Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Give Me A Vat Of Coffee

Morning Everybody!

Bet you're wondering why I didn't say "good morning". There's a new sleep schedule going in my life currently and I'm not used to it. For some reason yesterday I had less sleep and I was more awake and last night I had more sleep and I'm less awake. Weird phenomenon. But at least I have my coffee to wake me up.

Yesterday I was terrible about getting work done on my writing. Fortunately, though, I got some done. I'm wrestling with some ideas and not exactly sure which direction to take, yet.

Coffee must be kicking in, I'm starting to get a bit more awake. Maybe if I have another one I'll be chipper -- maybe even"bright eyed and bushy tailed" (although I don't have a tail, so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to fulfill that saying).

In any case, Pierre will continue to romance Delaney. I'll be working on my manuscript today (while stopping every so often to look up a French phrase!) But I have decided I really like Pierre (my male main character). He is one smooth customer and in some the "typical guy" (I'm surprised Delaney hasn't hit him yet, but she probably will if she can quit blushing LOL). I should be grateful to all the guys I've known or dated and to my husband. They taught me how guys tease women so now I can use that knowledge in writing my novel. I also like the cat. She's got an attitude (as most cats do) and thinks she's a superior being (aren't they?) It's actually a mostly fun story to write, I'm just trying to figure out the current state of affairs.

How do you all deal with sleepiness? Coffee? Soda? A ton of sugar? Just let me know!

By the way, today is a 2 posts day: I just got permission from my friend, Les to post the parody I wrote him called "Because Of The Pie" on here. It's not very well edited (I edited it myself--I didn't send it to my editor); and I just wrote it for fun, so it's probably full of errors. If you don't mind, just skip over the errors and have fun with the story. But it was something I wrote him just for a laugh. Anyway, hope it makes you laugh! (Don't worry my manuscripts will be edited better than "Because Of The Pie").

Have a Talented Tuesday!


Stephanie Faris said...

Sleepiness? I usually just try to keep going. Caffeine doesn't seem to help me much. Naps work wonders!

bethanyintexas said...

You're lucky. Motherhood keeps me from being able to nap--plus I have trouble falling asleep. Too much on my mind!