Monday, July 25, 2016

Sell Yourself, AKA Promotion...

Happy Monday All,

It's another week, you ready? Apparently whether we're ready or not, the week begins.

I don't mind my writing work, and generally the mommy-gig isn't too bad, but it's been a bit rough this week with Youngest, so it's a little tougher than usual--especially when migraines hit. So I'm sipping my coffee, wishing I got a little more sleep, and doing my best to get myself together for the day.

One of the topics that will be covered at the NWHRWA 2016 Lone Star Writer's Conference (for more information, click here) is PR--aka Promotion.

A lot of writers (including myself) are either shy or introverted (sometimes both). I have met some writers who weren't shy, and some extroverted writers, but I haven't met many. The one thing that is often on any writer's mind when they think of promotion and putting themselves out there is how? What can you do?

The short answer is--a lot. Almost everywhere you go there are opportunities for networking/promoting. In fact, I do it on a regular basis in spite of any shyness/introversion on my part.

Here's an example:  Last year, during the Christmas season (Christmas Eve to be precise), we decided to get a pizza. So I went into the pizza place and gave the checker my order. While waiting,
I sat down next to a lady and we got to chatting. We chatted about some things--Christmas, Church, and such. Finally, I asked if she liked to read. She talked about what she liked to read, and I said I was a Romance author, and pulled out my bookmarks (I keep them in my purse, so I have them whenever I get into a situation like this) and described my books and gave them to her (I often will even sign the Divine Love bookmarks for people).

This is a quick way to make yourself known (especially if you're not a big name). And even if THEY don't like the genre you write, they might know someone who does, and they can pass on your bookmarks to those people.

Now, I'm not saying it's easy to talk to people I don't know. But, you can assess the situation and decide whether or not it's an opportunity. And if the opportunity presents itself, then you've got one more person who knows about your work.

Promotion is a big topic, and most people have an opinion or ideas of what to do. Writers have to take this information and assess what's best for them.

Like I said, this topic will be covered at the Conference, and that's on Saturday, October 1, 2016. It's open to all writers, so get that registration in!

Have A Magnificently Marvelous Monday!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's That Time Again...

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

I'm one tired chica. For the last 4 nights either dizziness (due to allergies) or Youngest Offspring has made sure I don't get a full-night's sleep. In fact, I don't think I've slept from 11 p.m. to 8 or 9 a.m. in over a year. I imagine it's part and parcel of the whole Mommy-gig. But since I know things could be much worse, I suppose I should thank the Lord this is all I'm up against in terms of being a mom at the moment.

The NWHRWA has opened up registration for the annual Fall Conference--the Lone Star Writer's Conference, which is happening Saturday, October 1st. This conference is open to ALL writers, NOT just Romance novelist. So you Thriller, Suspense, Horror, and such, you can come, too. YA and NA writers, you come, too. It's open to ALL writers.

The fabulous NY Times Best Seller, Kerrelyn Sparks, will be
Me, KERRELYN SPARKS, and author Christie Craig
talking about world building and all of that fun stuff. We have another speaker for the afternoon--someone I've never heard before, but she sounds great, too. Her name is Jennifer Fusco, and she'll be speaking on promotion.

More details can be found on the website, which if you click right here, it'll take you straight to the information on the conference.

Trust me, you do NOT want to miss. We have a lot of fun. There are raffle baskets (great stuff are in those, believe me--I plan on bringing at least one for the raffle, so don't you want to come and see what I'm giving away?) I have to double-check, but I believe lunch is included, and we usually have something out for breakfast. This is southern hospitality, folks, and we don't skimp on the welcoming.

As of the writing of this blog post, they're waiting on the reservation code for hotel rooms, but I'm told that will be available soon. We especially encourage any Lone Star Writer's Contest finalists to come because we do a whole announcement for that.

I've already turned in my registration...have you?

Have A Wonderfully Whimsical Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Elegance & Grace...

Happy Tuesday All,

Lately I've been watching YouTube series on ballet. Ballet fascinates me on several levels--as someone who used to take ballet classes (no, I never danced en pointe, or on my toes--I also took tap and jazz, but that's another story) some of the steps and terms are familiar to me. As an art form, I think it's one of the most beautiful. I love the grace and elegance of classical ballet. I also have a tremendous respect for the dancers. They work their bodies hard, and their futures are often uncertain.

In some ways, writing and dancing aren't that different. Both are art forms in their own right. Both take dedication to their craft. They take time to develop. Both have to learn new ways of doing and thinking depending on what they're working on. And both often take up much of a person's time.

Growing up, my parents took me to several ballets. I've seen The Nutcracker so many times I have no desire to go again (even though it's a lovely ballet). I've seen Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Swan Lake, Giselle, and Romeo & Juliet,  just to name a few. I love Swan Lake. I hear Cinderella is coming to my local ballet (I think next year), it's a different version than what I saw and a part of me is curious. Cinderella is one of my favorite fairy-tales (second only to Beauty & The Beast--incidentally, has there ever been a ballet of Beauty & The Beast? I would so go see that one!)

I love ballet so much, that years ago when I took my correspondence class from the Writer's Digest School (I don't know if it was called University back then, maybe it was, I don't remember, this was over 10 years ago), I actually wrote a short story centered around ballet. I'm not particularly fond of that story. It's filed away somewhere and I won't even let my friends see it. Partially because I know I can write better now, and partially because of some of the emotions I experienced while working on it. However, despite that, one day I might write a new story that has ballet in it. If I do, I'm thinking I would love to talk to some of the professionals. Nothing helps a writer's research and terminology than talking to those directly in that field.

Anyway, what art forms do you like?

Have A Tremendously Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, July 11, 2016

A-Conferencing We Will Go...

Happy Monday All,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer. Down here in the Lone Star State we are melting, but that's not unusual. Heat + Humidity = Texas Summers. I'm surprised we're not in the triple digits (the week forecast looks like we're going to get close). It makes me very grateful for central air condition and car air conditioning.

This week is the week of RWA Nationals. RWA is Romance Writers of America. Nationals are the conference they host every year--generally in a different location each year. The Conference is open to members (and I believe non-members) alike. A huge number of industry professionals, as well as writers, attend Nationals every year. Although, I'm in the latter group--the group that doesn't attend. You have to budget for Nationals because typically it does cost more than the local ones. Given my family demands and my financial situation, it's not something I can do at this point. Maybe in the future. I would like to go once, just to gain the experience and see what it's like.

If you're interested in more information on RWA Nationals, please don't hesitate to look up their website here. RWA has a ton of information available, not just for Romance writers, but often writing in general. It does mostly cater to Romance writers, but I know some Non-Romance writers who have benefited from information RWA provided.

So, for those of us who can't attend Nationals and would like to go to a writer's conference, what are our options?

Many RWA chapters have conferences throughout the year that cost less. They're smaller, and generally only offer one or two topics, but sometimes that's what's best for a writer (every writer is different and they have to decide what works for them in terms of conference options).

My RWA chapter--NWHRWA has an annual Fall conference every year that takes place the first Saturday in October. The nice thing is, this is usually when the weather is getting cooler in Texas so you're not as likely to melt (you're welcome) and we generally have one or two topics, so it's focused, and sometimes intense--but gives you more opportunity to use your energy to learning one thing at a time and soak it up. (If that's your preference).

I'm excited for my chapter, NWHRWA, Lone Star Writer's Conference this year. We have a great line up planned: