Friday, March 25, 2011

In Your Dreams

Happy Friday All,

Nina Cordoba has a new release. Not Dreaming Of You is something I've been looking forward to being released because I was quite curious about this one and it looked like fun. I've purchased my copy, now I invite you to do the same. It's available on Kindle and Nook.

I also recommend checking out another author. He is the hound at Four Foxes One Hound Blog. He posted on Thursday about books and their influences on a writer, which is a really great post (and yes, I did comment there). 

Question of the day:  What do you dream about?

Have A Fantastic Friday!


Tonette said...

Consciously,I dream of a little peace in my life and being able to use my talents more,(instead of the same old drag!)
True dreams have been about family that I do not see often anymore, and friends who have left this world.
My 'romantic'(read HOT) dreams always are either directly about my husband, Joseph, or the object of my desire turns into Joe...I have not been able, in all these years,to decide if that is 'sweet', or 'pathetic'!

Bethany said...


Thank you for dropping by...I don't think dreaming of your husband is pathetic. I think it's sweet :-)