Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day, Book Recommendation & Update

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Happy Tuesday All,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I was a busy little bee this weekend. Offspring had a game, then I had to do some spring/summer wardrobe shopping, and Sunday was Church and relaxation.

The answer to the question about if there is any news on the contracted novel is that when there is something I can share I will post it here.

If you've been watching my Twitter Feed (whether following me on Twitter or checking the margin of this blog) you might have seen some posts where I recommended books. For all of you who missed them, here's the recommendations I made for Valentine's Day:

I started out with Historical Romance...

Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer (probably my number 2 favorite Heyer novel)

If you're into Fairy Tales, I mentioned this YA:

Beastly by Alex Flinn

Sassy Fiction...

The Secret Ingredient by Jane Heller

I even touched on Mid-grade...

Betsy's Wedding by Maud Hart Lovelace (but I recommend reading the others in that series, first).

For all you YA Fans looking for a tissue-box book...

Until Death Do Us Part by Lurlene MacDaniel

I did not forget the Vampire fans...

Love At Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks

Elemental Mysteries by Elizabeth Hunter

Nocturne by Syrie James

I also put in this Greek Mythology inspired novel (which I love, by the way)...

Cupid by Julius Lester

I also made some movie recommendations:

I Hate Valentine's Day (funny movie)

I also recommend You've Got Mail, but only because that was the movie real life hero (husband) and I were watching when he proposed to me.

The good thing about these books and movies...it doesn't have to be February 14th for you to enjoy them...they're fun anytime of the year.

What would you recommend for a Valentine's Day read and/or movie?

Have A Terrific Tuesday!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Wish

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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Tattoo Across The Heart...

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Happy Monday Everybody,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a pretty good one. Offspring had a game and that went well. Friday night I went out with some of my gal pals, and that was fun.

Recently, a fellow author and chapter mate of mine, Shauna Allen, had her first novel released, a contemporary romance, and you're in luck, readers, because today I'm doing my official blog review of her novel, Inked By An Angel!

Kyle is determined to make it on her own. No more being daddy's little princess. She's going to carve out her own place in the world of numbers--also known as accounting--and find her place in the world. The only problem is, without clients, how is she supposed to pay her bills? She can't bear to crawl back to her dad's plush firm where she's basically invisible. She has to make it work.

So, while her first inclination is to run as fast as her fashionable heels will take her, she holds her head high while she waits for her meeting with Michael, at his place of business...a tattoo parlor.

Jed can't believe it when Kyle walks into his tattoo parlor. What is someone like her doing in his domain? She doesn't fit in...at all. With her hair tightly pulled back, and her pearls, and suits, there's no reason for her to be there.

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting these two opposites together. But Michael, an angel on matchmaking duty, is determined to do his best. He can't fail Father again. He has to get Kyle and Jed together.

But will Michael be able to accomplish the goal in spite of Kyle's engagement, Jed's vindictive ex, and a whole lot of wrenches thrown in for good measure? You'll just have to read it for yourself and find out.

As for my personal opinion? Well, all I'm going to say is that I couldn't put it down!

You can have your chance to enjoy Inked By An Angel, which is now available in e-book form from Soul Mate Publishing, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Have A Mystical Monday!

Friday, February 8, 2013

He Said/She Said...

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Happy Friday All,

Again, I've been MIA! I've got to stop making this a habit. I'll keep working at it. Meanwhile, follow what's going on by following me on Twitter (@WriteByBethany)--you can also see what I tweet/retweet in my Twitter Feed in the margin of this blog. Or find me under my name, Bethany Averie, on Facebook. Facebook and Twitter are updated regularly.  I've also joined Goodreads, for those who get on that.

Been thinking about updating the Road Map that I posted in 2010 (you can find it in margin of this blog...you'll have to arrow down a bit).

But I also thought it would be fun to let y'all know what advice the authors I've interviewed had to give to aspiring authors. Since I've done several interviews, I'm going to post this list with author's name and genre. You pick which one you want to check out (or read the whole interview for that matter).

By the way...I do intend to do author interviews this year. I have one already lined up (can't say when or who, just stay tuned). I also have a couple of others in mind to ask (can't say who, like I said, just stay tuned).

Anyway, each of these interviews should (and if they don't, I'm sorry, I thought I asked all of them this question) have an answer to the question "What advice do you have for aspiring authors?" All of these authors were a joy to interview. The list is set up from "oldest" interview to "newest" interview (that is, dating back from 2010 to 2012)  Just click on the author's name (even if it's not in blue font color):

Elizabeth Pina (Inspirational Romance)

Laura Childs (Mystery)

Christie Craig (Romance & Non Fiction)

MaryJanice Davidson, with Anthony Alongi (Paranormal Romance / YA Paranormal)

Kim Lenox (Paranormal Romance with Historical setting)

Shanna Swendson (Fantasy--think "chick lit" type voice)--UPDATE on this interview:  Books 5 and 6 of her series ARE out. At the time of the interview they weren't). P.S. I haven't read book 6, yet, so if someone has, don't tell me anything! But Book 5 was definitely a welcome addition.

Will Graham (Supsense/Thriller)

Ciara Gold (Romance--Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Historical)

Anna Kathryn Lanier (Romance -- both Historical & Western)

Kerrelyn Sparks (Paranormal Romance / Historical Romance)

C.C. Hunter (YA Paranormal)

Jane Heller (Women's Fiction & Non-Fiction)

Tess St. John (Romantic Suspense / Historical Romance) --Yes, this is my Illustrious Critique Partner.

Melissa Ohnoutka (Romantic Suspense)

Nancy Gideon (Paranormal Romance)

Jennifer Bray-Weber (Pirate Romance)

Cheri Jetton (Sweet Romance / Romantic Suspense)

Loretta Wheeler (Romance & YA Paranormal)

Beth Fantaskey (YA Paranormal)

Have A Fun-Filled Friday! And a wonderful weekend. :-)

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Stars Still Shine

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Happy Friday All,

Okay, before I get to today's subject, let me just say up front, it's bittersweet. But, it's something that's on my mind, so I figured I'd go ahead and chat about it with y'all today.

Lately I’ve been on a 1950’s music kick; specifically listening to the music of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper. I was watching documentaries about these 3 stars when I realized something…

The anniversary of the plane crash is this Sunday. 54 years ago on  February 3, 1959, three of the biggest stars in Rock n’ Roll history died.

Buddy Holly was a 22 year old from Lubbock, Texas. He’d been a star for a little over a year. He decided (for whatever reason...documentaries say one thing, and this website says something else, however this article as well as this other article both back up the claim that they didn't have much money; so I don't know what's fact or fiction) to go on The Winter Dance Party tour.

Ritchie Valens was barely out of high school as a 17 year old kid from the San Fernando Valley. He had several hits in just 8 months. He went on the Winter Dance Party to promote his music.

J.P. Richardson, aka The Big Bopper, was a 28 year old disc jockey from Beaumont, Texas. He he had wife, a five year old daughter, and his wife was six months pregnant with his son. It was a big opportunity for him, so he joined the Winter Dance Party.

In the early morning hours of February 3, 1959, they took off from a small airport in Clear Lake, Iowa. They weren't in the air very long before their plane crashed in a nearby cornfield.

Yet, their music lives on.

And, what is it about their music that excites us? Sparks the imagination? Makes us feel?

In some ways, it's the snappy beats, such as Bopper's Chantilly Lace, or Ritchie Valens's La Bamba. Or it can make us fall in love, like Buddy Holly's True Love Ways. Sometimes it's just plain fun. Whatever the reasons, their music, and music in general, can touch us...inspire us, make us dance, cry, laugh, set a romantic mood, or just make us feel content.

These 3 rockers inspired many, many musicians, and continue to do so.

They've been immortalized in books and movies, and even music. Back in the 1970's, Don McLean wrote the song, American Pie (a song I happen to like, by the way).

So on and off I like to sit and listen to their music. They've inspired me, made me laugh, made me feel, and sometimes, it's just pure fun.

So...you tell me...

Has their music, or any music for that matter, inspired you? If so, how and who inspires you?

Have A Fabulous Friday!

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