Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Wednesday Night

Good evening everyone!

I wanted to wait until I had something fun to say. Today's been busy! My kid was not in the best of moods, so that made the day more eventful than it might have been. But it's okay. It got better, I promise.

Before I go any further, there's people out there that I owe huge debts of gratitude (and if I don't mention your name, don't be offended, it's not the last time I'll post shout-outs!):

My editor--she's a sweetheart and she's been a huge help to me and so understanding. Big hug and shout out to Debbie.

My new friend, Tess--fellow writer and a big help. Look forward to seeing you at the workshop in October. Thank you!

And I have a follower listed! She's a guest poster on Agent Nathan Bransford's blog and her name is Regina; check out her blog here.

Pushing ahead on the writing. The new novel is shaping up at over 70 pages so far. Sent it to my friend, Sarah, to check up on the French. I did French camp a few years when I was a kid, but I'm not fluent. Sarah graciously said she would double-check to make sure I'm constructing phrases right, spelling words correctly and making sense!

Tomorrow I'm going to my parents' house for a visit. My kid really enjoys seeing his grandparents, so that will be nice. They're good people!

Funny thing just occurred to me...

There's reality shows for almost everything now: drama, modeling, designing, dating, life, etcetera...what's next? Hmm... thoughts anyone?

I happen to like Dancing With The Stars quite a bit. Do you have a favorite? If so, what is it?

PLEASE NOTE: I've fixed up the comment section of this blog so anybody should be able to post whether you're a member or not. So go ahead, type away...

Happy, encouraging and supportive comments are not only encouraged, but the most welcome! Constructive criticism is also welcome.

Have a Winsome Wednesday :-)


Regina Milton said...

MAJOR fan of So You Think You Can Dance! The finale is on today and I would love for Jeanine to win.

Thanks for the blog link! Stay encouraged today while you write. Congratulations for already being at 70 pgs.

bethanyintexas said...


My best friend, Sarah and her husband like that show, too. I watch it sometimes. But I don't vote on it. And you're welcome regarding the link and thanks for the congratulations and the words of encouragement! Much appreciated :-)