Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Happy Wednesday Everybody,

Wow, it's Wednesday already? Time flies when you're having fun.

Or dealing with surprises...

That's me. Dealing with surprises. In writing, that is. Some of my writing (and a current project) has taken me in a direction I didn't see myself going. But there are times writing will do that. And for now, it's helping me create and figure out what I'm doing with this project and the others I have going.

Some authors start out writing one thing and branch out to two or three other areas. Like the Adult-novel writer who ends up writing YA or Mid-Grade...or all 3--adult, YA and Mid-grade.

Or the person who starts out in Romance and finds themselves with a Thriller on their hands.

Perhaps you began your writing with Contemporary and got lost in the fields of Fantasy. Maybe while you were shaking hands with a vampire then a cyborg jumped into your living room.

Writing isn't always predictable, which if it was, would probably bore the authors. At least it would more than likely bore me. I enjoy that spark of inspiration--the feeling of the imagination running wild with ideas--ideas that are new for me. It's even possible you could start off with one idea that is something you don't usually write and it morphs back to something you normally would write--but you had to write it differently for everything to click into place.

The point is, wherever your writing journey takes you, enjoy the ride. Explore, discover, and create. There's so many ways a writer can go--so many options--all  you have to do is figure out which options you're taking.

So what surprises have you encountered in your writing?

Have A Wondrous Wednesday!


jeff7salter said...

LOL. Most of my 7 novel manuscripts have either contained numerous surprises ... or have been major surprises in themselves.
Biggest surprise in my W.I.P. is to find myself in contact with the real-live granddaughter of the silent movie star whose belongs (found in a dumpster ---in real life) inspired my novel.

Bethany said...


That's too cool! Best wishes on all of them. Thank you for dropping by :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Cool, Jeff! I find a lot of my work going in odd directions; inspiration has no bounds I guess! Who knew this once-lyricist would be writing manuscripts or articles, and get published back to writing poetry? What got me back to writing after many years was what started as a letter to answer someone who needed food advice, that went on to nearly become a pamphlet and has grown into a work(in progress) on food, family, company and entertaining-made-easy.
Ya never know.

jeff7salter said...

Tonette, I think it's awesome that your WIP started out as assistance to someone.
When we reach out and help others ... and are rewarded with some creative outlet, that's fantastic.

Bethany said...


Good for you! And you're right. You never know. Thanks for dropping by :-)

Bethany said...

I agree with Jeff, too, by the way. I read Tonette's comment before I read Jeff's reply.