Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some of Bethany's Favorite Reads

Whenever I'm reading an author's blog I enjoy finding out what books they like to read. Here's why:

1. For all I know it might mean said author likes the same books I do.

2. It tells me something about the author. While the author might enjoy writing mysteries, that might not be his or her only interest. They might have a secret love of Horrors, Thrillers, Fantasies, Romance, who knows? It's always fun to get to know authors--particularly ones a person likes best. (And every author I've ever communicated with was so nice to me; I think it's because they like knowing people are enjoying their work).

3. Something might catch my eye. I like to find new books to enjoy--it's like a hidden gem. If you look hard enough, you might find it. (Ever since I was a little girl, there's been something about bookstores and libraries that are siren calls for me. Books are some of my best friends--now you know my secret. I'm a book addict--hey authors are readers too!)

So, what about myself? I'm more than happy to mention some of the treasures I've found (some authors I might've read way more than what I list and enjoyed them, I'm just mentioning a few titles here):

Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

Charles Dickens' A Tale Of Two Cities

Georgette Heyer's These Old Shades, The Grand Sophy, and Friday's Child (just to name a few of the many titles I've read, own and enjoyed).

Laura Childs' Tea Shop Mysteries (all of them)

Joanna Fluke's Hannah Swenson Mysteries (all)

Lynn Kurland's A Dance Through Time, This Is All I Ask, Stardust Of Yesterday

Robin McKinley's Beauty: A Retelling Of Beauty And The Beast, A Door In The Hedge

Shannon Hale's Austenland

Stephenie Meyer's The Twilight Saga

Nicholas Sparks' A Walk To Remember, The Notebook

John Girshman's The Testament, The Street Lawyer, Skipping Christmas

Debbie Macomber's Between Friends

Sarah Strohmeyer's The Cinderella Pact

Anne Rinaldi's Time Enough For Drums

What's on my current list of books to read? I'm planning on looking into the following titles and authors:

Ciara Gold's Celestial Dragon

Kerrelyn Sparks' How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire

Kimberly Frost's Would-Be Witch

I should note that the above authors on my list of books I want to read are members of the NWHRWA website:
http://www.nwhrwa.com/index.html (all 3 authors have websites that you can get to through going to the NHRWA's website).

So there you have it. A glimspe into my bookshelf.


Regina Milton said...

Nice list. Can I say that reading your movie preferences on your profile was great fun...

Oklahoma, Star Wars, She's The Man

...too good. I totally agree. Also, maybe I missed it (as I often do) but what type of works do you write?

Ciara Gold said...

Hi Bethany, I was thrilled to find my book listed as one you'd like to read. Wow. Even if you don't get around to it, I'm still very honored. LOL.

I feel so bad I don't get to the meetings very often. But I love all those ladies in the NWHRWA group. They are all so supportive. I hear your working toward publication. I hope to be able to read yours some day, hopefully soon.

bethanyintexas said...

Regina, I write Fantasy Romance, I haven't really touched on that much, but look for it in future posts! Thanks for your comment. Support much appreciated. :-)

bethanyintexas said...
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bethanyintexas said...


I'm the one who's honored that you were able to stop by to my blog and say hello. That's truly appreciated.

I look forward to reading your book! I read about your books on your site and they look like a lot of fun. I love stuff like alternate worlds, romance, that kind of thing.

I am working on publishing. Currently my manuscript is in editing. Once it's all polished up I'll be querying. Meanwhile, I'm working on another novel.

Again, thank you!