Monday, March 14, 2011

The Classics Never Die

Happy Monday All,

The Sy-Fy (that's how they spell it) Channel was doing a showing of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, so, of course, my husband, being a Star Wars fan sat and watched (I was in and out, because part of the time I was napping and the other part I was doing other things). But it occurred to me: we [my husband and I] don't always watch those 3 movies that came out in the 70's/80's (even though we own them on DVD) but anytime they are on, we'll watch. We can quote them almost word for word, we know exactly what's going to happen, but it doesn't change the fact it's a great story.

What is it about movies and books like Star Wars that invokes that starry-eyed "I LOVED THAT!" response in us? Sometimes we can say "Oh, great story, great characters." Other times it's something intangible.

When a person says ,"'Tis a far, far better thing I do..." immediately (anyone who's either seen the movies or read the book) will say "Sydney!" Sydney Carlton didn't start off the hero, but ended up being one. The name Charles Dickens is synonymous with characters like Sydney and Scrooge. We know the names, we can quote passages, and we can read them more than once and still think, "Wow!"

Another example...if I was to say the name Darcy you'd know right away I was talking about Pride & Prejudice. Some of you might even run and get your worn out copy of the book by Jane Austen. Others might start arguing over whether or not Colin Firth embodied the role of Darcy like no other actor. 

Either way, there's something about certain books and movies that invoke feelings in us. Three notes make us think of the famous shark from the Jaws movies. The word 'phantom' draws up the image of a man in a black cape and a mask. These things have transcended time and still thrill us to our very bones.

So my question to you today is, what books/movies of the last 10 years do you think will go on to transcend time and become a classic?

Have A Momentous Monday!


Tonette said...

I can speak for just about all of my extended family when I make the easy bet that the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and ,(even more so), the Harry Potter series will be classics; they have become part of our lives.[The Wizarding World will get a large group from our family when a lump of money falls in our lap.]
However,I was jus commenting today on the fact that I will often be in public and someone, espcially a young man, will break into(this may not be a perfect quote)"I have no money.What I do have is a particular set of skills.I will find you and I will kill you": from "Taken" spoken by Liam neeson. I am a huge fan of his, but I know this isn't just me; even after several years,I hear this, indeed,I overheard it just a couple of days ago.It may fall into the 'Hunt for Red October'-type 'classic' but I think it will stick.His new action films I believe will be the new 'Death Wish' series.
However, I think Harry Potter is not going to fade any time in the foreseeable future.

Bethany said...


Thanks for dropping by. "The Lord Of The Rings" has been a classic--but you're right about the movies...they could end up being on the classics list. I don't know very much about "Harry Potter", but I could see them achieving classic status :-)