Thursday, March 31, 2011

Have A Cookie!

Happy Thursday Everybody,

Today I'm thinking of cookies...no, not the computer website ones, but the ones you eat. Specifically Oreos and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

In my head the Oreo jingle plays merrily while warring with the parody Weird Al Yankovich wrote.

I don't remember if I put any kind of cookie in my stories (I could be wrong, but I don't have any memory of doing that) but how many of us would identify with a character who sits down with a glass of milk  and a cookie (be it an Oreo, Chocolate Chip or any other) dunking the cookie into the milk just like a kid? (especially if said character is an adult). I know I would. Or take a Chocolate Chip Cookie and dunk it in coffee (if you haven't tried that and you like both Chocolate Chip Cookies and coffee I recommend it!)

Yes, I'm a dunker of cookies. I like when they're soggy and heavy with coffee or milk (well, in my case creamer--because I don't drink regular milk too often, but that explanation is a whole different post).  I always liked it when cookies tasted soft--you know, the chewy ones.

My Dad (yeah, even over 30, I still like my dad's cooking and baking--brings back very happy memories plus it's just plain good) makes these really big, soft chocolate chip cookies. My Dad and I agree that Chocolate Chip Cookies should be big and soft. Now, I know several people who prefer less soft Chocolate Chip Cookies, but, I really like my Dad's way of making Chocolate Chip Cookies.

So what about you? What cookies do you like? Are they homemade or a particular brand? Are you a dunker or just prefer the cookie by itself?

Have A Tasty Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I like my cookies crunchy, but dh has made both my children cookie dunkers. Still today my 17 year old son only has milk with cookies...and it's because the milk is soaking the cookies, not because he's drinking it!

jeff7salter said...

Oh, you've found a topic very close to my heart. It would be easier to list the cookies I don't like.
But here's a partial list of the ones I LOVE:
In the fresh-baked category:
choc. chip
oatmeal & raison
shortbread sandie [not sure about the name]
In the packaged cookie category:
Chips Ahoy choc chip
too many of the Keebler products to list.

Now you've got me drooling again.

Jessica said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm COOKIES!!!!!!!!

Bethany said...


Thanks for dropping by! OF COURSE the milk isn't for drinking...well, at least not until you're done eating the cookies (as far as I'm concerned, anyway) :-)

Bethany said...


You and I can definitely agree on cookies...the ones you named I really love (except I like Shortbread, but the Sandies aren't as good as other brands, in my opinion). Keebler is out to be my destruction--specially those EL Fudge ones LOL Thanks for coming by :-)

Bethany said...


Thank you for dropping by! I think you summed it up pretty well in your comment :-)

paxskube said...

I am big on cookies...or any cooking and baking,(I had a bakery/restaurant)> I make my own, but I like soome commercial ones. I truly miss some cookies that Ihave not seen on store shelves since I was a kid...but I still look! I think you are right, Bethany; cookies are big memomory-makers.Good idea!

Tonette said...

Oh, that was ME, Bethany...I was signed-in wrong!

Bethany said...


LOL no problem! Thanks for dropping by. Wow, you had a bakery/restaurant? That's so cool! We keep telling my Dad he could have a bakery...but I don't think that will ever happen--I think he likes just making things for fun :-)