Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brownies, Anyone?

Happy Thursday Everyone,

Sorry about the late post. I was trying to come with a post last night, but I'm having a hair-crush on my new hair cut, so I was having trouble thinking of a topic. Then today I went into my email and it was an "Oh, DUH!" moment.

Nina Cordoba, author of Not Dreaming Of You has a brand new Romantic Comedy out entitled, Don't Make Me Make You Brownies. Nina has mentioned it to me on and off over the last year and the title is intriguing. She's a chapter mate of mine and actually brought brownies to the last meeting, so it's kind of funny that her new book has that title.  Anyway, you can purchase a copy of Don't Make Me Make You Brownies from Amazon and also from Barnes & Noble

Other news:  Tomorrow I'm posting an author interview, so be sure to come by tomorrow!

And speaking of brownies, do you like brownies? Do you prefer the "cake" like ones (thicker, not so chewy) or the "chewy" ones?  (Personally I like chewy brownies better than the cake-like ones).

Have A Tasty Thursday!


Nina Cordoba said...

Thanks for the mention, Bethany! And it's only chewy, fudgy brownies for me! Anything else is a disappointment...and no icing. Icing is for cake! (If you think I have a lot of requirements for brownies, you should see my list for chocolate candy.)
Thanks again!

Bethany said...


You're like me about brownies. Chewy, don't need icing (although if it has it, I won't get mad). Brownies weren't meant to be anything but chewy, fudgy, rich chocolately goodness!

Sorry it took me this long to mention the release...this week has been rather interesting (not in a bad way) and yesterday I was on my hair-crush LOL

Thank you for dropping by :-)

TessStJohn said...

Can't wait to read this one, Nina...it up on my kindle and ready!!

Here's to many sales!

Bethany said...


Hey! Thanks for dropping by :-)

Marie said...

I downloaded Don't Make Me Make You Brownies on my Nook two evenings ago and absolutely love it. There are a lot of funny moments and it made me laugh out loud. Congratulations, Nina.

Bethany said...

Loretta was having trouble posting, so she emailed me. here's her post:

"Listen gals, I'm not picky about my brownies, I'll take them chewy OR cake-like. But, I don't want them with icing either. I agree totally, that turns them into cake!:)

I've downloaded your "Don't Make Me..." Nina....can't wait to read it! But, I'm making sure my pantry is empty of all things brownified before I begin the read...( I have no will power, and would consume the whole batch!)


Bethany said...


Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for dropping by and supporting Nina. Hope you'll come again soon :-)

Bethany said...


Oh don't even! You can't read a book with brownie in the title without at least ONE brownie!

Never mind...come to my house I got Dreyer's Slow Churned Double Fudge Brownie ice cream in the freezer.

Thank you for coming by :-) (Sorry you had trouble posting).

Marie said...

Bethany, thank you for the welcome.
I love your blog and I thank you for all the great author recommendations.
All the best!

Bethany said...


Aw, thanks! I do my best :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE that title! Will be onboard tomorrow,I can promise..Cake or fudgy,I am one of the few who prefers the edges, so I usually make out pretty well in the brownie dept.!

Bethany said...


You can have the edge pieces, then LOL.

Glad you'll be around to see the author interview!

Thank you for dropping by :-)