Thursday, March 10, 2011

A March Release & Superman

Happy Thursday Everyone,

Another author who had a March release is P.J. Mellor.

P.J. Mellor released her new erotica, Island Nights at Amazon and Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble .  (Island Nights was released on March 1st, so it's available).

Apparently March is a big month for releases this year. I know of at at least four or five (including the ones I've talked about in previous posts) not to mention others that you, my readers, know about.

Now...onto the question for the day:  What actor do you think makes the best Super-Man? (There's been several --you have to arrow down awhile to get to the DC Comics table and then it's in alphabetical order). (You'll have to forgive me, lately I've been watching my DVD set of Lois & Clark: Season 4--I definitely love a good romantic tale...but anyway, that's the reason for this particular question of the day).

Have A Thrilling Thursday!


William said...

George Reeves, in THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN! That's the one I knew as a child, and he'll always BE Superman to me....:)

Melissa said...

For me as a kid, it was Christopher Reeve. But I really enjoyed watching Dean Cain too. LOL Best of Luck to PJ with her new realease!! :)

Bethany said...


So I suppose you'll find me sacrilige if I like Dean Cain's portrayal of the "Man Of Steel"? LOL :-)

Bethany said...


Yeah, I think in some ways Christopher Reeve defined the role for some people. In fact, even though I saw him in at least one other role, generally people would say "You know, Christopher Reeve? The guy who played Superman?"

Thanks for dropping by :-)