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Another Parody

Posted by Bethany at August 14, 2009
Good Night-Time Everybody!

First of all, I'm happy to report that the critique given to me by Pink Bug and Regina is definitely going to help me improve Masquerade. I appreciate their honesty--honesty is something I prize. Part of writing is rewriting, redoing, rethinking and working on improving to make good writing better. The more a writer improves, the better they can write. Whether cricitism is positive or negative, it can help a writer do their best.

Second of all, I've made a promise. I promised to ask Les and Bob if I could post the parody I wrote for them. I did ask. Both of them said to go ahead, so I have their permission. Please note: I don't know Bob very well, so everything I wrote about him is purely my sense of humor. Les laughed so hard when he read this parody, so I already know he's cool with it (plus he told me he was cool with me posting it on here). I'm editing a few things because I felt like I needed to change up some stuff. However, this isn't full edits. There's bound to be mistakes. Since this is just for fun, please skip over them (or mentally put in what you would say). This is just for your enjoyment (by the way I had fun writing and reading this--it's great when an author can say they loved working on their own projects). So here we go:

The Adventures Of Super Les and His Side Kick Bob: The Villain's Proposal
a parody by Bethany
Opening scene: We find Super Les dressed as his alter-ego, Mr. Ambulance Driver (A.D. for short) sitting at this desk taking a bit of refreshment. Bob (also known as Mr. Bob and SKB) is sitting on the floor wrestling with his super powered ray gun, the Terminate-A-Villain 4000.
LES: "SKB, do be careful with that. Last time you messed with it you ended up shooting a hole in the roof."
SKB: "Not on purpose."
LES: "Maybe not, but I don't enjoy being rained on!"
SKB: "I'm sorry. I promise I'll be more careful."
LES: "It's the Alert-A-Tron 500! To the High Powered Station Wagon!"
SKB: "But my gun's still broken!"
LES: "Use your heat wave attack, we haven't time to fix it! Someone's in trouble!"
Our two heroes slide down the fireman's pole to the Super Secret Heroes Lair (SSHL) and change into their green and white caped super hero outfits. Stopping to admire themeselves in the Super Secret Mirror (SSM).
LES: "I think the new uniforms are very nice, don't you?"
SKB: "Yes. My butt doesn't look big anymore."
LES: "Your butt was never the problem."
SKB: "Well, still it looked big in the other uniform."
LES: "You just say that because Princess Expensiva wouldn't go out out with you."
SKB: "I couldn't afford her."
LES: "Nobody can. Not even her own parents."
SKB: "Yeah. I'm tired of spending my Saturday nights alone."
LES: "Well, you can't come with me and Catlina on our dates. She doesn't like you."
SKB: "I don't like her either."
LES: "That's your problem."
The Siren rings louder.
SKB: "Oh shoot! Mr. Control Booth must be in on this! And my gun's broken!"
LES: "We'll just have to come up with another plan."
Our heroes jump into the High Powered Station Wagon (HPSW) and hurry over to where the signal originated. There they find the beautiful Princess Expensiva in the clutches of the evil Mr. Control Booth. As our heroes park their vehicle, Mr. Control Booth steals a kiss from the Princess.
PRINCESS EXPENSIVA: "How dare you, you evil man!"
MR. CONTROL BOOTH: "Marry me, Princess! I have the money others lack!"
PRINCESS EXPENSIVA: "That's because you stole it from me!"
MR. CONTROL BOOTH: "All the more reason for you to marry me!"
PRINCESS EXPENSIVA: "Never! Not in a million years! My heart belongs to Super Les!"
MR. CONTROL BOOTH: "Uh, doesn't he have a Catalina or something?"
PRINCESS EXPENSIVA: "No, that's Mr. Ambulance Driver. Super Les doesn't have a wife."
MR. CONTROL BOOTH: "Well, they look alike. You sure they aren't the same person?"
PRINCESS EXPENSIVA: "Of course not. A.D. drives an ambulance and Super Les drives a Station Wagon. They must be different."
MR. CONTROL BOOTH: "Their voices sound the same."
PRINCESS EXPENSIVA: "They are different I tell you!"
SUPER LES: "Mr. Control Booth, Bob and I have you surrounded! Unhand the Princess before I am forced to make you unhand her!"
Mr. Control Booth grips the Princess harder as she attempts to whack him over the head with her purse.
MR. CONTROL BOOTH: "Never, Super Les! The Princess is mine! I'm going to marry her!"
SUPER LES: "Does she want to marry you?"
PRINCESS EXPENSIVA: "No! I refuse to marry him! I want you, Super Les!"
SUPER LES: "That's a problem. You see, my heart belongs to another."
SKB: "Okay, enough dramatics. Are we going to kick Mr. Control Booth's butt or not?"
SUPER LES: "You have an obsession with butts, don't you?"
SKB: "What are you inferring?"
SUPER LES: "Never mind! It's time to beat this braggart to a bloody pulp and free the Princess!"
Major whacking, thwacking and ramming ensues. Finally with two black eyes, a bloody nose, a broken arm, and stars flying above his head Mr. Control Booth is subdued. Princess Expensiva throws her arms around an uncomfortable Super Les's neck, giving him a huge kiss on the cheek, while SKB glares at him.
SUPER LES: "You really should thank SKB, Princess. He broke Mr. Control Booth's arm so that you could be freed."
PRINCESS EXPENSIVA: "Oh that's right! He did, didn't he? Oh, sweet SKB!"
The Princess runs over to SKB, throws her arms around him then causing him to blush a bright red. The Princess then kisses SKB on the mouth. Super Les looks on like a proud parent.
SUPER LES: "Our work here is done. You'll be safe now, Princess."
SKB: "We're engaged!"
Super Les rolls his eyes.
PRINCESS EXPENSIVA: "Yes! We can have a June wedding!"
SKB: "Perfect! But, my love, I must go. Super hero stuff, you know."
PRINCESS EXPENSIVA: "I understand, SKB! You're my hero!"
SKB blushes.
SUPER LES: "To the High Powered Station Wagon! Goodbye, Princess!"
Princess Expensiva blows a kiss to SKB and waves as our heroes ride off into the sunset back towards the Super Secret Heores Lair (SSHL). All is right with the world with Super Les and SKB on the case.
I hope you all enjoyed it!
Have a Funny Filled Friday Night!


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