Friday, March 4, 2011

Fiction & Reality

Hey Everyone,

Sorry about not posting yesterday. My offspring wasn't feeling well and didn't sleep very well in the night (consequently neither did my husband or me). Offspring felt better during the day. We went to the doc's office and ran some errands and today husband has off and is hanging out with offspring, which means I'll have a chance to finish reading Cheri Jetton's e-book, Crimson Snow, (41 pages left!) on my e-reader. It's good and I recommend it (you can get it on Nook or Kindle). I talked about Cheri's story on Wednesday.

So, here's the question for the day (and weekend) does fiction mimic reality?

Obviously, as far as I'm concerned, not completely. I have a type of shape shifter in my fantasy romance (with paranormal elements) novel, but my husband isn't a shape shifter (at least I've never seen him do it). But he did do something the hero of my novel, Surreal does. He made a promise to be there for me and he has been. Monroe (the hero of my novel) doesn't come right out, but he's always there for Sasha--trying to "rescue" her from everything.

But have you seen instances where fiction and reality coincide? How so and which novels?

Please tell me about it :-)

Have A Fabulous Friday!


Anonymous said...

Love those heroish men! Can't get enough of them. Since I write contemps there are all kind of parallels of fiction and reality!!!

Happy Friday to you too, Bethany!

Bethany said...


Thanks for dropping by! I was actually thinking about you when I wrote this post LOL :-)

Tonette said...

OH never apologize, esp. when there are children around you! See, I didn't get in to read you; busy, busy with grandson and son.
I WISH I could see more men like Jane Austin's heroes;(the heroine seems always so dull not to notice for so long,I usually say out loud at some point:"If you won't take him, I will!".
I have to say that I base a lot of my writings on people I know, or situations. I haven't written fictin about the Husband though...perhaps, yet!

Bethany said...


Cool to "see" you around here again. LOL some of those Austen heros are really awesome :-)