Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Would Yesterday Think Of Today?

Posted by Bethany at June 09, 2011
Happy Thursday All,

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I guess I needed a day off. Technically I didn't really take much of a day off--I had a doctor's appointment (went well) and I finished reading a book--Debbie Macomber's An Engagement In Seattle (2 novellas). Good stories, I checked the copyright and they were from the early 1990's--I had read them back then, in fact I don't remember exactly what I was reading in the early 1990's. Do you remember what you were reading in the early 1990's?

Speaking of the early 1990's isn't amazing how far technology has come? Laptops have gotten smaller, phones have gotten smarter, and the Internet has WiFi and all kinds of fancy options. What do you think our early 1990's selves would've thought? Would we have believed it?

What do you think? If you could go back in time and tell your early 1990's self what to expect in the 2000's what would your other self have said?

Have A Thoughtful Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I've been playing this game in reverse for decades,Bethany! I'll look around and think, if I had been sent FORWARD in time, I'd have thought that aliens had invaded! Not just the teshnology, but fashion, what is common me,I will admit to turning 57 this month,(which I am sure you think is a senior citizen, but there is a GIRL in this old shell who is surprised at what she sees every time she looks in a mirror!), and when we thought things had changed in the '60's and '70's,we'll , "we aint's seen nuthin' yet!" I LOVE the technology and there is no way for me to foresee what's coming next.I'm not sure that I would believe myself,if I could go back in time.
[P.S. Winners of the Janet Evanovich booklets:they are mailed and should be arriving soon.Please let us know if you do not receive them, I'll try to have the P.O. track them down.Thanks]

Bethany on Thursday, 09 June, 2011 said...


57 is a good age from what I can see (I'm younger than that, but I know people who either are that age or have been that age). In any case my philosophy is that each age has pros and cons and at least since high school or my early twenties I have said I didn't want to rush my age and I didn't want to go backwards, I wanted to stay at the pace I was going because I wanted to experience each age as it came, not before it was supposed to and I didn't want to go back (I feel like I'm wiser and better adjusted as a person NOW than I was when I was younger). In any case, it is pretty amazing to see what keeps coming out. Thank you for dropping by and thank you for donating those booklets for a giveaway--everyone who participated was very excited about them :-)

Anonymous said...

My pleasure...thanks for helping me be an Evanovich'ambassador'! I am glad everyone enjoyed it.
Hey, we're all older and hopefully, wiser.
Been having a bit of trouble getting the postings to stick;I bet others are having trouble as well.C'mon, Google, get on the ball!


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