Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Memories!

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Sitting here listening to Toby Keith's Rock You Baby takes me back to my wedding day. It was our first dance song. I remember I sang it to my husband as we danced. I thought about using Huckleberry but decided Rock You Baby sounded more like me and my husband.

Funny how things bring up different memories. A scent, a photo, a movie, a quote, a song. 

If someone starts quoting the opening speech by John Adams from the musical 1776 I'm transported back to when I was about 19 and listening to my brother quote the entire thing.

Or if I smell Brute aftershave I wonder if my Dad's around.

If I taste Chocolate Drop Cookies (my grandmother apparently used to make those, but I have no memory of her making them--but one of my sister makes them and every time I have one it makes me think of her). I don't know if there's a website that has the recipe written down. I used to have a copy, but I'm not sure where I put it. (They're chocolate cookies and you put chocolate icing on them--so good!)

Touching a closed up Dandelion would take me back to when I was a kid.

It's amazing how the senses associate certain things with situations, feelings, or a memory. The show Little House On The Prairie takes me back to when I used to live in New Jersey (years and years ago).

What things invoke memories/feelings in you?

Have A Winsome Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I think smells and songs will bring back memories faster than anything.I can hear an oldie on the radio, especially a VERY old oldie,(as I have an older sister who played rock from the time I was tiny and my mother, who raised us on Frank Sinatra), and be transported in my mind to a certain day, place or event.
There is a certain 'old-house' smell that will take me straight back to days at my aunt's house where I spent much time as a child. I lived out west for a long time, now that I am farther east,I have mimosa trees and honeysuckle flanking my driveway. Stepping out of my side door on humid summer evenings can make me almost dizzying into time-travel back to my childhood, to my neighbor's mimosa tree and the honeysuckle growing on the fence between our yards.
Recently, I opened a box for one of my grandkids.It's toy contents had a strong, particular rubbery/plastic odor. I handed the box to my sister.I said, "Smell!" Her eyes lit up!It was 'Christmas Morning' to us; the way every one of them smelled to us as children.Little girls got a new doll every Christmas morning back then, and that box contained the 'new-doll-smell'.I won't tell you how very many years it has been since either of us got a new doll for Christmas, but we will never forget the feeling that the smell brings back.
Thanks for the memories!

Bethany said...


Cool memories! Thank you for dropping by and sharing them :-)