Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Come On Fall/Winter Months & Weather!

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Fun little tidbit just because...

One of my sisters got me into this:  If you like to have cream in your coffee, substitute with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. YUM. (I generally have creamer, but if I'm having decaf after dinner I sometimes go ahead and have a scoop of vanilla ice cream).


Are you as excited about the Fall and Winter months as I am? I know, I know...I keep talking about it. I can't help it. It's been such a hot summer that I can't wait to pull out my sweaters and pants. My cloak (or cape, whatever you choose to call it) is waiting in our hall closet for the weather to get cold. My sweaters and long-sleeved shirts are sitting in the back of my closet just waiting for me.

Plus there are so many releases happening in the Fall! C.C. Hunter's Awake At Dawn, Rick Riordan's The Son Of Neptune, Kerrelyn Sparks' Sexiest Vampire Alive...(and I'm sure several other releases that I'm gonna kick myself later for not remembering to mention!)

And of course there's the events...

Christie Craig has her wine event that I talked about last week. Then of course there's the Lone Star Conference/my birthday and the holidays, as well.

Exciting things are on the horizon and I don't want you all to miss them!
How do you "jump start" yourself for the day? Do you drink coffee/tea?

Have A Tip-Top Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I like coffee,(eso. Arabica) and I love flavored coffees,(esp.Hazelnut)...I like tea (esp. Pekoe), and flavored,(esp. Mango, cold; berry or lemon, hot), but I admit to jump-starting many days with Big K cola from Kroger,(or maybe you have King Soopers in Tx?There are other Kroger subsidiaries around the country). Need a re-start now, it has been a heck of a day already and no end in sight. The writing-gremlims must have known that I wanted to get down to business today!
Have a better day then I have!

Bethany said...


We have Kroger down here. Hope you make it down for the Conference. Thank you for dropping by