Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Besides Books...

Happy Wednesday All,

Thinking about what I like to do besides reading and writing made me remember some of what I used to do (that I sometimes do now or don't do much of anymore, but still could).

I used to take horseback riding lessons (no, really, I did). I learned how to ride both in an English and Western saddle (English saddles are smaller and have no saddle horn, western saddles are big and have saddle horns). Even though I haven't been on a horse in over 10 years doesn't mean I wouldn't ride again--I would, just haven't gotten around to it.

I know how to the play the piano--not real well (not like my younger brother who's incredible at it and a composer). But I know how to read music and I still can play a little.

I still sometimes tap-dance down a grocery store aisle (although I never was the most coordinated dancer in my ballet, tap and jazz class).

I'm one of those people who's done a little of everything. I know how to embroider (with a written pattern; I don't know how to do Counter-Cross Stitch) I can sew (a tiny bit).

Cooking and baking are two of my minor passions (reading and writing being two of my major passions). I like to make up my own dishes (I make a creamy ham and bacon soup that is really nice on a cold night!) I love to bake (I think I get that from my Dad--who's a way better baker than me, but still, the love of baking is inherited from him).  When the mood hits me, I like to churn out yummy treats for people to enjoy.

So outside of books...what are things you enjoy doing?

Have A Whimsical Wednesday!

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