Thursday, August 6, 2009

Movies Anyone?

Good Morning Everybody!

About 1/2 my coffee is done, so I'm still only halfway feeling coherent, so maybe I should chug the rest and then feel completely coherent. (just to ease anybody's concerns, it's one of those bottled coffees that you can put in the fridge, so it's cold, not hot). Besides which, I don't like my coffee burning hot anyway. Some cream and sugar go a long way to making coffee taste awesome for me.

**By the way...this is going to be a long post...just so that you're forewarned!**

But moving on...

Regina inspired this post, so kudos (shout out) go to her. She mentioned in a comment on another post of mine that she liked some of the movies I mentioned on my profile. So, I thought since I mentioned some of my favorite books, perhaps it was time to add in movies.

I love movies. I've watched a ton of movies. I'm also a picky movie watcher. I have a very vivid imagination, so I have to be careful about what movies I see so I don't get nightmares (I know, incredibly wimpy, but it's true--file that under "dark confessions" from a writer).

However, there are a lot of movies that I really do like (and some I've seen so many times I can quote them). So, if you're game, let's take a trip through my movie experiences:

We'll begin with musicals. I adore musicals, there's so many I like that I'm going to have to pick only 3 (but trust me I've seen way more than that--probably upwards of 10-20).

So here's the winners for this post (and I'm going to pull from my profile on this one, and yes, I've seen My Fair Lady, The Sound Of Music, Camelot, Phantom Of The Opera--but I'm going to mention different ones here--not because I didn't love those ones; believe me, I did, but because I had to narrow it down):

Oklahoma! -- I remember how much I thought Curly was such a great character and you gotta love watching him and Laurey have their verbal battles. Plus I'm a sucker for a nice romance. (If you ever meet me or my husband, he'll tell you, I'm a hopeless romantic).

1776--Oh what can I say? William Daniels, Howard Da Silva, Ken Howard...plus I love American Revolutionary war stuff (I've read almost everything Ann Rinaldi wrote about that period in her Historical novels and the explanations she's given in the back). Plus I've read a biography about Patrick Henry. I love how John Adams was so passionate (and I'm not just talking about William Daniels' portrayal of the man either).

Singin' In The Rain--This is just so much fun to watch. Plus, you gotta love all the dancing. They're amazing. Gene Kelly rocks as a dancer and actor. Debbie Reynolds did a good job, and if anybody knows the name of the actor of the other guy, please refresh my memory--he was awesome, too!

I mentioned Romance, didn't I? Well, that's easy. Here's some Romantic Comedies for you:

She's The Man -- based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and starring Amanda Bynes (whom I really like) this is just a really fun movie to sit down, laugh while watching and enjoy.

Father Of The Bride -- Starring Steve Martin; Diane Keaton, et al...this movie is well loved in my family of origin and it has inspired some of my dad's jokes. To my dad's credit, he did not act like Steve Martin at any of his daughters' weddings (and there's 6 of us girls and we're all married) or even when we were preparing for them. All of us girls are eternally grateful that our Dad has so much class (and I'm not being sarcastic, I truly mean it--he does have a lot of class). My father rocks big time, and the fact that he loves this movie just makes him more fun. I love my dad, he was my first hero. (There's a shout out for him!)

Bruce Almighty -- Starring Jim Carrey, Jennifer Anniston, Morgan Freeman, et al... Just a great, funny movie, with a good message about selfless love and kindness to others.

Okay, time for Fantasy/Sci-Fi...

Star Wars -- starring various actors. The originally released 3 were awesome. I did like some of the prequels as well, particularly Attack Of The Clones (remember: I'm a hopeless romantic). And Yoda kicking butt in those first 3 rocked big time. Plus there's so many great quotes. George Lucas has an incredible imagination.

The Lord Of The Rings Triology -- starring various actors. I loved them, I loved them. There were scenes I had to shut my eyes (my imagination too vivid) but they were really well done. Unfortuntaely, I'm too chicken to read the books (again, my imagination is to blame), but I did know the story line before the movies came out.

Shakespeare Movies:

Much Ado About Nothing -- starring Emma Thompson, Kenneth Braungh, et al..., I love this movie. I just love how pretty it is, how they make Shakespeare's words come alive. It just--it was well done for me. I love the verbal banter. Definitely makes me laugh.

Twelfth Night -- starring various (I can't remember everyone who was in this one). It's been awhile since I've seen this one, but I do remember liking it quite a bit.

There's others of course, but these two stick out in my mind.

Movies Based On Shakespeare (I mentioned one earlier):

Get Over It -- starring various. This one is based on A Mid-Summer's Night's Dream. It's been a long time since I've watched it, but I really liked it.

Ten Things I Hate About You--starring Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, et al..., Awesome movie based on The Taming Of The Shrew (one of my all-time favorite Shakespeare plays that I've seen--and I've seen a lot of Shakespeare plays). Just great fun, and one of the first times I ever saw Heath Ledger act (May he rest in peace). Great film.

Other movies that I like...

The Princess Diaries 1 & 2 starring Anne Hathaway, et al...very nice, and I love fairy-tale type things. (It's the girly part of me). Based on the books by Meg Cabot.

Ella Enchanted -- starring Anne Hathaway, et al..., (didn't I mention I like fairytales? Cinderella is one of my all-time favorites, and this one is based on that fairytale). The book is by Gail Carson Levine (good book, too, good writer, as well. Read almost all her books so far).

Ranma 1/2 -- Based on Japanese magna. An anime series. Very fun.

The Nativity Story --starring various. I love this movie. I think it's beautiful.

The Wedding Singer--starring Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, etc., Funny, fun, just enough romance to be a treat. Good movie.

Okay, there's tons of other movies out there I like (and believe me several I wanted to mention, but it would just take way too long).

So, last but not least...

Movies I want to see:

The Time Traveler's Wife --it looks like it's going to be a good movie. Plus, again, sucker for romance. I believe it'll be out soon.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon--I've seen the first one (own it) and liked it, and I'm excited about this one. (Comes out in November)

I saw the new Star Trek movie with my husband in July and that was pretty good...although I kept laughing because it was like being at a family reunion (and I am a big fan of family reunions). Seeing the characters that are so popular and trying to line them up with those who originally played them was fun. I confunded my husband and my friend, Shane by saying I thought it was funny. But, you have to understand, I have an odd/goofy sense of humor. But it was a good movie.

Favorite Star Trek? The Next Generation and Voyager Why? I like Captain Picard and Commander Rikker (great characters) and the other because I liked seeing a female captain--gave a different spin on the show and I thought the actress did a great job.

Anyway...you all have favorites? Be sure to mention them in the comment section!

Have a Thrilling Thursday!

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