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Spotlight On Author: Kerrelyn Sparks

Happy Friday Everybody,


Finally! I get to post the interview with Kerrelyn Sparks. I was planning to last Friday, but unfortunately my computer had issues.

I have been enjoying Kerrelyn's books for awhile now, but I had the pleasure of meeting her recently at one of her book signings. She is incredibly nice, funny, encouraging and a delight to be around.

You, my dear readers, have a special treat today. Not only do you get this awesome interview to read, but if you leave a comment in the comment section (with your first name and email address--I won't be able to contact you if you're the winner if you don't leave your email address) I'll put your name and email address in my contest box for Friday night's drawing for a chance to win Kerrelyn Sparks' Be Still My Vampire Heart. Below (after the interview) you'll see the rules of how to enter, please read them carefully.

So, without further ado, I present to you, Kerrelyn Sparks, author of the paranormal romance series, Love At Stake:

Me:  You have a new Love At Stakes book coming out in March entitled, Vampire Mine. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Kerrelyn:  "Vampire Mine" is the tenth book in the Love at Stake series. It features Connor Buchanan, a Scottish vampire, as the hero. After 499 years of existence, Connor has arrived at an inescapable conclusion: he is a cold-hearted SOB. He’s been watching his friends—those poor romantic fools—plummet off the cliff into love like a dazed herd of sheep. But not Connor. Nothing on earth can make him fall in love.

Marielle is an angel cast down from heaven for disobedience. Trapped in mortal form, she finds a protector in Connor, a vampire haunted by a dark past. Marielle hopes to heal his broken heart and earn her way back home, but suddenly she has these feelings—for a vampire! Is this the work of a demon luring her into hell, or has this angel found heavenly bliss?

Me:  What drew you to writing vampire stories?

Kerrelyn:  I love romance and comedy, and since vampires seem both romantic and funny to me, they suit me perfectly. Who else but a vamp could lose a fang and risk becoming a lopsided eater for all eternity? Who but a vamp could cook like a fried egg if you forget to close the blinds? Only a vamp could say, “I’m too sexy for my cape, too sexy for my fangs…”

I have fun with the shape shifters, too. There’s a werewolf named Phil, a Brazilian were-panther who dances the samba, and a were-bear who was a defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears.

Me:  For Fun: What's Your Favorite Cookie?

Kerrelyn:  Homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Me:  What advice do you have for aspiring authors? (this is a question I ask everyone I interview)

Kerrelyn:  1. Study the craft of writing and keep practicing. You may not get your first book published. You may not get your tenth book published. But you will improve over time. Here are some books I found very useful:
"The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield
"Writing the Breakout Novel" by Donald Maass
"GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict" by Debra Dixon
"Scene & Structure" by Jack M. Bickham
"How to Write a Damn Good Novel, II" by James N. Frey
"Self-Editing for Fiction Writers" by Renni Browne and Dave King

2. Read a lot. Read great books from all genres. Soak it in so you can acquire good instincts.

3. Study the business of writing. Learn about publishers and agents. Learn how to write a dynamite query letter. And make sure you can finish the book!

4. Join a writers’ group like Romance Writers of America. You can find them online at They have local chapters and online chapters. They hold conferences where you can meet editors and agents. They run contests where the final entries are seen by editors and agents. (That is how I acquired my first sale).

5. And finally-- Never give up!

Me:  Can you tell us what the future holds for the "Love At Stake" series?

Kerrelyn:  The series is currently contracted for twelve books. "Vampire Mine" is the tenth book, and it releases March 29th. I just finished writing the eleventh book, which will release at the end of October 2011. It’s untitled at this moment, but features vampire Gregori as the hero.

Me:  Anything else you'd like to add?

Kerrelyn:  Please visit my website at You can read excerpts from all the books. In the Vampire World section, there are book trailers to watch, vampire games to play, and a forum where readers chat with each other and me. I also have a fan page on Facebook with lots of fun photos! Leave a comment here for a chance to win a signed copy of "Be Still My Vampire Heart". Good luck!

Note from Bethany: Remember to be sure to include your first name and your email address in the comment section, please. Thank you. I'll be closing to entries at 9:30 p.m. Central Time (so if you're on the East Coast you have until 10:30 p.m., if you're on the west coast you have until 7:30 p.m.). Be sure to check the comment section before posting or emailing me to see if I've closed the contest if it's near 9:30 p.m.

If you have any questions or have any trouble posting (some people have reported they had trouble posting comments on here from time to time) please be sure to email me.

Have A Fabulous Friday!


Jane Heller said…
Love your blog, Bethany! Thanks for visiting mine.
LadyVampire2u said…
Congratulations on the upcoming release of "Vampire Mine". I'm eagerly awaiting reading it as I've read about Connor in the series and its high time he found his match.
I have a question for you if you dont mind. I am upset that this series is limited as I love it but curious as to your plans afterward. Do you have any plans for books your writing after this series?

Unknown said…
I am so glad to see Conners story coming out. Joanne Caron
Mieka said…
Its really good to know that someone with as much talent as Sparks is also a good nice person

Jeanne Clark said…
I hadn't heard of your series before, but I will be looking for it, and looking forward to reading your books!! I am into anything romantic and paranormal!
Terree said…
I'm so happy that Connor's story is coming soon! I like him so much!!! I'm also looking forward to Gregori's story, that one should be a fun one!!

Terree (
AmyS. said…
I can't wait for Connor's story Vampire Mine. March 24th can't get here fast enough. I'm glad Gregori's book is after Connor's. He's so funny and one of my favs.

I love reading these books! The first one that I read was The Vampire and the Virgin. I liked it so much that I passed it on to the nurses at my doctor's office and that started an informal reading group! After I passed it on I realized that I needed to re-buy it b/c I wanted a copy of my own! =o)

Sara said…
Great interview! :) Connor's story sounds very intriguing...I would love to read it. I'm at sweetbrier at shaw dot ca
Anonymous said…
Nicole nigg
Anonymous said…
Denice Franks
Anonymous said…
Vampires nice.
Eric Nigg
Anonymous said…
Can't wait for Vampire Mine!
Lisa-Marie Ward
Anonymous said…
Awesome interview. Can't wait for Connor's book :)
Anonymous said…
kerrelyn is just an amazing author. i love her, and i especially appreciate the tips on writing. ive been working on a novel myself. and i love gregori as well. he is so hilarious. haha. Abigail Tanner
Anonymous said…
I love reading these books.

Krystine Vollan
alinaduffer said…
Hi Kerrelyn! I am so excited to read Connor's story! He is such a great character in all the other books. Thanks for the chance to win it!

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to read Connor's story! There's always something irresistible about a vampire-angel love story. And since he's so callous and angels are supposed to be extra-sweet, I expect this book to be a huge firecracker :-)
March is too far away!!

Laura Ferrari
Melissa said…
Great interview, ladies! And wonderful advice! Best of luck with your new release, Kerrelyn!
Anonymous said…
Dani Mabe
I love this series!
Bethany said…
Oh my goodness! It's only 7:40 a.m. and already I think 17 entries! LOL I see some of them came in soon after I posted it. Too cool!

Thank you all of you who entered. If you provided me with an email address I've written down your name and email address to put in the contest box for tonight's drawing.

Anyone who did NOT provide me with an email address, I'm sorry I can't put you in without one because I won't know how to contact you if you win. If you want to enter please, please, please provide an email address--I hate to leave anyone out!

Thank you so much for coming on here and supporting Kerrelyn! She's awesome :-)
Bethany said…
Ooops, just got one more entry. Okay everyone from Lady Vampire 2u all the way down to Dani Mabe is written down for tonight's drawing (at least anyone who provided me with an email address. If I don't see an email address, I can't write you down to put you into tonight's drawing).
Bethany said…

Thank you so much! Glad you like my blog. I liked your Kindle post it was funny. Thanks for dropping by :-)
Bethany said…

Always good to see your name on my comment list. Thank you for coming by and supporting Kerrelyn :-)
Amber said…
I can't wait to start this series! I stumbled across it when put Vampire Mine on my Recommended list.
Amber Marr
Bethany said…

Thank you for your entry and supporting Kerrelyn! I got you written down for tonight's drawing :-)
Anonymous said…
Im an addicte to the series and tell everyone about it, I've even converted a few of my friends into fans:)

Thank You so much for continuing to write,
Bethany said…

Thank you for your comment and entry. Also, thank you for coming by and supporting Kerrelyn :-)
Unknown said…
I love Kerrelyn's books! So much fun. The titles alone are enough to spark a curious interest. And check out Amazon ebooks for a free copy of the first in the series, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire. While I read this one quite a while back, I will download it again just for fun. Keep on writing Kerrelyn. I'm eagerly awaiting the next one to be published.
Bethany said…

Thank you so much for you comment and entry. I've got you written down for tonight's drawing. Also, thank you for supporting Kerrelyn :-)
Anonymous said…
Love Kerrelyn's books. One of my fav series. Thanks. Alice
Belinda said…
You ladies are amazing! I love the Love at Stake series...even got my best friend hooked ;) Eagerly awaiting the release!!
Kerrelyn, You are a fangtastic author ;) I will follow you for eternity!
Bethany, You have done a great job. I am new to your site...but will be following along from now on. Can't wait to see whats coming next (or what i've missed for that matter) Keep us updated!
Have a wonderful day!
Alaina said…
I am so excited for the next book to come out! I have been waiting for grumpy Connor to find a woman for a while! Kerrrelyn has such a great imagination for the whole Love at Stack world she has created! I love her books and never get tired of re-reading them! It would be amazing to have Angus and Emma's book signed! Great blog Bethany!
leisa said…
I am hooked on this series.....the last one I read on the adults only deck on a cruise ship....loved it...then passed it around
Sarah said…
I am a huge fan of the Love at Stake series and of course Kerrelyn! I CAN NOT wait to read Connor's story!!! I love the wonderful mix of romance and comedy in Kerrelyns books.

A wonderful interview!

Sarah Phillips
Patti said…
I'm so glad Kerrelyn has finally done Conner's story.
Anonymous said…
Loved the interview!!!!
Anonymous said…
can't wait for conners, gregori, dr. love and the rest of the vamps stories. I want to know them all ! best series everrrr !

Keyla Garcia
Anonymous said…
I love this series!! I received the whole set as a christmas gift! Can't wait for Conner and Gregori's stories!
Kerrelyn Sparks said…
Thank you all for stopping by!
Melisa Saf said…
I'm soo excited for Connor's book! He's been one of my favorites since the beginning of the series. I have a soft spot for the dark, brooding types. And Gregori's book should be so much fun! I can already see myself laughing a lot while reading it!:D

Kim said…
I LOVE your books Kerrelyn! This series is FAN-DAMN-TASTIC! I've gotten many of my book club friends also addicted to the series - LOL. My absolute favorite part is when Roman has fang issues - I cannot tell you how hard I laughed (and still do). Thank you so much for your series! Looking forward to Connor to fall like the others!
maria said…
I love this series but reading all the book i have fallen in love with connor and i can't wait to read this book that i have taken the day off only 38 more days to go and i am dying i wish it was released earlier.
Unknown said…
Thank you for the contest! I would love to be entered.

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com
Stephanie said…
I So Can't Wait for Gregori's story!! That disco dancing vamp is going to make for one heck of a fun story!! Thank you for brightening my day with each of your stories Kerrelyn!

DragonStar1974 )at(
Anonymous said…
I love the Love at Stake series and can not wait for Connor's Book

Teresa K. said…
Love the interview Bethany,

Kerrelyn as always it's a pleasure to hear and see your interviews.

I know the day when you write the last book on The Love At Stakes Series i'm going to cry. I've followed you and this series for a long time and I hate to see Carlos and Ian end.

I guess they never will for they will always be in my mind and heart. Kerry I wish you much success in everything you do.

Benita said…
Congratulations on the upcoming release of Vampire Mine. I'm eagerly awaiting reading it as I've read about Connor in the series and its high time he found his match.
I also cannot wait to read about Gregori! Thanks so much for writing a Wonderful Series!!! Please don't let it end!!!
Anonymous said…
I am excited to get the first description about Marielle; I can't wait to read Connor and her story! As always, I LOVE to read and hear your interviews. Thank you for the fabulous reads.
Holly from Texas
Anonymous said…
The first book I read was "All I want for Christmas is a Vampire". My husband picked it off the shelf as a joke, but I loved it! I can't wait to read Connor story, he's my favorite.

Dana @
hopey said…
that was a great interview. can't wait for the new book.

Hope Doerzbacher
Anonymous said…
I love the "Love at Stakes" series.

Darla (
I love all your books. I can't wait for Connors book! Thanks for sharing with us today!

Anonymous said…
Cherita for TX,
I look forward to Connor's book! I have each release date on my desk calendar.
I love your books!
Anonymous said…
I absolutley love that Connor is getting his own story!!! I've always thought that he should get his chance at love too!!
This is one of my favorite series and of course i own ALL of them!!
My name is Jessica
chelea_girl said…
The Love at Stake series is fantastic and I can hardly wait for the next books! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said…
Looking forward to seeing Connor find love at last. Can't wait to see him crack a smile or two!

Marie said…
Love the series! Can not wait for each new story. I hope you can get a re-up on the number a books. I can't imagine stopping at 12. So many characters to fall in love with. :)

swisecarver2836 said…
I cannot wait to read Connor's story. I love these books. I hope there is more to come.

robinky42 said…
Love your series, Can't wait for Connor to find his love.
Anonymous said…
Please don't stop writing this series. I love the comic reief that is added to each book! I cannot wait for Connor's story, that will be a treat. Gregori will be the next big treat. I just hope that it goes past the 12 books!

Cindy said…
Kerrelyn's books are the best!! I have read them all and I cannot wait to read Connor's story. I devoured Eat, Prey, Love and this one will be even better I'm sure. Keep up the great stories. We love you!!!!! Thank you for the Kindle freebie.

Anonymous said…
I love reading your books. I am slowly collecting them.
Unknown said…
I know this book will be great. Conner is so determined not to be like the rest of his fellow clansmen.It will be nice to see him get a bit mushy patricia
I read all of Mrs. Sparks books while in Germany and now im back in the usa and all my friends here and there are awaiting Vampire Mine, I hope Mrs. Sparks continues her Love at Stakes series cause every woman needs a hero in her dreams. lol
Anonymous said…
Love you Love a Stake Series.
Anonymous said…
Kerrelyn is one of my author goddesses and I enjoy all her books!!!

I hope you enter me in to the contest, even though I live over the pond.

in Germany
Unknown said…
Great interview. Kerrelyn Sparks is one of my favorite authors.

Anonymous said…
love her books and read ever one she has writen and great intervew..

shannon jackson
Renanda said…
Great interview!
I start reading Love at Stake series, when my friend recommended Eat, Prey, Love, so I choose to read from the beginning.
And I love it! Can't wait for Vampire Mine and Gregori's book (yay, finally my favorite vampire get his own book)
Thanks for making the contest

Anonymous said…
I love the Love at Stake series and can't wait for the next book! Only twelve in the series? I hope there will be many more, I enjoy them so much!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great interview! I love Kerrelyn Sparks books!!

Sueski54 said…
My daughter got me hooked on this series when she recommended HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE VAMPIRE. I enjoyed it so much I went on to read the rest of the series within several days. Connor's story should be a hoot, as he is such a grump.Cannot wait to see how he reacts when he meets his angel!
catslady said…
To be honest I haven't read a book that had vampires since Twilight but this really sounds wonderful. I enjoyed the interview very much.

Anonymous said…
Alma Rosado
I have really enjoy this stake series. I love the romance but I really enjoy the comedy. The characters are really great. I hope you continue to write more than 12 books in this series. I can't wait to read Connor story and then Gregori.
Unknown said…
This si great. I Role play as Gregori so I would love to win. My name is Kaela. My email is
Anonymous said…
I love this series. It's the perfect series for a good laugh with a little romance.

Bethany said…
WOW! We've got at least 20 (probably more)entries...and it's still 7 hours before I close to entries. This has got to be a blog record!

I've got everyone written down from Alice down to Jeanne (catslady) to be entered into tonight's drawing. If you did NOT put in an email address you are NOT have to put in an email address to be entered. (I don't think it matters what country you're from either--someone asked about that. Kerrelyn didn't say anything about what country a person was from).

Thank you everyone for supporting Kerrelyn

Also, thank you everyone for the kind remarks about the interview, my blog and everything. I appreciate it--and those of you who have decided to follow my blog--the more the merrier :-)
Bethany said…
While I was writing a reply 3 more entries came now I've got from Alma to Mollie written down to be entered into the drawing tonight.

Thank you for dropping by and supporting Kerreyn :-)
SandyG265 said…
I've enjoyed all of the books in the series so far.

~Jenny~ said…
hey I'm from the UK, was wondering if I can enter? Love Kerrelyn work, preordered Vampire Mine and waiting to preorder Sexiest Vampire Alive.

Bethany said…
Sandy and Jennifer--

Got your names written down for tonight's drawing.

Jennifer, as far as I know, it's okay if you're in the UK--Kerrelyn didn't say anyone outside the USA couldn't enter (so unless that changes, don't worry, I've got your name down to be put into tonight's drawing).

Thank you both for stopping by and supporting Kerrelyn :-)
Kerrelyn Sparks said…
Yes, international entries are fine! I'll mail that puppy anywhere on this planet.
Thank you all for stopping by! Good luck!
Bethany said…

Thanks for clearing that up for everyone (including myself)

We're up to 60 entries as of this very moment (who knows, people could be entering as I type this!) WOW

Laura said…
Kerrelyn, thank you!!! You are probably the only author that includes us "international" in these contests! :-)
Love you!
Anonymous said…
LOVE Kerrelyn's Love at Stake series! I'm sad to hear she's only contracted for 12 books though. :(

Amanda Schneider
Denise Vega said…
Just wanted you to know I've never enjoyed or laughed so much as I have with the Love at stake 2 of my daughters also read we share books I'd be reading say the third book while one would be reading 2 one of us would start laugh I we'd know that got to a funny part Plus it's hard not to have feelings for all the characters there is something special about all of them in their own way thank you for a great series Denise ( ) ps my own sweetie is half scottish : )
Tanya said…
I have and read all Love at Stake series and I am still having wet dreams from Carlos book, So I am looking forward to read Connors story,She has to be a crazy lady to put up with him.
Tanya Chinn
Anonymous said…
I love all the books in this series. Can we re-negotiate for 12 more?
Anonymous said…
I can't wait for Connor's story. I enjoy this series so much that I've read some of them twice! Beth -
Anonymous said…
It looks like I have another series I'd better start reading.

Unknown said…
Finally I will get to hear Connor's story! I am already wondering who will be the hero for book 12! The series is so good and entertaining!

Anonymous said…
Can't wait for the next book but my heart will always belong to Angus!

dawn said…
I love the Love at Stake Series and I have all the books. I hope I get picked to win!!! Love to have an autographed book

Anonymous said…
Can't wait until the end of March. I have read all the books and have been looking forward to Connor falling in love.

Bethany said…
Over 60 entries now--definitely a blog record LOL

Got from Amanda S. down to Betty written down to be entered into tonight's drawing.

Thank you for your entries and for supporting Kerrelyn :-)
Angel Barnett said…
I loved Eat Prey Love!!!! Can't wait to read "vampire mine"!!!!!!
can't wait until june11 kerrelyn is
coming to my state
can't wait to meet her:)
Bethany said…

Thank you for dropping by and supporting Kerrelyn!

I've got your name and email address written down to be entered into tonight's drawing :-)
chivixen said…
That's for the chance to win a book. I can't wait for the release for your new book. I have read all of the love at stake. Sonya
Bethany said…

Thank you for dropping by and for your entry. Also thank you for supporting Kerrelyn :-)
Jillian said…
Kerrelyn Sparks is one of my favorite Romance writers. I'm so happy that she has so many fans and support; basically I loved your interview. Now I only have to wait for Connor to be happy <3
Anonymous said…
Love your blog. Just love the Kerrelyn Sparks books,they're not so dark but really funny! Can't wait to read Connor's story and of course Gregori's

Tonette Joyce said…
I will definately check out Kerrelyn's website...I am very curious!
thanks for the interviews, Bethany; I get a lot out of them.
Marianne Strnad said…
OMG!!! I'm on the right track-I have Self-Editing for Fiction Writers" by Browne & King - woot! Kerrelyn, this book is going to be like a MAJOR orgasm for my eyeballs-lol! I've been looking forward to Connor's story *forever* and the plot is PURE GENIUS! You must have mainlined Nyquil for this one girl-lol! And how the hell did I miss Phil being a former linebacker for the Chicago Bears-my hometown team? I gotta go now and give myself a time out for being a bad "athletic supporter" and a loyal reader with the attention span of a gnat for character details, sigh...Love you Kerry!
annalisa said…
I love the Love At Stake series! Wonderful books! :)

Anonymous said…
Just wanted to Thank You for your time and the Great reads, I love your books and you bring them to life... Congrats on the new one it sounds great. Cathy Wellman
Anonymous said…
Oh boy, oh boy, another KS book coming our way!!I can hardly wait. I just love Eat, prey,love, All I want for Christmas is a vampire and so many others. Kerrelyn is such a wonderful, talented author. As gifted as she is, we are also blessed that she shares her stories with us.

Thank you
Anonymous said…
I absolutely adore your vampires and other characters! your last book eat prey love was just as fun even though it was about Carlos a were panther because he was also one of my favorite characters. I have been reading this series since the start and have fallen in love with all of your characters! my email is and my name is Danielle and I cannot wait to read Connor's story I have always wondered what secrets he hides!
Bethany said…
We're coming up to the last hour and 50 minutes for people to enter tonight's drawing. ONLY those who include an email address will be put in tonight's drawing.

Paula, Tonette, Marianne, Annalisa, Cathy W., Joni and Danielle--thank you for dropping by and for your entries! I've written down your names and you'll be put in for tonight's drawing. Thank you for supporting Kerrelyn :-)
Debby said…
HI, great interview. I used to love homemade chocolate chip cookies. Now I vcannot have gluten. eat one for me.
Debra Guyette
Bethany said…
Debra G.,

So sorry you can't have gluten! I just had a homemade chocolate chip cookie today. My Dad made it (he makes really soft yummy ones).

I've got your name and email written down and will put you in for tonight's drawing. Thank you for dropping by and supporting Kerrelyn :-)
Carol L. said…
I am so excited about Vampire Mine. I've been waiting for Con's book. :) Congrats on this release Kerrelyn. Looking forward to reading Vampire Mine.
Carol L
Bethany said…
Carol L.,

Thank you for dropping by and for your entry. I've got your name and email address written down and have you entered for tonight's drawing. Also thank you for supporting Kerrelyn :-)
Sami@WitzEnd said…
Love those Scotsmen - & Connor is a prime specimen!
Bethany said…

Thank you for dropping by and supporting Kerrelyn!

Do you want to enter the drawing? If so please provide your first name and an email address BEFORE 9:30 p.m. Central time :-)
I'm so looking forward to Connor's book, Vampire Mine!
Great interview ladies, have a great weekend!
Bethany said…

Thank you for dropping by and supporting Kerrelyn!

I've got your name and email written down and I'll put you in for tonight's drawing :-)
elizabeth said…
I love this series. I came in the middle, starting with the Vampire and the Virgin. Read the two before and had to order the first ones. Am now on the forth one. Again love the series. Can not wait for the rest in the series and hope for many, many more.

Elizabeth Gray
Bethany said…

Thank you for dropping by and for supporting Kerrelyn :-)

I've written down your name and email address and have you put in for tonight's drawing :-)
Bethany said…

The contest is official CLOSED! I'm going to draw a winner :-)
Bethany said…
Winner has been drawn and emailed. I'll officially announce the winner on this blog either this weekend or Monday :-)
Just wanted to say, I've read and loved Spark's books for years. I'm a PR lover at heart though I do read UF and am tickled to death to see this series still going strong. I hear from several authors that publishers are not buying vampire stories and am sooo thankful that there are authors still writing this fabulous genre.
Bethany said…

Thank you for dropping by and also thank you for supporting Kerrelyn. She's very talented and incredible nice to boot :-)

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