Sunday, August 2, 2009

More On Conference, Etc.,

Well, I'm all set for the Conference in October. I have my reservation for the Conference itself and a room (so that I can concentrate). Luckily, I'm going to be practically around the corner from my house so if family needs arise, I'll be nearby. Hopefully, though, I can just enjoy the conference and not worry about anything other than learning what I can there.

So far my newest novel is practically writing itself. I haven't had things fall into place so easily in a long time. And I'm really excited about this story! I'm grateful that I know some people who speak French fluently--otherwise double-checking some French words/phrases would be a little more complicated (although, not impossible). And those years of French camp from my childhood are actually coming in handy! Who knew I would use it for my writing? (Shout out to Sarah on this one--as well as my Mom for having me go to French camp when I was growing up. Also, Les. Although, I don't know how fluent Les is! And a huge shout out and thank you to Michelle for agreeing to be my writing buddy. I'm looking forward to us looking at each other's work).

My editor has my other manuscript and I trust her to have some good suggestions and lots of hints. (And I wouldn't blame her if she put: "What were you thinking here?" although, she assured me she wouldn't--I'll just ask myself that!) Gotta give said editor a shout out here and a hug--thanks, Debbie! Love you to pieces.

I'm learning a lot about publishing. I know I'm probably only scratching the surface; however, I want to make sure I can polish my manuscript, write a good query and be as professional as possible when the time comes to send off my work.

Final shout out to another friend of mine, Shane, for the encouragement with my writing this past week. Thanks.

Also, big hug to my husband for reading the first 2-3 chapters of the new novel and thinking it was good. (I know that if he thought it was off-the-wall he'd tell me--I want him to tell me!)

Keep smilin' everybody.

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