Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Another Monday

Morning Folks,

I'm reminded of the song by the Bangles, Just Another Manic Monday. Although, my Monday isn't manic, there are times I can relate to that song.

Yesterday my editor gave me a call (Isn't that sweet of her?) She's one of those types who wants to be helpful without being hurtful (I've seen some agent blogs that are like that). She paid me one of the nicest compliments. She said that she liked my story and said it was a good read (never mind any mistakes I made, and I'm sure there's several, since I sent her a basically unedited first draft--although I had changed some things, it's still wasn't fully edited and basically first draft).

My biggest goal with my writing (aside from improving, growing and learning and hopefully one day getting published) is for readers to enjoy it. I write stuff I enjoy writing and reading, and it's one of the nicest things a person could say to me is that they liked it. It makes me smile and feel on top of the world. If a person likes my work, it's easier to make the edits that need to be done.

I figure editors are those types of people who are super busy and they know what works and what doesn't. Even edits that are painful can be helpful. They can point out something we didn't notice or even inspire a change that's better than what we originally had.

So, I'm sending out the kudos and shout-out to my editor, Debbie, today. I really appreciate everything she's done. She worries about hurting my feelings, but I've assured her that she's doing me a huge service. I'm exceedingly grateful to her.

If you have an editor, maybe you could take the time today to thank them for all their hard work. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

Have A Meritorious Monday!


Regina Milton said...

That's a good idea. I love the person who edits for me! She is so talented. I will go thank her today.

bethanyintexas said...


I'm sure she'll appreciate it. I talked to mine yesterday and thanked her profusely.

J.J. Bennett said...

I just called mine. He's so great. I told him about the great day I'm having. His support is such a blessing. Thanks Kev! I love you to death and value our friendship!

Bethany thanks for the post! A great idea!

bethanyintexas said...


Thank YOU for dropping by. I'm glad you have a good editor!