Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who Do You Run With?

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Bet you never thought you'd see that on my blog, huh? "Bethany runs with lions? What in the world? Is she a safari fanatic and just didn't tell us?"

No, I'm not a safari fanatic. In fact, I've never even been on a safari. It's just a reference to my novel, Surreal, which brings me to today's questions:

Who do you run with? Who's company do you keep? What type of characters do you have running around in your head?

Whether you're a reader, a writer, or both, you have all kinds of characters running in your head. Those characters are the people/creatures you run with. They are your company and companions through a story. They are your safari tour guides and help you navigate the world of the book you're either reading or writing.

Sometimes those tour guides are all contemporary human beings. Sometimes they're extraordinary humans, like for example, knights in shining armor, wooing a damsel--the only person who can bring the knight to his knees.

On occasion it might be a werewolf sniffing around you trying to figure out if you're friend or foe.

You might find yourself in the company of vampires who are deciding if you're a snack or just there.

Every now and again a nymph might make an appearance or Greek gods and goddesses threatening all kinds of destruction (or, in Cupid's case, causing you to fall in love while reading whatever tale features him).

A fairy could alight by you and decide to tell you her story. Or an angry magician cast a spell on you.

Whatever or whomever you're reading or writing, they become your companions. They're the folks you'll look back on either with love or hate or both. Somehow, though, for a moment (or longer) they touch your life.

So who are these people/creatures you run with and in what stories?

Have A Tantalizing Tuesday!


William Simon said...

I'm fond of something Jonathan Kellerman, author of the Alex Delaware series, once said:

"Now I get paid for doing what used to get me into trouble; staring into space and playing with my imaginary friends."

Sums it all up perfectly for me...:)

Melissa said...

Love the new look for your blog, Bethany! :)

As for who I run with? Hmmmm....I'm afraid to answer that. LOL When I close my eyes, I see Bad people. Then I get to work finding strong, determined characters to defeat them. Yep, I agree with Will. Playing with imaginary friends is fun. :)

Bethany said...


LOL I know what you mean. My parents didn't have a problem with me having imaginary friends and being a day-dreamer. It was when it got in the way of school work and other responsibilities that they had to get on my case. Now I can let my imagination go where it will and see what happens. Thank you for dropping by! Good to "see" you :-)

Bethany said...


Thank you! I love it myself. Yeah, that's pretty creepy seeing bad people--but at least you find strong characters to overcome them. Thank you for dropping by! Good to "see" you :-)

Anonymous said...

I usually run with the guys trying to catch the bad guys!

Anonymous said...

Althought I don't write historicals, I sometimes find myself reading them by the dozen. I run with the danshing rakes and the extraordinary heroines. I enjoy being in another time and another place.
Francine Infortunio

Bethany said...


And those guys of yours are pretty awesome chaps! Thanks for dropping by. Good to "see" you :-)

Bethany said...


Hey! Good to "see" you on here. I've run with a few dashing rakes before--there was a pirate in there at one point, too--Georgette Heyer's "Beauvallet". I like hanging out with time travelers and the Knights and Highlanders--those books are Lynn Kurland's Macleod and de Piaget families--awesome books.

Thank you for dropping by...hope to "see" you on here again soon :-)