Monday, August 29, 2011

Weather, Reading, & Editing

Happy Monday All,

So school is back in session, the weather hasn't exactly changed--well depending on where you live. On the East Coast they're cleaning up after Hurricane Irene and down here we're still  wallowing in dry, very hot conditions. Over the weekend it hit 109 degrees. If you ever wondered what that feels like...come down to Texas. (Although, God willing, it'll cool down this Fall and Winter--that's the prayers and hopes of pretty much everyone I've talked to).

In spite of the heat, I'm managing to plug along. I finished reading Karsten Knight's Wildefire and interesting YA novel.

I'm prepping for another official book review (probably posting in October) while working on some edits. 

Things are still pretty busy on my end, so I'll probably be in and out, but like I said before...I'm not gone.

Something to do while you're waiting on me to be less busy:  pick up a copy of Christie Craig's Don't Mess With Texas available at Amazon ... Barnes & Noble ... Katy Budget Books

Have A Merry Monday!


jeff7salter said...

109? Wow. Chill out!

Bethany said...


Believe me...we wish we could!!!

Will you send us some cooler weather?

Thanks for dropping by :-)

Anonymous said...

Wish we could, Bethany, but it's been record -breaking hot here and I am sure down Jeff's way, too.
I'd send you a hug, but it's too hot!

Bethany said...


It's the thought that counts! Take care and try to stay cool. Thank you for dropping by :-)