Thursday, April 20, 2017

June 2017 Release Cover Reveal...

Happy Thursday Darling Readers, Immortals, Humans, & all,

In June of this year, my 5th published book, Perfect Love (#4 in the Immortal Dreams series) will release. This is Hailey (Laney's best friend) and Arion's (Cupid & Psyche's son) story.

Originally, I figured more time would pass before I could write Hailey's book. I always wanted to, which is why Immortal Love ends the way it does. I was surprised when readers started asking me about it. I kept getting requests such as "You're going to write Hailey's story, right?" "Is Hailey an Immortal?"

I'd been toying with ideas, and I realized I wasn't ready to say goodbye to everybody. So, I sat down and thought about it. What resulted is a story about emotions, and relationships, rather than straight adventure or straight romance. It's about how one deals with expectations, loss, and new experiences. How Hailey deals with Laney's lies, different relationships, and meeting someone like Arion.

To answer the question, Hailey is FULLY human. No, that does NOT ruin the story, in fact, that's not a secret, nor a surprise. It's established early on in the novel that she is fully human. This plays into her and Arion's story.

You're probably asking yourself, is this a cover reveal a rundown about the novel?

So, without FURTHER ado...

I present to you the cover for Perfect Love...

I think it's gorgeous, don't you? The amazingly talented Fiona Jayde (who has made all my covers so far) is the cover artist.

Have A Thrillingly Terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Long Overdue...

Happy Wednesday Everybody,

Wow...I have been really neglecting the blog! Last post was in February about Nationals. I'm all signed up and everything to go there. I'm looking forward to it. I've never gone to the National conference, even though I've been a member since about 2009.

I got my first round publisher edits for Perfect Love, the next book in my Immortal Dreams series. For the readers who have been asking, yes, this is Hailey's story. Hailey and Arion's story, I should say. You meet Arion very briefly in Astral Love, but he'll be more prominent in this one. Will there be more books after Perfect Love? I don't know, you'll have to wait and see. However...there is a little surprise for my readers after the end of Perfect Love. I won't tell you what (because it's a surprise). The first round publisher edits got turned in on Sunday (April 9th) which was later than I intended, but at least they're turned in. I'm still waiting on the cover art (believe me, I'm just as excited as you are for that).

My narrator for the audio book of Divine Love texted me yesterday and he's making progress. I expect I'll get those to listen to and either approve or ask for edits on before too long. I'm guessing either end of April or sometime in May we'll release it. It really
depends on how fast I get the listening and we get the editing done. I'm sorry it's taken so long, but both narrator and I have a bit of perfectionism in us, so we're trying to give you an awesome product that you can enjoy, so that takes some time. There will be a cover for that that will give the narrator cover credit, I just have to hear back from the cover artist.

As to everything else--I need to finish reading an ARC of a story that's already released for an official blog book review. I don't know when that will be, but I will do it.

Other than that, I'm trying to keep the Averie household together and do my every-day things that have to be done as well as I possibly can. I hope you all are having a good week!

Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends and readers, and Happy Holy Week and Easter to all my Christian friends and readers!

Hope everyone has an awesome week and weekend!

Have A Wondrously Wishful Wednesday!