Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ta-Da! Cover Reveal...

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Good Evening or rather Good Wednesday Night and a Very Happy Thursday,

As promised, here is the cover art for All's Fair In Love & Lion!

Isn't it GORGEOUS??  I just love it! I really do.
The release date is for July 2013. I should have a more exact date eventually (I will let you know when I do).
Anyway, hope you like it.
Have A Tantalizingly Terrific Thursday!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kylie's Story Comes To An End...

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Happy Monday All,

Yes, I know the time-stamp on my blog post says Sunday, but this is actually meant to be Monday's post, I'm just posting it a little early. Part of the reason being because I actually have a moment and the other part being that this weekend has been rather rough. Offspring got sick with I don't-know-what, and so Husband and I were dealing with that all weekend. Once again, the Husband proved why I call him my real life hero (he was quite heroic, on more than one occasion, and trust me, I got all mushy talking to a friend of mine about it).

But setting that unpleasantness aside...

Author C.C. Hunter returns with the final installment of Kylie Galen's story is jammed packed with the return of ghosts, Mario--the evil vampire, and all our friends from Shadow Falls.

Kylie thought going to her species' hideout would mean feeling less of an outsider, but even worse than camp, the other chameleons regard her with fear and suspicion. Most of her kind have lived their lives in complete terror of being found out. So much so, that contact with the outside world is nearly unheard of. Teens who try to escape the compound find it almost impossible.

When Burnett appears after Mario and his gang are thought to be around, Kylie decides it's time to return home to Shadow Falls Camp.

However, if she hoped for an easy solution, Kylie is sadly mistaken.

A mysterious sword, even more frightening ghosts, and secrets await Kylie. How will she survive and can she? Kylie knows love is worth risking it all, but in the end, who does she really love, and who is she risking it all for?

The exciting conclusion of C.C. Hunter's Shadow Falls Series, Chosen At Nightfall holds all the answers, and can be yours on April 23, 2013. Enjoy! :-)

Have A Marvelously Magical Monday!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It All Started One Day (Or, "Once Upon A Time An Idea Was Born..")

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Happy Thursday All,
I've been rather remiss about posting (FYI--if y'all are hoping this is a post about my cover art...sorry, that's not finalized yet, but I've seen a draft and it's gorgeous, dahlings! But keep reading, this is a behind-the-scenes look)
Over the weekend I hurried up after discovering I wasn't quite as far along on the edits as I had originally thought. Fortunately, I did get the edits turned in, so hurray!
My best friend, Sarah, (the one
who died in February) made this
for me years ago. I'm posting it
in this blog post since she played
a role in my journey. RIP Sarah.
Love you!
Lately I've gotten a little nostalgic thinking about my journey from first starting All's Fair In Love & Lion, to where it is now...with a draft cover, edits turned in, a July release (not sure of actual release date, but still) and in general, on its way to being available to the public.
I never thought I'd get nostalgic about it. I always thought I'd just be happy, relieved, and overjoyed. Now I'm sitting here thinking about the first time I came up with the idea, how Monroe insisted on being heard, and how Sasha evolved. It's incredible.
Early graphic I used when
I first started blogging

All's Fair In Love & Lion has led me on an incredible journey. 

One that isn't over, but one that's taken me through some amazing places that I never expected to be.


Monroe ornament on my Christmas Tree
From first finding out about the NWHRWA, to actually attending a meeting. I felt welcome. Everybody was warm, caring, genuinely interested, and supportive. I am supremely grateful to each and every one of those members. There's so much talent in that group, it's amazing it doesn't burst out like confetti all around the building where we meet, and onto the surrounding area. Maybe we've learned how to contain it to the room, or maybe the confetti is just invisible; either way, each of you is special to me for one reason or another, and I wish you the best on your own writing journeys. (P.S. Shamelessly going to plug the NWHRWA's Lone Star Writers' Contest--click here on how to enter this year's and the upcoming Oct. 5, 2013 Lone Star Writers' Conference featuring Donald Maass).
Throughout my journey, I've also had contact with writers outside the NWHRWA. Authors such as Lesley Livingston (whose Wondrous Strange Trilogy I adore), talented mystery author, Laura Childs, and this year I interviewed Lynn Kurland--which was a completely fan-girl moment for me since I've enjoyed her work for many years. And of course, just this year, also striking up a rapport with the talented Sophie Jordan and Mary Lindsey).

As to the writing side of my journey?

December 2012 I received this snowglobe
to commerate my first sale,
which  is All's Fair In Love & Lion

Throughout every story I've been writing, editing, pitching, querying, going to Conference, meetings, and brainstorming sessions with my invaluable and super-human critique partner (the illustrious Tess St. John) All's Fair In Love & Lion has insisted upon being told. Monroe has demanded I share his story. He growled at me when I faltered, got annoyed when it wasn't the center of my attention, and all around made a nuisance of himself...but he still is firmly planted in my heart. He's one of my favorite creations, no matter what other of my characters I've grown fond of, I still get a smile when I think of that shifter who just really wanted his story told. He has made sure I didn't forget him. And really...that's a huge part of why I kept up with the story. Because I loved it that much. Because the characters insisted I not ignore them...that they get their chance to shine. So, this is their debut as much as mine. I'm grateful to the story and the journey.
Everybody in AFILL (All's Fair In Love & Lion) has taught me something important and many of them hold a special place in my heart. I'm hoping to write a couple more of their stories (one is in the process, the other is being plotted) and I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have.

Keep watch...once the cover art is finalized, I'll reveal it. And those who are still craving that first so many published authors (including NY Times Best Sellers) have said to me and to my colleagues:  "Don't give up." Keep writing and keep dreaming. :-)

Have A Thrillingly Terrific Thursday!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Mini Update & A Double-Treat...

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Happy Thursday All,

Let me first apologize for having posts so few and far between. I'm working on the final proofs of the edits my publisher sent me, I've had some other stuff come up in my real life I had to deal with, and I've been reading, reading, reading.

Recently I finished two novellas. They're both YA, but they couldn't be more different from each other.

I'll start with the one that was out first (and that I read first):

Katie McGarry, who wrote the gritty, contemporary YA, Pushing The Limits has returned with another hit out-of-the-park with her follow-up novella, Crossing The Line. Lila, Echo's best friend, is the heroine of this short-story. One of the things I loved about this novel was that Lila and Lincoln get to know each other through letter writing (snail-mail style). Lila is facing the very first time being left alone at home overnight. As a high school graduate, she looks at it as an opportunity to get ready to go away to college. However, the noises she's hearing at night, and the fact she's certain she saw someone hanging around her house have her doubting whether or not she's brave enough to face the big world on her own. Her one consolation is that Lincoln is going to join her in Florida to attend college, as well. However, Lincoln's mess of a home life, and a secret he hasn't shared with Lila, might just put a wrench in their plans. Will Lila forgive him, or will this whole test Lila's put herself through be for nothing? Crossing The Line is a precursor to the upcoming release of Katie's newest novel, Dare You To, due out May 28, 2013. (Crossing The Line is only available in E-book form. You can get it on Amazon Kindle or on Barnes & Noble Nook).

The second novella was...

In anticipation of the final installment of the fabulously talented C.C. Hunter's Shadowfalls Series, we get a glimpse into the next
Shadowfalls heroine, Della, Kylie's best friend. Della is a no-nonsense, I-can-take-care-of-myself, sassy vampire. However, when sent on a special mission for FRU agent, Burnett, Della realizes that in spite of the pain and disappointment in her life, her heart still craves a closeness that sexy shape-shifter, Steve is willing to give. Not only that, but he's also willing to stand by her, save her life, and help her "save face" all while being one heck of a charmer. Yet, is it enough? Can Della let her guard down at all? As a fantastic lead-in to Chosen At Nightfall (due out April 23, 2013), and the subsequently anticipated stories about Della, fans of Shadowfalls series will not want to miss out on Saved A Sunrise. I truly enjoyed it. Della's a great character and I look forward to seeing what C.C. comes up with for her stories. (Saved At Sunrise is also only available in E-book form--Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook).

So, if you're looking for something to read, either one of these novels would be great fun. I'm reading another novella now. I'm planning on 2 other book reviews (one was an unexpected ARC on a June release, the other is one that I'll post closer to the release date this month).

What have you all been reading?

Have A Terrifically Thrilling Thursday!


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