Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blog Tour Details, A Thank You, & Movies...

Happy Monday All (the time stamp might read Sunday, but this is actually for Monday),

First of all, I got to say, thank you to everyone who commented on the Four Foxes One Hound Blog post and the Soul Mate Publishing Blog Post.  I read some of the kindest, sweetest, comments from you all and I'm truly touched, humbled, flattered, and feeling honored and privileged to have such things said about me. I really am grateful and appreciate it. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Good news! The Blog Tour is NOT over. On July 10th (also release day!) I will visit Eat Read Rate, as guest blogger for Melissa Ohnoutka. Join me as I go into depth about my writing journey. What books did I read growing up? Why didn't I pursue a writing career when I was younger (beyond not feeling qualified)? What happened when I pitched All's Fair In Love & Lion to my editor from Soul Mate Publishing? What's the deeper story behind how AFIL&L came to be? (more in-depth than the interview).  All that and more will be covered in that blog post on July 10th.

On July 11th I will be Dana Wright's guest on her Bookgirl Knitting Blog.  What's my writing process? What exactly do I mean when I call myself a "half-in-half" writer? What suggestion did Tess St. John give me for editing? That will be covered in that post.

July 12th I will be the guest of my awesome critique partner, Tess
St. John on her blog. Meet Monroe--the hero of All's Fair In Love & Lion. What does he have to say about his story being told? Is he all prickles, or a softy? Come to Tess's blog on that day and you'll find out.

Then there will be a break and on July 28th, I will be the guest of Teri Thackston on Gimme A Little Kiss Blog. There will be an excerpt of a short kissing scene on there from All's Fair In Love & Lion. Will it be romantic? Humorous? Emotional? Sad? You'll find out on July 28th.

And that will be the end. I have been asked by another friend of mine to appear when she launches her website, but a date is not nailed down, nor have we discussed topics. So I'll let you know when that happens.

Meanwhile, you can still go and comment (and/or view other comments) on Four Foxes One Hound and also on the Soul Mate Publishing Blog.  The SMP Blog also features 2 other authors, so more fun books to look forward to.

There's a bunch of movies coming out this Summer. Which one(s) are you wanting to see or have seen?

Have A Magically Melodious Monday!

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