Monday, August 8, 2011

Not To Be Missed: Lone Star Conference--Keynote Speaker Alexandra Sokoloff

Happy Monday All,

So...did y'all notice the new addition on the top of the margin on the right hand side?

Yes...it's that time again...registration time for the Lone Star Conference!

The Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America is inviting writings near and far to come join us for fun, pitching appointments, a keynote speaker (Alexandra Sokoloff), and a great group of writers who are waiting to welcome you to the Lone Star State. Whether you write Romance or something else, I urge you to think about coming down. I attended the last 2 Lone Star Conferences and it was and awesome experience both times.

I plan (God willing) to be at the conference for a third year. To me, it's a great way to celebrate my birthday!  (Yep, you read that right. The Lone Star Conference falls on my birthday this year...October 15th).

Anyway...I hope writers all over will come and visit the Lone Star State and hang out with us NWHRWA members. We'd love to have you.

What events are you looking forward to?

Have A Magnificent Monday!


Anonymous said...

It's going to be a great conference. Alexandra Sokoloff is a hot commodity. The workshop will be on screen writing tips for authors. There's a great group of agents and an editor taking pitches. And of course, the warm hospitality of Northwest Houston RWA authors. Can't beat that!


Anonymous said...

I have nothing planned. You must give us a full report,Please, Bethany. Nice way to celebrate a birthday!

Bethany said...


I'm looking forward to it (if you couldn't tell LOL).

Thanks for dropping by :-)

Bethany said...


You're welcome to come on down and help me celebrate--God willing I'll be at the Conference.

Thank you for dropping by :-)

Susan M said...

I can't wait. A top notch speaker, Texas in October (a beautiful month) and Bethany's birthday to celebrate. What could be better?

Bethany said...


Thanks so much! I think it'll be a lot of fun! Thank you for dropping by :-)

Anonymous said...

Not only will we have Alexandra Sokoloff teaching us screen writing techniques for novelists, we will have 3 agents and an editor taking pitches! It will be a great time as well as a learning experience.
Thanks for sharing the information, Bethany.

Bethany said...


Oh not a problem. You know I love going to the conferences. You've done a superb job with all this. I admire what you've done for the NWHRWA! Thank you for dropping by :-)