Friday, February 8, 2013

He Said/She Said...

Posted by Bethany at February 08, 2013
Happy Friday All,

Again, I've been MIA! I've got to stop making this a habit. I'll keep working at it. Meanwhile, follow what's going on by following me on Twitter (@WriteByBethany)--you can also see what I tweet/retweet in my Twitter Feed in the margin of this blog. Or find me under my name, Bethany Averie, on Facebook. Facebook and Twitter are updated regularly.  I've also joined Goodreads, for those who get on that.

Been thinking about updating the Road Map that I posted in 2010 (you can find it in margin of this'll have to arrow down a bit).

But I also thought it would be fun to let y'all know what advice the authors I've interviewed had to give to aspiring authors. Since I've done several interviews, I'm going to post this list with author's name and genre. You pick which one you want to check out (or read the whole interview for that matter).

By the way...I do intend to do author interviews this year. I have one already lined up (can't say when or who, just stay tuned). I also have a couple of others in mind to ask (can't say who, like I said, just stay tuned).

Anyway, each of these interviews should (and if they don't, I'm sorry, I thought I asked all of them this question) have an answer to the question "What advice do you have for aspiring authors?" All of these authors were a joy to interview. The list is set up from "oldest" interview to "newest" interview (that is, dating back from 2010 to 2012)  Just click on the author's name (even if it's not in blue font color):

Elizabeth Pina (Inspirational Romance)

Laura Childs (Mystery)

Christie Craig (Romance & Non Fiction)

MaryJanice Davidson, with Anthony Alongi (Paranormal Romance / YA Paranormal)

Kim Lenox (Paranormal Romance with Historical setting)

Shanna Swendson (Fantasy--think "chick lit" type voice)--UPDATE on this interview:  Books 5 and 6 of her series ARE out. At the time of the interview they weren't). P.S. I haven't read book 6, yet, so if someone has, don't tell me anything! But Book 5 was definitely a welcome addition.

Will Graham (Supsense/Thriller)

Ciara Gold (Romance--Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Historical)

Anna Kathryn Lanier (Romance -- both Historical & Western)

Kerrelyn Sparks (Paranormal Romance / Historical Romance)

C.C. Hunter (YA Paranormal)

Jane Heller (Women's Fiction & Non-Fiction)

Tess St. John (Romantic Suspense / Historical Romance) --Yes, this is my Illustrious Critique Partner.

Melissa Ohnoutka (Romantic Suspense)

Nancy Gideon (Paranormal Romance)

Jennifer Bray-Weber (Pirate Romance)

Cheri Jetton (Sweet Romance / Romantic Suspense)

Loretta Wheeler (Romance & YA Paranormal)

Beth Fantaskey (YA Paranormal)

Have A Fun-Filled Friday! And a wonderful weekend. :-)



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