Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You'll Never Know What's Next...

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Over the weekend I read Melissa Ohnoutka's Faithful Deceptions, which, I talked about not too long ago.

Let me tell you...I was totally unprepared for the adrenaline ride her romantic suspense took me on. She grabs hold of you and refuses to let go until the last page. Entering this book takes the reader on one heck of a wild ride.

Author Melissa Ohnoutka opens Faithful Deceptions with a prologue where readers find Hailey trying to wake up from...? Is she in a coma? Also, what's with the green eyes?

As you get into the rest of the novel you find yourself wondering what happens when you take revenge into your own hands? And, will Hailey even live to find out? What about Roark--the mysterious man who claims to be her husband? Is a happy ending actually possible in the midst of everything? Or is it just another deception among many?

To find out, dear readers, you will have to pick up your copy of Faithful Deceptions either on Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook.  If you like suspense, action, and/or romance, then I suggest you do not pass this novel up!

Enjoy :-)

Have Yourself A Thrill-Filled Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Faithful Deceptions is a total adrenaline rush! Melissa does such a terrific job keeping the reader on the edge of their seat! A great read!

Bethany said...


Most definitely :-)

Loretta said...

What a fantastic review Bethany!:)...and Mz. Missy:) It sounds like you've delivered a heckuva novel for reader's to begin the new year:)

Of course, this means I'm sashayin' right over to B&N (I'm one of those Nook gals:) and downloading right now!

Lo/ZuZu/L Reveaux (all three of us were VERY excited!;)

Bethany said...


Thanks for dropping by--always good to see you. And yes, Melissa's book is fantastic :-)

Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping in, Tess and Loretta(and your two friends)!! LOL This is such a great feeling I hope it never ends! :)

And thank you Bethany! Love the review! So glad you enjoyed it. ;)

Bethany said...


Not a problem! GREAT novel :-)