Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Parade Keeps Marching On...

Happy Wednesday All,

Congratulations to Tess on being the winner of yesterday's C.C. Hunter giveaway! Thank you to everyone who participated in the drawing and a special thank you to C.C. for donating a copy of Born At Midnight for that drawing.

So...here's the scoop...

We got some awesome, awesome stuff in the works. C.C. Hunter's Born At Midnight and Kerrelyn Sparks' Vampire Mine both come out on March 29th. 

April is going to see another official review (can't reveal just yet the author or the novel) and another author interview (not revealing that author's name on here, yet, either). Plus I'm going to be plugging a new website, and gearing up for a huge give away for probably some time in May (this give away is massive!)

I'm working on my own novels, of course. Buffing, polishing, writing, brainstorming.

Okay, today's question: (in light of yesterday's review) which do you prefer: shape shifters or vampires?

Have A Whimsical Wednesday!


Tonette said...

Personally, I generally prefer a shape-shifter, as I believe that (most?) werewolves are under a curse and don't relish it. Vampires seem to either ask to be turned, embrace their fate or become extremely jaded...my 2 cents, anyway!

Bethany said...


Interesting break down about vampires. Good to "see" you :-)

Aliraluna said...

Vampires...specially if they are written in the classic way

Bethany said...


Thank you for dropping by.

There's several people in the world who feel the same way as you.

Personally, I think some reinventions are very clever and inventive--but that's the cool thing about the paranormal genre--there's pretty much something for everyone :-)