Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Need Air

Afternoon All (or Evening, rather),

I mentioned in a previous post that writing and reading are like air to me. Sure, I still need oxygen, but without writing and reading my life just isn't the same.

There's something about entering a bookstore or a library that feels like I'm approaching old friends.

You walk along the aisles, taking in that lovely smell of books, leather, (in some places, coffee), paper. There's an elegance hanging in the air. The anticipation of finding a gem yet to be discovered, or seeing something you've been waiting for on the shelves is almost enough to throw you into a gallop, except, you still feel that instead of drawing attention to yourself, you'll blend in with the tomes around you. Finding your favorite section you're drawn into a world apart from your every day cares, joys, sorrows, concerns, whatever. You're in the book zone. Time has no meaning, it all melts away.

Oh yes, I'm definitely familair with that feeling. Whether speed walking into Barnes And Noble (or another bookstore) or into my local library (actually there's two branches we frequent) the anticipation and excitement is always there.

Growing up I remember sitting on the floor at this one BookStop (now a Barnes And Noble) and not noticing that it had already been 2 hours. I was lost in the world that the author of whatever book I had in my hands created. My mother used to have to hurry me along. (Although, she was extremely glad that I loved to read and used my imagination. All her kids are readers and a number of her grandkids are, too).

Bookstores and libraries are some of my toy stores. I love books. I can live without movies. I can live without television. But don't take my books away!

Perhaps that's part of why I write. I love books, and I also like creating my own worlds and characters. It's fun to get into their heads and see what happens.

That's why it's like breathing for me. Oxygen is necessary for my body, but don't forget to let me have paper, pen, computer, bookstores, libraries and my books...I need them, too. (the pen/paper/computers necessary for writing).

I wish you happy reading or writing or both!

Have A Sweet Story Saturday!


Stephanie Faris said...

I've never done well with sitting in a bookstore for hours reading. I know people do it, and I've tried it, but I always itched to take my book home and read it. I feel like once I've found the book I want, I should get out of there as soon as possible!

Regina Milton said...

I used to sit on the floors of Book Stops as a child too (and as a grown-up actually).

Seeing that part of your post made me a bit sad because here in town one Book Stop closed years ago and the other got bought by Barnes & Noble and is now closed.

I had to decide a long time ago to love Barnes & Noble the way I did Book Stop. It was a hard transition.

bethanyintexas said...


I love taking books home, too, but back then, I also liked delving into them. Now I just hold the book in my hand like I have a piece of precious treasure!

bethanyintexas said...


Sounds like you may be familair with some of the places I knowl. One HUGE BookStop used to be a movie theater, then it became BookStop, now it's affiliated with Barnes And Noble. It's still the same set up, so not missing much there.

Barnes & Noble was more like I just had to get acquainted with it. Now that I am, I love it. But for me, it's hard NOT to love a bookstore. LOL