Thursday, August 13, 2009

"And The Natives Rejoiced"

Good Morning Everybody!

Yay! I got more sleep this time! I'm very grateful that sleep decided that it was all right to come back. I respected it by enjoying the fact that I got more sleep!

Yesterday I was running around so I really didn't get much writing done. I'm hoping to today. What was I doing yesterday? I was getting my hair cut. My mom goes to this guy who has been cutting our hair for years (I mean he's known me from way back--even before I was in high school--he did my hair from my high school senior prom and for my wedding). Very nice man and I like what he does with my hair.

My son got to hang out with my Dad and 2 of his cousins, so he was overjoyed. Then we got home, I did a few things around the house, then we were back out again. Had to return some movies to Blockbuster, then off to get gasoline in my car, and off to the Library! After that, home again to wait for my husband to get back from work--then dinner and I got to relax.

I was overjoyed that they had one of my holds at the Library! Ciara Gold's book Celestial Dragon. Odd thing about that--it's the only Ciara Gold book my Library chain has and at one Barnes and Noble location I couldn't find any of her books. It was strange. She's written several books.

Anyway, I finished the first chapter yesterday. So far it's interesting and I can tell she has an incredible imagination. And I'm wanting to know what's going to happen next.

My son's God-sister has her first day at my high school alma mater today. I'm very excited because she's going to have a teacher I had (both Freshman and Senior years). He's a good friend of mine ever since and his wife is an absolute sweetheart. Since my younger brother opted not to go to there (which is fine and he's in grad school now). I feel like this is my "legacy". K.H. is a sweet girl and I believe in her potential. So, I hope it's a good experience for her. I had fun in high school. Senior year was the best.

Since I'm doing my exercise DVD every other day--and I missed yesterday due to everything--I have to do it today. I also need to stretch my back. It's sore!

Oh have I mentioned that my son has the most beautiful eyes? I just love them. Big brown eyes, with long, dark thick lashes. Of course he could care less for Mama's loving his eyes. LOL He's all boy--and sometimes I'm nervous about that!

I'm very happy for a friend of mine. A guy I graduated high school with just welcomed his first child (a girl) yesterday. I hope his wife is doing all right. She's such a nice person. He was extremely excited about becoming a father and I know that his little girl is going to have him wrapped around her pinky! He claimed about a month ago even before she was born that she already did have him wrapped around his finger.

Men are so cute when they're in love or when they are being all affectionate with their kids. It's just one of those things that makes me think "Awwww, they have a soft side!"

So, what are the "natives rejoicing" about in your life today?

Have A Treat-Filled Thursday!


Stephanie Faris said...

Busy busy busy! I'm rejoicing that my boyfriend made his first big sale at his new job and I've written 6 pages today even with all the craziness at work. (I sneak writing time in where I can, which isn't very often!)

bethanyintexas said...


Congratulations to your boyfriend and to you for writing 6 pages!