Thursday, June 2, 2011

Books and A Big Comfy Chair

Happy Thursday Everyone,

There's a few releases that I've seemed to have missed, plus a contest (these are all novels that are now available):

Jane Carver is making her mark with a new novel, Moonlust & Majick is available on Amazon Paperback. It's also available from Barnes & Noble in Paperback. Very pretty cover, that one!

Yesterday Suzan Harden, author of Blood Magick (available at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble), posted she's having a contest on her blog (it ends June 7, 2011). Check out Wild, Wicked & Wacky (Suzan's blog) for further information.

Teri Thackston put out a new novel--a Western Romance. The Abduction Of Miss Jenny Chandler is available at her publisher, Ellora's Cave website. It's also available in paperback from Barnes & Noble (you can also get it on Nook on that link). It's also available at Amazon in Paperback and on Amazon Kindle. (She doesn't just write Westerns, she has written in other genres, too).

I'm still reading Georgette Heyer's Lady Of Quality. It's a fun book, and I could see it as an enjoyable movie, but I feel that way about a lot of Heyer novels.

So, what's the perfect compliment to the perfect book? A big comfy chair/couch? A cup of tea, perhaps hot chocolate? Or a mug of coffee? 

Better yet, since it's Summer, a glass of iced tea or lemonade?

As for me...when it's cold, I like hot tea or hot chocolate, in the summer, depends on what I'm in the mood for. For a sweet treat...a good piece of chocolate (if I'm lucky, it's a Godiva Truffle) is often a yummy compliment to any book I'm reading.

Anyway, so tell me what compliments a good book?

Have A Tasty Thursday!


Melissa said...

Thanks for keeping track of all these great releases! I look here first for my summer reading picks! :)

Teri Thackston said...

Hi, Bethany--thanks for mentioning my western romance. As for what I like to nibble on when I read, anything chocolate sounds good, but I have to be careful when eating cookies. Crumbs can get caught in the pages. :)

Anonymous said...

All these books look great!!!!

Bethany said...


LOL you give me far too much credit. I mention one or two releases and find out there's 5 more of people in our group alone (J.D. Faver has 2 books out--"Painted Lady" and "Badlands") that I missed (hence the fact we have more posts about releases). I was beginning to think the Fall was the time for releases, now I'm wondering if it's a tie or if Summer has more releases. Thank you for dropping by :-)

Bethany said...


You're welcome (and no problem). Oh cookies are good! In the Fall I'll have to post my Paternal Grandmother's Chocolate Drop Cookie receipe. One of my sister makes them and I've made them once--they are wonderful :-)

Bethany said...


So do yours! Looking forward to "Don't Let It Show" and the others. Thank you for dropping by :-)

Bethany said...


By the way, thank you very much for dropping by! Good to "see" you :-)