Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kylie's Story Comes To An End...

Happy Monday All,

Yes, I know the time-stamp on my blog post says Sunday, but this is actually meant to be Monday's post, I'm just posting it a little early. Part of the reason being because I actually have a moment and the other part being that this weekend has been rather rough. Offspring got sick with I don't-know-what, and so Husband and I were dealing with that all weekend. Once again, the Husband proved why I call him my real life hero (he was quite heroic, on more than one occasion, and trust me, I got all mushy talking to a friend of mine about it).

But setting that unpleasantness aside...

Author C.C. Hunter returns with the final installment of Kylie Galen's story is jammed packed with the return of ghosts, Mario--the evil vampire, and all our friends from Shadow Falls.

Kylie thought going to her species' hideout would mean feeling less of an outsider, but even worse than camp, the other chameleons regard her with fear and suspicion. Most of her kind have lived their lives in complete terror of being found out. So much so, that contact with the outside world is nearly unheard of. Teens who try to escape the compound find it almost impossible.

When Burnett appears after Mario and his gang are thought to be around, Kylie decides it's time to return home to Shadow Falls Camp.

However, if she hoped for an easy solution, Kylie is sadly mistaken.

A mysterious sword, even more frightening ghosts, and secrets await Kylie. How will she survive and can she? Kylie knows love is worth risking it all, but in the end, who does she really love, and who is she risking it all for?

The exciting conclusion of C.C. Hunter's Shadow Falls Series, Chosen At Nightfall holds all the answers, and can be yours on April 23, 2013. Enjoy! :-)

Have A Marvelously Magical Monday!

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