it's already Friday? Hard to believe. Edits are coming along pretty well, which I'm very happy about.

Next week is an official book review and I'm working hard to get done reading the book (which is really good by the way, just got several things going on as well, so it takes time).

Found out recently (because I made it to that side of the Internet) Tess St. John posted an excerpt of Eyes Of Jade. The cover is really awesome, so I recommend taking a cyberspace trip out that direction to check it out.

Christie Craig has her book signing coming up (August 27, 2011). I talked about this sometime ago in this post.

Don't forget to register for the Lone Star Conference! God willing I'll be there--3rd year (yeah that's how much I like it).

Anyway, what are you up to these days?

Have A Fantastical Friday!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pardon My Absence...

Happy Wednesday Everybody,

Lucky me, I get to go to the dentist! Actually dentists don't bother me too much, just not my favorite pastime.

Lately I have a lot on my mind (edits, reading for a book review, the Lone Star Conference and some family things) so it's harder to come up with a blog post than usual. I hope y'all will forgive me and bear with me. Life is a little crazy right now and hopefully it'll calm down soon.

What's going on in your life?

Have A Wonderful Wednesday!

Take To The Open Road (Or Skies)

Happy Tuesday All,

Monday was a day off--which I needed because it was sort of a crazy day. I hadn't planned to take the day off, but it turned out to be a good idea.

I know Fall is coming and that school starts back soon, but Summer isn't the only time people travel.

I think this was in
Frankenmuth, Michigan
 I have been all over the U.S.A. (by car and by plane) here's a list of states (off the top of my head, I'm sure I'll miss naming one) that I've been to (and I'm talking about either driven through or actually visited...not changing planes):

Texas (San Antonio is fun, and Austin is gorgeous--been out to some of the Hill Country--nice, too)
New Jersey  (love Madison and Morristown very pretty areas)
Maryland (visited--some really great places there)
Washington, D.C.(visited--wear very comfy walking shoes)
New Hampshire (visited--very nice)
Connecticut  (visited--pretty)
Kentucky (visited--a lot of fun)
Tennessee (mostly drove through)
Indiana  (I think mostly drove through)
Michigan  (visited...love it)
Iowa (visited--went to where they filmed the movie Field Of Dreams).
Oklahoma (went to a few interesting places there)
Louisiana (visited, but I don't think I've been to New Orleans, but I went to a nice part of the state)
Mississippi (driven through)
Alabama  (driven through)
Georgia (visited--very pretty areas)
New York  (visited--yes, I've been to NYC)
Washington State (visited/love it...Seattle rocks!)
Missouri (visited...some nice places out there)
Mississippi (driven through)
Ohio (visited several places there...including the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame)
Pennsylvania (visited, I don't remember where I went there)
Massachusetts (haven't been to Salem or John Adams house, though, but I did have fun out there).
Illinois (can't be sure if I visited anything there or just drove through)
Arkansas (mostly drove through)

And that's just off the top of my head.

Outside the U.S.A. I've been to: Canada (a few times--pretty...been to Niagara Falls)

I've been to the U.S. Virgin Islands--St. Croix (my husband and I went there on their honeymoon...we fell in love with a restaurant there called Le St. Tropez...so good French-Mediterranean food) We want to go back to St. Croix because we enjoyed it--next time we go we want to stay at a resort. On our honeymoon we stayed at a hotel, but really if you're gonna go there a resort is the best idea. Also, be sure to take a sailboat ride out to Buck Island--so awesome!

So where have you been and where do you recommend people go to visit/live?

Have A Timeless Tuesday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Spotlight On Author: Jennifer Bray-Weber

Happy Friday Everybody,

As promised, today is the day I'm posting my August Author Interview. I know every author I'm always excited about (I must sound like a broken record LOL). But I always have a reason for being excited about whoever I interview.

This particular interview is with Jennifer Bray-Weber, who, besides being an incredibly talented author, is a really cool person. She also has a great sense of humor and is a lot of fun to hang out with; so, without further ado, I give you the awesome Jennifer Bray-Weber...

Me:  Your novel, Blood And Treasure focuses on pirates. I've read from other interviews you've done, that you got the idea from a dream, but did you always want to write about pirates or was it just after you had that dream that the idea came to you?

Jennifer:  Thank you for having me, Bethany.

I started out writing dark stories set in various times throughout history. The Roman Empire, Salem Witch Trials, and the Civil War have been the backdrop to most of these tales. The common thread to these stories is the tragic endings. Hardly anyone gets out alive! My favorite is about a Civil War veteran battling deep depression. The final word in this short story is ‘Bang’. I still get goose bumps. Some might suggest I see a professional. I say mwuahahaha….

Me:  How many books do you plan to have in the Romancing The Pirate series and do you have an idea when the next one will be released?

Jennifer:  There are 5 total in the "Romancing The Pirate" series. Each story is an adventure for the pirate ship Rissa and her crew. The pirate captains in "Blood And Treasure", "A Kiss In The Wind", and "The Bruised Sky" get more than they bargain for in the lasses they encounter. Sea battles, vicious enemies, and the testy sea aren’t nearly as dangerous as these captains losing their hearts. "In Clash Of The Tides", the pirate captain is a woman who buys her hero off the auction block. The last novel, yet to be titled, is a dual love story between modern day treasure hunters seeking the mystery behind the sunken Rissa and the pirate captain and his heroine on the doomed vessel.

My next novel, "A Kiss In The Wind", is scheduled for release in spring 2012 with Carina Press.

Me:  For Fun: What music puts you in a good mood?

Jennifer:  Everything from Metallica and Def Leppard to Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown. Yep – I’m a heavy beats and hard rockin’, loud music kind of girl.

Me:  What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Jennifer:  Listen to those who speak of hard work, writing the best story you can, perseverance, growing the proverbial thick skin, and finding great critique partners. It’s all great advice. But I’m all about opportunities. Never, EVER let opportunity pass you by. My career has been enriched because I tackled opportunity, put it in a strangle hold, and held it for ransom within an inch of its life.

Me:  You recently went to the RWA National Conference in New York City. What do you find is the most helpful about conferences like that?

Jennifer:  Networking. There is so much value in attending writing conferences. Workshops, meetings, book signings, awards ceremonies, and parties all provide the opportunity (BUZZ WORD!!) to meet others, learn from industry pros, exchange and absorb knowledge, and forge new friendships.

Me:  Do you have a favorite character who you've written, and if so, who is it and why are they are you favorite?

Jennifer:  Captain Blade Tyburn of "A Kiss In The Wind". He’s an infamous libertine with devilish good looks, quick wit, and insatiable desire for women. That is, until he meets his match in knife-wielding, pick-pocket Marisol.

Henri, the small (don’t call him a dwarf! ) curmudgeonly cook, runs a very close second. The only thing he fancies more than the little bows in his beard is his rum.

Me:  For Fun: What's your favorite Holiday and why?

Jennifer:  It’s a tie between Christmas and Halloween. Christmas is magical. Family traditions, good will, twinkling lights, yummy food, festive decorations and lots of parties makes for an enchanting holiday. I like Halloween for many of the same reasons, except Halloween is mischievous. I love mischief. Lots of mischief.

Me:  What's something you learned about pirates that you found really fascinating?

Jennifer:  Pirates were democratic and lived by codes. Captains were elected by the crew and often split power with the quartermaster. Articles were drawn up by the crew and signed by the crew. These articles were detailed and included rules of behavior, care of weaponry, punishments, treatment of women, and the division of shares.

Me:  Do you find that pirate legends are close to the truth or not at all?

Jennifer:  All legends are based on some sort of truth. I will say that the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" franchise does depict pirates, shipboard terminology, and pirate superstitions with a lot of elemental authenticity. But just so you know, the Kraken, half-sea-creature-half-man pirates, and giant goddesses are not real. Not sure about zombies, the Flying Dutchman, or man-eating mermaids.

Me:  Are you planning to stick with pirates or do you have other series ideas in mind?

Jennifer:  In my future I see more pirates, serial killers, Confederate spies, fire-breathing dragons, and a paranormal world built around the 7 virtues and 7 sins. Thankfully, not all in the same book.

Me:  Anything else you'd like to add?

Jennifer:  Should I tickle your fancy, please visit me at the following places on the World Wide Web.





Thank you, Jennifer Bray-Weber for dropping by! You can get a copy of Blood And Treasure (which is really, really good by the way) on Amazon Kindle and Amazon in Paperback, as well as on Barnes & Noble Nook.

Have A Fantastical Friday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brownies, Anyone?

Happy Thursday Everyone,

Sorry about the late post. I was trying to come with a post last night, but I'm having a hair-crush on my new hair cut, so I was having trouble thinking of a topic. Then today I went into my email and it was an "Oh, DUH!" moment.

Nina Cordoba, author of Not Dreaming Of You has a brand new Romantic Comedy out entitled, Don't Make Me Make You Brownies. Nina has mentioned it to me on and off over the last year and the title is intriguing. She's a chapter mate of mine and actually brought brownies to the last meeting, so it's kind of funny that her new book has that title.  Anyway, you can purchase a copy of Don't Make Me Make You Brownies from Amazon and also from Barnes & Noble

Other news:  Tomorrow I'm posting an author interview, so be sure to come by tomorrow!

And speaking of brownies, do you like brownies? Do you prefer the "cake" like ones (thicker, not so chewy) or the "chewy" ones?  (Personally I like chewy brownies better than the cake-like ones).

Have A Tasty Thursday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Memories!

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Sitting here listening to Toby Keith's Rock You Baby takes me back to my wedding day. It was our first dance song. I remember I sang it to my husband as we danced. I thought about using Huckleberry but decided Rock You Baby sounded more like me and my husband.

Funny how things bring up different memories. A scent, a photo, a movie, a quote, a song. 

If someone starts quoting the opening speech by John Adams from the musical 1776 I'm transported back to when I was about 19 and listening to my brother quote the entire thing.

Or if I smell Brute aftershave I wonder if my Dad's around.

If I taste Chocolate Drop Cookies (my grandmother apparently used to make those, but I have no memory of her making them--but one of my sister makes them and every time I have one it makes me think of her). I don't know if there's a website that has the recipe written down. I used to have a copy, but I'm not sure where I put it. (They're chocolate cookies and you put chocolate icing on them--so good!)

Touching a closed up Dandelion would take me back to when I was a kid.

It's amazing how the senses associate certain things with situations, feelings, or a memory. The show Little House On The Prairie takes me back to when I used to live in New Jersey (years and years ago).

What things invoke memories/feelings in you?

Have A Winsome Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Come On Fall/Winter Months & Weather!

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Fun little tidbit just because...

One of my sisters got me into this:  If you like to have cream in your coffee, substitute with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. YUM. (I generally have creamer, but if I'm having decaf after dinner I sometimes go ahead and have a scoop of vanilla ice cream).


Are you as excited about the Fall and Winter months as I am? I know, I know...I keep talking about it. I can't help it. It's been such a hot summer that I can't wait to pull out my sweaters and pants. My cloak (or cape, whatever you choose to call it) is waiting in our hall closet for the weather to get cold. My sweaters and long-sleeved shirts are sitting in the back of my closet just waiting for me.

Plus there are so many releases happening in the Fall! C.C. Hunter's Awake At Dawn, Rick Riordan's The Son Of Neptune, Kerrelyn Sparks' Sexiest Vampire Alive...(and I'm sure several other releases that I'm gonna kick myself later for not remembering to mention!)

And of course there's the events...

Christie Craig has her wine event that I talked about last week. Then of course there's the Lone Star Conference/my birthday and the holidays, as well.

Exciting things are on the horizon and I don't want you all to miss them!
How do you "jump start" yourself for the day? Do you drink coffee/tea?

Have A Tip-Top Tuesday!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Not To Be Missed: Lone Star Conference--Keynote Speaker Alexandra Sokoloff

Happy Monday All,

So...did y'all notice the new addition on the top of the margin on the right hand side?

Yes...it's that time again...registration time for the Lone Star Conference!

The Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America is inviting writings near and far to come join us for fun, pitching appointments, a keynote speaker (Alexandra Sokoloff), and a great group of writers who are waiting to welcome you to the Lone Star State. Whether you write Romance or something else, I urge you to think about coming down. I attended the last 2 Lone Star Conferences and it was and awesome experience both times.

I plan (God willing) to be at the conference for a third year. To me, it's a great way to celebrate my birthday!  (Yep, you read that right. The Lone Star Conference falls on my birthday this year...October 15th).

Anyway...I hope writers all over will come and visit the Lone Star State and hang out with us NWHRWA members. We'd love to have you.

What events are you looking forward to?

Have A Magnificent Monday!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Author Sightings Alert!

Happy Friday Everyone,

This won't be my regular type of post, but these things sound like so much fun and well, when author Christie Craig asked me to let you all know about these events, I couldn't say no. After all, I'm a big fan of hers and I'm looking forward to reading the new release, Don't Mess With Texas.

Are you going to be in Houston, Texas on August 27, 2011 or November 12, 2011? If so, you will want to put these two events in your plans. If you live in Houston, add these to your calender:

Saturday, August 27, 2011 Christie Craig book Signing at Katy Budget Books at 2450 Fry Road, Houston, Texas 77084. The book signing will start at 1:30 p.m. and end at 3:30 p.m. (Central Time).

Saturday, November 12, 2011 Christie Craig will be teaming up with Romantic Mystery author, Diane Kelly (Diane will be signing her new release: Death, Taxes, And A French Manicure--release date November 2011--this book looks like a lot of fun, by the way) for a book signing at Wine Styles The Vintage 10300 Louetta Road Suite 150, Houston, Texas 77070. This event will start at 4:00 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m. (Central Time).

Also...Don't forget:  You can pre-order Christie Craig's upcoming novel, Don't Mess With Texas. Available from Amazon and  Barnes & Noble. (Release date:  August, 2011).

You can also pre-order Christie Craig's alter ego, C.C. Hunter's upcoming novel, Awake At Dawn from Amazon  and  Barnes & Noble (release date:  October, 2011).

Have A Fantastic Friday!

Taking A Day Off

Happy Thursday Everyone,

Please forgive the lack of a real blog post today. Wednesday turned into an edit/writing day (mixed with the usual day-to-day responsbilities/activities). 

So, hopefully Friday I'll have a post, but for today, I'm letting my brain wander through the edits/writing, reading, and all the other daily things that go on.

Have a Thrilling Thursday :-)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Happy Wednesday Everybody,

Wow, it's Wednesday already? Time flies when you're having fun.

Or dealing with surprises...

That's me. Dealing with surprises. In writing, that is. Some of my writing (and a current project) has taken me in a direction I didn't see myself going. But there are times writing will do that. And for now, it's helping me create and figure out what I'm doing with this project and the others I have going.

Some authors start out writing one thing and branch out to two or three other areas. Like the Adult-novel writer who ends up writing YA or Mid-Grade...or all 3--adult, YA and Mid-grade.

Or the person who starts out in Romance and finds themselves with a Thriller on their hands.

Perhaps you began your writing with Contemporary and got lost in the fields of Fantasy. Maybe while you were shaking hands with a vampire then a cyborg jumped into your living room.

Writing isn't always predictable, which if it was, would probably bore the authors. At least it would more than likely bore me. I enjoy that spark of inspiration--the feeling of the imagination running wild with ideas--ideas that are new for me. It's even possible you could start off with one idea that is something you don't usually write and it morphs back to something you normally would write--but you had to write it differently for everything to click into place.

The point is, wherever your writing journey takes you, enjoy the ride. Explore, discover, and create. There's so many ways a writer can go--so many options--all  you have to do is figure out which options you're taking.

So what surprises have you encountered in your writing?

Have A Wondrous Wednesday!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Wow. Monday felt like it was later in the week for some reason. Not sure why, just did.

I finished up Addicted To Love by Lori Wilde (adult Contemporary Romance). It was cute and fun. Interesting take on Romance and true love.

I'm reading Tera Lynn Childs' Goddess Boot Camp (YA) and so far so good (I just barely started but it probably won't take me too long).

Call me nostalgic but Monday afternoon I was listening to Patrick Swayze's She's Like The Wind. It's a good song that was featured in the movie, Dirty Dancing. He actually had a pretty good singing voice and I remember him singing Herman's Hermits' I'm Henry The VIIIth I Am in Ghost.

Generally I don't listen to She's Like The Wind when I'm feeling nostalgic, but this time it made me feel that way a little. Generally I listen to songs that are associated with family members or past relationships or some other memory when I feel nostalgic. Sometimes I look at photos, or read books I've read many times before.

What do you do when you get an onslaught of nostalgia?

Have A Terrific Tuesday!

August, Fall & Winter, New Release, And Pre-Order Galore!

Happy Monday All,

Also, HAPPY AUGUST! We're now getting closer to the Fall and students going back to school and (hopefully soon) cooler weather. Texas has been hot, but it generally is in the Summer. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons because I love cooler weather and I'm a huge fan of Christmas. I can't wait to put up Christmas lights. Okay, so I'm a little early on the anticipation, but all these commercials for back-to-school items have brought out thoughts of the latter (and cooler) months as well as the holidays that go with them.

This past weekend I was doing some house cleaning (believe me, my house needs it). My dust allergies are acting up, but so far I've managed to avoid being laid up in bed with them, which is good.

There's some book reporting I need to do, so, without further ado...

Author A.S. Fenichel has an erotic Romance out through publisher Ellora's Cave called Mayan Afterglow.

Good news! You can pre-order C.C. Hunter's YA 2nd ShadowFalls novel, Awake At Dawn through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (Releasing in October 2011). I can't wait to see what's going to happen with Kylie, Derek and Lucas. Are you Team Derek or Team Lucas?

Also available on pre-order is the second mid-grade Heroes Of Olympus novel by Rick Riordan entitled, Son Of Neptune. To pre-order this novel, go to Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.

Christie Craig's adult Romance, Don't Mess With Texas is available this month! Don't forget to check your Amazon and Barnes & Noble for purchasing! This one looks like a lot of fun.

I have several novels on my list to read. If you look in the right hand margin of my blog you'll see what I'm reading at any given time. Currently I'm finishing up Lori Wilde's Addicted To Love (an Adult Contemporary Romance). It's pretty good.

What releases are you looking forward to and what books are you currently reading?

Have A Magnificent Monday!