Monday, August 1, 2011

August, Fall & Winter, New Release, And Pre-Order Galore!

Happy Monday All,

Also, HAPPY AUGUST! We're now getting closer to the Fall and students going back to school and (hopefully soon) cooler weather. Texas has been hot, but it generally is in the Summer. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons because I love cooler weather and I'm a huge fan of Christmas. I can't wait to put up Christmas lights. Okay, so I'm a little early on the anticipation, but all these commercials for back-to-school items have brought out thoughts of the latter (and cooler) months as well as the holidays that go with them.

This past weekend I was doing some house cleaning (believe me, my house needs it). My dust allergies are acting up, but so far I've managed to avoid being laid up in bed with them, which is good.

There's some book reporting I need to do, so, without further ado...

Author A.S. Fenichel has an erotic Romance out through publisher Ellora's Cave called Mayan Afterglow.

Good news! You can pre-order C.C. Hunter's YA 2nd ShadowFalls novel, Awake At Dawn through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (Releasing in October 2011). I can't wait to see what's going to happen with Kylie, Derek and Lucas. Are you Team Derek or Team Lucas?

Also available on pre-order is the second mid-grade Heroes Of Olympus novel by Rick Riordan entitled, Son Of Neptune. To pre-order this novel, go to Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.

Christie Craig's adult Romance, Don't Mess With Texas is available this month! Don't forget to check your Amazon and Barnes & Noble for purchasing! This one looks like a lot of fun.

I have several novels on my list to read. If you look in the right hand margin of my blog you'll see what I'm reading at any given time. Currently I'm finishing up Lori Wilde's Addicted To Love (an Adult Contemporary Romance). It's pretty good.

What releases are you looking forward to and what books are you currently reading?

Have A Magnificent Monday!


Anonymous said...

I had just won and zipped-through MJ Davidson's latest 'Betsy ' book, "Undead and Undermined"[#10]. She has made a 'triligy' within a series with her out of her 9th-11th (upcoming) books. This series had taken a turn in an unusual direction, most of which has been , in my opinion, rectified.
Upcoming? I am not sure...I have many older books that I have backed-up.
I , too, have been doing major housework, and schools here start on Wednesday...the kids have 2-week intercessions thoughout the year, but only a 7 week summer vacation this year...which has been very, very hot.
Must run...stay cool!

Bethany said...


School will be starting up here soon, too. It's been awfully hot this summer, but I'm hoping for a nice, cool Fall and Winter. Glad you enjoyed the new MJ Davidson book. Happy reading and thank you for dropping by :-)