Monday, July 11, 2016

A-Conferencing We Will Go...

Happy Monday All,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer. Down here in the Lone Star State we are melting, but that's not unusual. Heat + Humidity = Texas Summers. I'm surprised we're not in the triple digits (the week forecast looks like we're going to get close). It makes me very grateful for central air condition and car air conditioning.

This week is the week of RWA Nationals. RWA is Romance Writers of America. Nationals are the conference they host every year--generally in a different location each year. The Conference is open to members (and I believe non-members) alike. A huge number of industry professionals, as well as writers, attend Nationals every year. Although, I'm in the latter group--the group that doesn't attend. You have to budget for Nationals because typically it does cost more than the local ones. Given my family demands and my financial situation, it's not something I can do at this point. Maybe in the future. I would like to go once, just to gain the experience and see what it's like.

If you're interested in more information on RWA Nationals, please don't hesitate to look up their website here. RWA has a ton of information available, not just for Romance writers, but often writing in general. It does mostly cater to Romance writers, but I know some Non-Romance writers who have benefited from information RWA provided.

So, for those of us who can't attend Nationals and would like to go to a writer's conference, what are our options?

Many RWA chapters have conferences throughout the year that cost less. They're smaller, and generally only offer one or two topics, but sometimes that's what's best for a writer (every writer is different and they have to decide what works for them in terms of conference options).

My RWA chapter--NWHRWA has an annual Fall conference every year that takes place the first Saturday in October. The nice thing is, this is usually when the weather is getting cooler in Texas so you're not as likely to melt (you're welcome) and we generally have one or two topics, so it's focused, and sometimes intense--but gives you more opportunity to use your energy to learning one thing at a time and soak it up. (If that's your preference).

I'm excited for my chapter, NWHRWA, Lone Star Writer's Conference this year. We have a great line up planned:

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