Monday, February 28, 2011

Ahoy, Mateys! Mystery Abounds...

Happy Monday Everyone,

On March 1, 2011 Laura Childs will release book #12 in her Tea Shop Mystery series, Scones & Bones.

As a fan of Theodosia, Indigo Tea Shop, and Laura's portrayal of the Historical District of Charleston, I can tell you, Scones& Bones can hold its head high among it’s predecessors in the series, not only that, but it could be one of the best ones in the series.

Laura has managed to make Theodosia look very human in Scones & Bones (complete with flaws, internal conflict, and a sense of heroism--she's had these traits in the other books in the series, but I really felt it in this one). The other very delightful thing, is that fans of the series will be glad to note that Theodosia is finally moving into her little English style cottage (and the descriptions are great!) Her dog, Earl Gray, seems to be right at home in the cottage, as well.

Unfortunately, what isn’t at home is the skull cup of Blackbeard the Pirate, which goes missing during a Pirates & Plunder event hosted by the Heritage Society. Poor Timothy Neville is beside himself when the priceless artifact (a cup that is famed to have been Blackbeard’s actual skull, complete with a 10-12 caret diamond) goes missing.

Not only that, the young intern, Rob, gets killed in the process of the robbery and Timothy’s secretary, Camille, is hospitalized from a conk on the head. All very bad for the Heritage Society--what's Timothy to do?

In a maneuver Theodosia wishes Timothy had refrained from, he recruits her to use her sleuthing skills to uncover the killer/robber. She ropes her ever faithful tea-blender, Drayton, into helping her solve this mystery while attending to the big Food & Wine Festival... in which, the Indigo Tea Shop plays a role by pairing tea with various cheeses. (Who knew tea and cheese could go together?)

Will Theodosia uncover the killer/cup snatcher before someone close to her gets hurt or will the pirate treasure hoarder get away with murder?

I highly recommend you find out on March 1, 2011 when Scones & Bones is released!

And, in case you were wondering...Amazon  Barnes & Noble  and Borders all carry this book :-)

Have A Magical Monday!


Jody said...

Thanks for the review, Bethany. This is one series I've been meaning to read and now I can't wait to get into it.


Bethany said...


So glad! It's a really good one. Thanks for dropping by and supporting Laura :-)

Melissa said...

Great review! I'll be sure to check it out! ;)

Bethany said...


Fabulous :-)