Monday, August 1, 2011


Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Wow. Monday felt like it was later in the week for some reason. Not sure why, just did.

I finished up Addicted To Love by Lori Wilde (adult Contemporary Romance). It was cute and fun. Interesting take on Romance and true love.

I'm reading Tera Lynn Childs' Goddess Boot Camp (YA) and so far so good (I just barely started but it probably won't take me too long).

Call me nostalgic but Monday afternoon I was listening to Patrick Swayze's She's Like The Wind. It's a good song that was featured in the movie, Dirty Dancing. He actually had a pretty good singing voice and I remember him singing Herman's Hermits' I'm Henry The VIIIth I Am in Ghost.

Generally I don't listen to She's Like The Wind when I'm feeling nostalgic, but this time it made me feel that way a little. Generally I listen to songs that are associated with family members or past relationships or some other memory when I feel nostalgic. Sometimes I look at photos, or read books I've read many times before.

What do you do when you get an onslaught of nostalgia?

Have A Terrific Tuesday!


jeff7salter said...

I saw the movie "Ghost" but don't recall hearing Patrick S. do any singing. LOL.
When I get an onslaught of nostalgia, I suppose I try to channel it into whatever manuscript I'm writing at the moment. Most of my protagonists -- both female and male -- seem to deal with nostalgia ... so it's a logical jump for me to just toss it over to those characters and see how they deal with it.
Many years ago when I used to play records (remember vinyl?) and later cassette tapes, there were sad songs that I was drawn to when I felt nostalgic or melancholy. But I haven't listened to music in many years.

Bethany said...


"She's Like The Wind" was the song Patrick Swayze sang in "Dirty Dancing". In "Ghost" when he's trying to get Whopi Goldberg's character to help him out he sings the Herman's Hermits song a capala.

I do remember records! Growing up we had a kids' record player in our bedroom. We listened to Dr. Seuss, "Care Bears" and several other records--like the soundtrack to "Five Pennies" starring Danny Kaye. My parents had a big record player and we'd listen to Johnny Cash's spirituals, The Everly Brothers, Peter/Paul & Mary along with several other records. I still have memories of a family member of mine putting The Everly Brothers' "Bird Dog" on fast-forward. There's nothing like hearing a sqawky voice on fast going "He'sabird. He'sabirddog." After awhile it was annoying, but I still remember that LOL.

Thanks for dropping by :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you two ran into each other and morphed into me! I try to put those feelings to work in writing,AND I listen to music...I get a lot of distance out of YouTube or CD's, BUT I still have some vinyl, believe it or not, (even though my turntable died some years ago).I can't bear to part with a dozen or so LP's.I have very recently moved them from my bedroom closet into what was my classroom/library , but has also become a storage/play/sewing/craft room.
My whole house could be considered a library.
Staying cool, People?
(Bethany, did you get my sauce recipe email? I haven't heard from you.)

Bethany said...


I did get the email--I'm sorry for not have letting you know. Thank you very much for it.

Someone (I forget where I heard this) said records are starting to make a come-back. I don't know if this is true or not, but if they are that Vinyl will come in handy (hopefully!)

Thank you for dropping by :-)