Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who's That???

Happy Tuesday All,

Well it's "Shrove Tuesday" or, some prefer to call it "Mardis Gras" which means "Fat Tuesday" (the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent). I really don't do anything to mark the day per se. I mean, I have a book with meditations and it has somethings to think about for this day, but I don't do anything big to mark the day. Do you?

Annette McCleave on SILK & SHADOWS blog, has interesting post about characters and what they look like, which has gotten me thinking about how I imagine characters when I read a book. Often times I don't have the same "vision" as the author of the book I'm reading, but generally, when I go back to the character description I realize I probably left out a detail when I pictured the character in my head.

It's funny thing, imagination. Sometimes it leads you down a great path and things "click" other times you wonder what went wrong.

Authors rely on their imaginations to picture their characters, stories, and even settings. Without it they wouldn't be able to describe things to you.

As for me, the hero of Surreal was something I thought of based on another factor, but then when I saw one of my brothers-in-law and thought about 2 others, I realized what I had essentially created was a morphed image of 3 of my brothers-in-law (which was all done subconsciously). Now, I'm not saying it's a literal translation, but it's as close to how my hero looks like in real life that I can get.

What about when you see movies that are based on books? Is the actor's portrayal how you pictured the characters?

When you see the models/actors that inspired an author, is that the image you had in your head when you read their novel(s)?

Have A Treat-Filled Tuesday!


Tonette said...

I have to admit, after I have read a book and then see a movie based on it, I used to get upset when the actor did not fit the description or my perception of the character.
However, unless it is COMPLETELY out of character,(say, someone totally unattractive to play a beauty of a wimpy fellow playing a macho-type), I try to adapt.["Mr. Weasley" in the Harry Potter movies looks nothing like the description in the books, but I think he is wonderfully portrayed. On the other hand,I had read the story of the original Star Wars and went to see it only because Alec Guinness was cast as ObiWan Kenobi(then I was hooked!)] I have mellowed quite a bit also when stories have been changed from book to movies; after all, it is just a story, and I have found that some movies are improvements on the books,(Forrest Gump and The Lost Hoizon, as examples). The only time I get upset any more is when a writer trashes a real-life person.An Evelyn Waugh book ruins the reputation of one historical figure by giving him a mistress he did not have simply to give the character someone else to tell his thoughts to. Molly Brown had been snubbed in Denver society and so she took off with her new wealth for Europe, where the society there found her charming.The Americans decided that they had better accept her or seem backward themselves, so by the time she sailed home on the Titanic,(unlike her portrayal in the movie of the same name), no one dared look down on her or insult her.Also, the movie showed her being bullied on the lifeboat; Molly Brown took command of her lifeboat and was given credit for keeping spirits up and saving many lives; hence the nickname"The Unsinkable Molly Brown").
A story is a story,and a changed story is just another story, I suppose.
As for Mardi Gras,I am finishing up a few goodies, as we will cut back for Lent.My husband and I do observe Lenten restrictions, so the fish is made for Ash Wednesday.I know that he willbe stricter than I will be(!), and he used to stay up late eating goodies until midnight, and then abstain until Easter. I try more to 'take things on' for Lent than to give them up, but I need a good excuse to cut back anyway...two birds, so to speak.

Bethany said...


For Wednesday I'm making Alfredo Sauce with Sundried Tomatoes over Angel Hair Pasta in observance of no-meat.

Actually based on what I read about Molly Brown the movie "Titanic" didn't do a horrid job with it, and I found "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" (musical about her) was pretty close to the real story.

I haven't gotten into "Harry Potter" so I can't comment on those movies. I've read one or two of the "Star Wars" books (the ones that came after "Return Of The Jedi") but none of the ones that were made into movies.

Anyway, good to see you on here and Happy Lent :-)