Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lost In Thought...Oh Were You Talking To Me?

Good Morning Everyone,

Whew. I just got done reading all the blogs I follow (it took awhile LOL, since I was also commenting on the new posts or answering questions). But I'm not complaining. I like seeing what everyone is saying on any given day. It's fascinating.

Let's figure this post is sort of in conjunction with yesterday's post. However, I'm taking it in another direction this time.

I'm a daydreamer. Like the "What if" questions that pop and bounce around in my head I'm often lost in thought. Sometimes about something that's going on, a story I'm working on or a possible story.

You know that feeling...when you've got a glimmer of an idea and you're just making out the vague shapes of the characters and hearing their dialogue. You think "Oh my, oh come on...this is great...but...I need more...I need something concrete..." so you keep up with the vein of thinking going "yes, better, here it comes!"

Then there's those times where the story just seems to come all on its own. You think "Oh yay, yay, yay!"

To those outside of the writing world it might look like you're a bit neurotic. But you're not. You're a writer. You dream. You think. You are looking for possibilities and dialogues with interesting quips. You think in terms of "what if" and "maybe there could be" You don't think in terms of 1 plus 1 equals 2, you think in terms of "What if I threw my character into this situation...what would he or she do or think?"

In fact, it's a writer's neuroses that make the world go 'round. People want to think it's science and physics, but it's really those impossible questions that you find answers to with your characters and stories that do that. Okay, maybe not in the physical sense, but definitely in the emotional/psychological senses. Without stories, what would people do? Sometimes we need that "escape", that ride into another world, another place...maybe even another time.

So while gravitational pulls and other Scientific facts physically make the world go 'round, you're helping others' worlds go 'round by supplying them with a fun character to follow. Besides, you never know...you might just discover a cure for a rare disease in your travels...or at least, your character might!

Happy dreaming!

Have A Thought-Filled Thursday!


J.J. Bennett said...

I don't think I'll discover a cure to a rare disease anytime soon. But, it's the writers and dreamers who have been inspirational to science in many ways. So you're right. It's the furture...keep up the good work people!

Regina Milton said...

We are doing important work. I think that is a very valid point. Stories keep people going. There has probably been a time in everyone's life when they heard/read/saw a story and i gave them the courage/strength/desire to keep going.

I feel like I need some escaping right now. No more writing/thinking. I'm going to watch a movie.

bethanyintexas said...

Thanks for commenting, J.J.!

bethanyintexas said...


Thank you for your comments. Enjoy your movie.